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  • Social Media Saturation #socialmedia

    September 25th, 2011mardixonCulture

    Recently, I’ve been noticing a lot of people asking me to join their BranchOut network. I signed up for it as I was curious to what it was after I received an invite.  It was easy to join as it was attached to my Facebook account and after a quick peek, I quickly forgot about it.  Fast-forward a few months and I’m noticing more people sending emails saying they joined my BranchOut ‘Professional network’.  Professional network’?  But that’s what LinkedIn is, right?  So what exactly is BranchOut?

    To find out, I asked on social media:
    Does anyone think BranchOut is a threat to LinkedIn? #socialmedia

    The comments I received varied from:

      • @jreadsalot Havent even heard of BranchOut but it’d have to bring something very unique. Too many #socialmedia sites are getting a bit samey.
      • @BenCameronUK Hadn’t heard of BranchOut but to me Facebook is personal and Linkedin is business and it seems awkward to marry the two.
      • @RachelCockett I would never use #fb in any form for anything work related. For me it’s entirely separate from all my other   So if lots are like me Branch Out is no threat to LinkedIn. But. Some draw no line between work/ personal #socialmedia.
      • @jackschofield Branchout is not a rival for me because I want to keep the pro and personal separate. Others may have a different view 😉

    However, this question led to others to ask:

    • @LeighRussell Blog, facebook, twitter, linkedin… now google and branch out… aaarggghhhh Am I the only one who wants to shout ‘Stop!’
    • @Theodora8 No, you are not. 2 is enough! There is so much mire to life isn’t there?
    • @OurJessie No
    • @stevyncolgan How many more social media platforms I wonder? Diaspora have invited me today. Good griefingtons. Think I’ll I’ll stick to Twitter. Those I’ve joined and left … Friends Reunited, Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, Google+ … only Twitter has held me. And Linkedin. Maybe.

    It seems we’re getting fed up with the bandwagon the social media industry is trying to hop on but are they on the verge of imploding the industry with too much choice?  We all know that Google is still trying to find the right formula to ensure its status in the Social media sector.  So far they’ve been unsuccessful with both Wave and Buzz but are showing better potential with Google+ (but even that is a controversial statement).  We also know ‘new Facebook’ is an attempt for Facebook to be our one stop shop for social media, but will it succeed?  No.  Why?  Because it’s not what we want.

    But what do we want?

    We want to compartmentalizing our social media into sections:

    • Facebook for Friends and Family
    • Twitter for Like Minded people
    • LinkedIn for Professional networking
    • Google+ for Hangouts and … I’m still trying to find the niche.

    Unless your new social media platform can a) make one of those compartments more streamlined or b) add a compartment which we don’t realize we’re missing  please don’t  wonder why we aren’t bothering to sign up.



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  • I am also on an academic networking site. I am very clear that I want to keep my friends and family to Facebook (although I am getting fed up of the privacy goalpost moving and will probably leave), chatting to interesting people on Twitter and… doing nothing at all with Linked In! I’ll persevere with Google+ for the moment.

  • I totally agree. A quick scan through the iPhone app store brings up apps for every single aspect of social networking: an app to tweet traffic jams, an app to share photos of food and so on. Facebook and Twitter seem to have everything fairly well covered without all this extra apps that cover very specific aspects of the social experience. (My LinkedIn profile does have its uses, but it is neglected compared to the others.)

    As for Google+, I think it’s only really useful if you spend time cultivating your circles before you start sharing, and I’m not sure people really want to bother.

  • ahh… is this reminiscent of VHS vs Beta(max)?… the best marketing, not best tech system won out…I’m very very happy to be part of it all and to get good folks using any of them for best social gain, but there comes a time when I’m not interested in being their free advertising mouthpiece…but I guess it unavoidable these days..sigh, croak, rocks schair in corner, i remember the old days

  • Ps love the design of your blog Mar!

  • They are starting to add up, aren’t they? I find I’ve been using Twitter a lot lately, but my Facebook usage has dropped considerably. And I’m still trying to figure out exactly where Google+ fits in.

    And if it’s hard for us to figure out, imagine how short-staffed museums must feel trying to deal with them all!

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