The Hype (Haslemere Young Person’s Exhibition) team are a group of young people aged 11-16. Lately we have gone to other museums to see what they have for young people so we can steal their ideas. We visited Brooklands, the Covent Garden Film Museum, the Hunterian (part of the Royal College of Surgeons) and the London Transport Museum.

They don’t have a youth group at the moment, but are keen to start one so were interested in our ideas. We liked the hangar with the Wright Brothers replica and the other planes that we could go on. The volunteers were also very informative. We also liked being able to go for a ride in an old car on the original banking of the racetrack. Unfortunately we were not old enough to visit the Bus museum, a museum independent of Brooklands, without an adult.  We were disappointed as when we did visit (with an adult) we could see no reason for this restriction. We also felt the site itself wasn’t very attractive.  We thought it would be a really good place for a youth section who could help with restoration projects and at events, as it could be a really hands on experience and they could do large exhibitions.


Although the objects here were somewhat gory we found this really interesting because it was such a unique collection. We enjoyed watching the video of a brain tumour removal operation. There were loads of things we wouldn’t normally see. The only downside was there weren’t a lot of interactive opportunities, and we thought the museum was more for older people.

The Covent Garden Film Museum

We were very disappointed with this museum as we felt it didn’t contain very much, although it did have some good interactive activities at the beginning. Again we thought it was aimed more at adults.

London Transport Museum

We met with the Museum’s Young Consultants, a team of 17-23 year olds. Although it was interesting finding out what they do, it was a bit difficult to relate to it due to the age gap, and the fact that they are more involved with the overall museum and not just education like IMG_4790aHYPE. When we thought about it later we actually realised we do similar things. They gave us a quiz which we enjoyed because it got us going around the Museum looking at stuff that we would not tend to look at, which meant we learnt more. We really liked that there were lots of interactive exhibits at the museum including going on the buses, and we thought the new 150 posters exhibition was very good, and liked using the QR codes with our tablets and phones. Our favourite part was taking part in the activity ran by the young consultants, where we acted out one of the posters, this involved dressing up and taking Polaroid pictures.


From these visits we took the following ideas which we feel we can use back at Haslemere:

  • Using QR Codes
  • Making quizzes (possibly with QR codes)
  • Making exhibitions more interactive or unusual
  • Having more involvement with collections and making new exhibitions
  • The fact that exhibitons need enough in them to keep people interested
  • Being involved more in collection care/conservation



Liked: Car ride, Going on planes, racing sim, volunteer interaction
Didn’t like: Bus museum (age restriction)
Stuff to use: Help conservation, building stuff – green racers
Other thoughts: Site could be more attractive


Liked: Seeing brain tumour video, lots to see we hadn’t seen before, interesting exhibits
Didn’t like: Not as interactive as could be
Stuff to use: More interesting exhibits
Other thoughts: It was good because of the unusual exhibits


Liked:  Interactive quizzes made us look at more than we normally would.
Didn’t like: Felt small size of youth consultants and age difference made it hard to relate
Stuff to use: Big/hands on, QR codes, more input with whole museum, not just education.
Other thoughts: Good personal interaction

Film Museum:

Liked:  Spinny round thing, watching film clips
Didn’t like: Not much interactive , text heavy, more for adults
Stuff to use: Nothing
Other thoughts: Not our favourite

Thank you so much to HYPE for sharing these findings! We loved to hear more and what you decide to use in your own program.