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The Wenlock Olympian Society was invited to take a tour of the Olympic Park in London.  The Wenlock Olympian Society is celebrating it’s 125th year and is the inspiration for Modern day Olympics.  We have been working closely with LCOM since the announcement of London hosting the Olympics in 2012.

Charlotte waiting for Tour to startThe day saw us organized into two groups of 35 as that was the tour bus limit.  The tour itself was helped with a tour guide on the bus describing the diamond behind the rough we were currently seeing.  Although it’s the end of October there still seems to be a lot of work to do. I was impressed with the grandeur scale of the project.

  • Handball is very big on the continent
  • The swimming pool was created to be able to have a 3meter floor drop, not 2 to help with oxygen flow
  • International Broadcasting Centre building is HUGE and is only building with available parking. It also host the TV networks and radio broadcasters along with a post office, cleaners, fast food and other businesses.
  • The Velodrome will host the cycling events and is the only cycling areana that boast 360 seating.
  • Basketball building is coloured Black and Orange, in line with a basketball.
  • The Orbit Tower will be a rentable viewing area to look over the Olympic Park.  However, this will not be open on windy days due to the height.

The tour guide also explained the environmental care that has been taken in constructing the Olympic Park.

  • 14 million tonnes of soil were basically machine washed cleaned to get any and all chemicals removed and the soil was then reused.
  • There are always vehicles wetting the roads to eliminate dust for the neighbours living around the site.
  • A new Performing Arts school is being built on the grounds
  • Olympic Village will be transformed into affordable accommodation
Olympic Stadium and Orbit Tower

The tour is free to all ages.  As it’s still essentially a construction site, I’m not sure the younger kids would enjoy it as much.  There wasn’t many opportunity for photos to be taken and we weren’t allowed to see inside and of the buildings.  The visitor centre lacked any appeal but as it’s only temporary until May, that could be excused.

Yesterday, the Olympic Posters were announced.  It’s been interesting to hear the differences of opinions.  I personally feel there is something for everyone there, but not all are my cup of tea.  However, Stevyn Colgan’s blog makes a very poignant point:

I do have a real issue with the choice of artists. It’s the same old names again. It’s the same bunch of celebrity artists we wheel out for every event. Is that really in the spirit of the Olympics?

What do you think?

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  1. Im not really bought in on the Olympics in general I fail to see the greater benefit. I was excited when I heard about the posters and followed your link. Apart from about three designs they all looked like the artist couldn’t really give a toss and had only done them to stick two fingers up at the whole thing. Can’t see how any will have a lasting impression.

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