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  • #savelibraries The day a small voice had a big roar.

    July 7th, 2011mardixonLiteracy

    This week, Johanna Anderson put out a tweet asking if anyone wanted to join them in Birmingham for a court hearing regarding libraries.  As it happened, I was able to arrange my schedule to be able to attend.  To be completely honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what the hearing was about, but felt as it was virtually on my door step, I should show my support, if nothing else by just being there (which is essentially all I did).

    These articles tell the story:

    The BookSeller 


    If you prefer the Twitter version:

    @MarDixon #savelibraries They secured judicial review AND no libraries will close – woot! Well done @Jo_Bo_Anderson & team for all the hard work.


    Meeting Johanna, Nancy Graham and Demelza was the icing on the top.  These stanch library advocates feed of each others energy throughout the day (as did I!).  The court hearing itself would have been much more intimidating had it not been for us knowing we weren’t alone. 

    While the judge didn’t particular care for the lawyer for our side, he did see past the defence claiming Gloucestershire county council was ‘exemplary’ and agreed that there were 3 issues on which the council might be unlawful.  This is a small victory with the next court hearing scheduled for sometime in September, but it’s a VICTORY.  It means the fight is not over.  It means councils throughout the UK need to start ensuring closing libraries can not and should not be the first area for cuts.


    Again, a huge well done to Jo, et al and to all the Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries for taking a stand and fighting for their rights. 


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