Senna Theuwissen (25) youngster of Diamond Friends Forever, University Degree in Fine Arts and studying Social Work, specialization in Art and Culture Mediation. 

An addition to the posts from Nathalie, Brent and Claudia to keep you updated about our experiences and progress realizing the Pop-Up Diamond Museum.

In less than a few days the museum will open the doors to the public. We are finishing the last details but also making a new start by building up our ideas and letting them get to life. A lot still has to be done, but bit by bit it is taking shape. The vernissage is Tuesday the 2nd of July and the museum will be officially open on Wednesday the 3rd of July. I am looking forward to the weekend before the grand opening because we all will come back together to help Nathalie and Brent with all kinds of things that still have to be done. After weeks of separation because of work or exams we will be reunited.

The process of creating a museum for and by youngsters has had a great impact on my life the last months and also on the other Diamond Friends Forever. Realising this project for the love of art and the interest in museums has motivate me through the aspect that I and the other Diamond Friends Forever did this on a voluntary basis and used our spare time to share our knowledge. In the end we are 9 DFF and during this creation process we were divided into three subgroups: communication, mediation and scenography. This last group was my new place to be and where I could develop my knowledge.

Scenography represented by Stephanie Verbeeck (25, Master of Science in Urbanism and Master in Interior Architecture), Jassime Meeusen (25, Master in Interior Architecture and studying Theater- and Film studies) and myself started by visiting the location and seeing (dreaming) what could be possible. After searching for inspiration and doing some brainstorming, and with the added deadline and time pressure, we came up with an idea. On the one hand to make optimum use of the space, on the other hand to connect the two rooms. In other words to create a pop-up museum in two dance rooms of a youth centre.

Stephanie came up with the idea of using the two rooms like a “stone” and “shell”. In the first room installing and using a cube for the exhibition of the objects and in the second room leaving the space from the cube free and using and installing objects around. In the process of this pop-up museum we didn’t start with the story or the content of the museum nor with the objects but by looking at the rooms and playing with the space and what would attract the young public and ourselves. From this first idea we had to kill our darlings like they say, it had to become realistic and achievable. Also we had to look up and make a budget, decide on what materials to use and why we wanted all this.

The next step was to choose objects for the museum, in which room which object would be displayed, how we wanted it displayed and narrow down the museum story. Luckily we made these decisions as a group and Nathalie and Brent took over where needed. Also every subgroup got help from a professional in their field. Xavier de Graeve has helped us during the steps from idea to realization. He and his team are now working and giving form to our dreams for this pop-up museum.

If you are in the neighbourhood and have time please come visit us and share your opinion about our work. Keep reading our updates and follow us on facebook (DFFDiamondFriendsForever), twitter (DFF_DiaMu) or our website (

This project is not a method as to how it has to be done it is just an experiment to show how it could be done.

To be continued…