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  • 2012 Culture Predictions

    December 18th, 2011mardixonCulture, Personal

    I recently took part in the Guardian’s Culture Professional end of year Chat: a good or bad year for culture and heritage.

    While I tend to stick to the more traditional cultural aspects (museums, art galleries, heritage venues) the chat brought up some other aspects such as contemporary performances, ballets, opera, etc.

    One of the points I made was I felt 2011 was the Year of Collaboration.  To my surprise, this seemed to have caused a discussion on whether it really was or not.   Since the Arts council cuts were announced earlier in the year, it was clear to me that the only route for the smaller venues to survive had to be collaboration.

    It was at the time of the announcement that CultureThemes.com was founded.  Why?  Because a few of us recognized the negative tone of the cuts were affecting the sector as a whole.  This collaboration between several museums (which now includes Poole Museum, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Natural History Museum of London, Newark Museum, Birmingham Art Gallery and myself) decided to pull our resources together to bring a positive aspect of the cultural sector.  The best way for us to do this is with a theme once a month in which we encourage everyone, internationally, to take part.  It’s been very successful with every month our theme generating more and more momentum.

    Our first theme was #WhyILoveMuseums which inspired so many positive tweets that we went trending in several countries throughout the 48 hour time period proving that people loved their museums despite the cuts and gloom and doom surrounding them.

    Another themes was #CultureLinks which was to encourage links and collaboration between museums internationally to look at ways to work together. Why? Because we recognized that organizations were looking for ways to cut corners and build relationships.  This successful theme wasn’t about the tweeting on the day but more about providing an avenue for discussion to occur.  We’ve been told to ‘watch this space’ for 2012 from some collaborations born from that day.

    While 2011 was the Year of Collaboration, I feel 2012 will be the Year we actually see the results and hopefully, also see more venues looking at collaboration as a positive and not a chore.

    • More Collaborations: we’ll start to see the results of discussions started in 2011
    • Embracing of social media both for networking and for marketing. Oh and to SOCIALIZE. 2011 seemed to be the year cultural venues tipped their toes into the social media pool, but 2012 will be the year they embrace the resource.
    • Embracing of new technology (apps, qr codes or the like, gamification). Again, 2011 saw the beginning of this technology being used more publicly but I feel more and more venues will integrate these into their strategies.
    • Use of more volunteers (if that is even possible!)
    • A very educational and worthwhile trip to MuseumNext 2012 (Barcelona!)

    What are your Cultural predictions for 2012?

    Please note, as this was a Culture blog, I haven’t discussed Libraries but please trust that this topic is still a very high priority for me. 

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