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    June 28th, 2011mardixonLiteracy

    Yesterday, I went to my library to donate some books (not to the library, but to the Friends of Bridgnorth Library for a book sale we have scheduled soon).  As I was running this errand on the way to Rainbows, I really didn’t have much time to stop but was so grateful I did as out of the corner of my eye, on a prominent table by the entrance, the yellow of We Love This Book magazine caught my eye. 


    I knew about the magazine from Twitter (of course) and was itching to get my hands on a copy. While there are local indie book shops around me, none were close enough for me so finding the magazine on my doorstep was brilliant!

    A quick peruse of the Contents and I was immediately impressed with the quantity of articles within the 82 pages.  However, it wasn’t until I was able to read them today that the true quality of the magazine shines through.  This magazine is a taster plate of all the best items on a menu at a fine bookshop. 


    Charlotte immediately took control and read the children’s section ‘Books for Children’.  She, of course, loved the interview with Andy Stanton but also enjoyed the reviews Children’s books such as Claude on Holiday by Alex T Smith as she had reviewed that book before. 


    Charlotte at Bridgnorth Library

    When I finally secured control of the magazine back (eg when Charlotte went to school), I was able to really have a good read of the magazine and I can honestly say I was truly overwhelmed with the depth of the articles. 


    Past Master is about Jenny Wingfield discussing her reasons for Mark Twain being an influential person in her career.  Her passion shines through this one page article to the point where I was half tempted to start reading him again (after I thought I had enough of him from high school!).


    Carte Blanche is a feature article on Thrill writer Jeffery Deaver and his 007 book set in Dubai.  I must admit that I am not a James Bond fan, but the article was very interesting and was more about the author, rather than James Bond.


    Midwest Princesses by Megan Abbott was a bit closer to home for me.  I didn’t grow up in MidWest (I’m from the Northeast) but we too had the similar setting.  Megan is the author of The End of Everything and in this Feature article, she capsulated the essence growing up in small town American and the issues that arise.


    In the Dream Factory article, author of Made in Britain Evan Davis cleverly discusses that concept of intellectual property being a commodity and how the UK really isn’t as bad off as some would allow us to believe.  This article was very thought-provoking.


    Forensic fiction section was where I spent most of the time as I’m such a forensic fan.  Even if you’re not though, this 5-page dipped into books that were classed as landmark forensic crime books, included interviews with Tess Gerritsen AND Patricia Cornwell, and even cross-referenced the article on Jeffery Deaver (007 guy).    

    And of course, there was In the Bike Sheds by David Mitchell.  This short story which was made for We Love This Book tells a tale of childhood bullying with a bit of a twist. 

    If I haven’t given you enough to whet your appetite, don’t worry as I missed quite a few bits out.  Ok, a lot out. 

    Go find your copy of the Launch Issue.   www.welovethisbook.com  They are also on Twitter @WeLoveThisBook and on Facebook /welovethisbook

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