Last August over 50 cultural and heritage organisations across the UK handed their twitter feeds over to teenagers. Teen Twitter Takeover happened in museums, archives, galleries, castle, historic homes and more. All of these venues offered young people a chance to be Social Media Managers – a role that is usually reserved for adults.

Here’s how one teenager from The Horniman Museum as Gardens approached it with emojis.

Last year, the youth panel had the chance to be involved with Teen Twitter Takeover, and our immediate thought was to try and come up with an idea for the day which was really accessible, fun for everyone involved and appealed to other young people – which lead us to dedicate the entire day to one thing: emojis. People would tweet emojis at us, then we would run around the museum and gardens trying to track down and photograph the real life equivalent. It was an exhausting day (especially when someone tweeted a rabbit found in the garden one minute, and a fish from the aquarium the next!) but our idea got a great response on Twitter and we all had a lot of fun doing it.



These experiences empowered young people nationally and showed that these organisations value the voice of young people. It was great fun, a brilliant profile-raising activity and helped organisations understand their young visitors better, enabling staff from different departments to work together. See what happened in 2015 by reading the Storify here.


In 2016 Kids in Museums are planning big! We hope that more organisations will look for our support to run a Teen Twitter Takeover Day. So if you’re a museums or gallery and interested in taking part on the 12th August 2016:


  • Download our How can Teenagers Takeover our Twitter Feed? factsheet and TweetSheet Template
  • Invite a group in, here are some ideas on who you can ask, So where do we find young people? factsheet
  • Tweet, email or call us to say you’re interested in knowing more about how you can be involved on @takeovermuseums, or 020 3096 7707