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  • Using social media to your advantage #socialmedia

    February 7th, 2012mardixonInternational

    One of the biggest challenges I face as a consultant is hearing people say ‘I haven’t had time to ‘play’ on social media’. This statement is often being said by those making decisions on their cultural venues future.

    And the question really should be ‘Can you afford not too?’

    I am the first to admit that not everyone uses social media, however, the number of users continues to grow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn daily (in addition to Pinterest and Flickr). While I will agree that this is not ‘free’ as it does cost time building the relationship expected on social media, it is free in terms of outlay cost. Most people already have computers and employ someone on their team that is perfect for the position. However, used properly and social media could be the biggest impact to your brand.

    Key Items

    If you are going to market an event via your website or poster, it will take another additional 5-10 minutes to post on social media. Social media is an extension to the avenues currently working for your venue. There is software that will allow you to link to all your accounts at once.

    How many times have you used Google to find the specific page on the website that has the information you required? You’re not alone. Research has shown that people do not look for information on companies website, they Google. Ensure the data is out there, on several platforms will help the results (SEO) be favourable.

    One person does not have to run all social media. Share the accounts or better still, let employees create their own work related accounts. Don’t trust what they’ll say? Why are you employing them? If you decide to share the accounts, something as simple as putting initials at the end of the post shows individuality.

    Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or all the above? Find out what avenue social media works best for you. Twitter is quick, but Facebook allows more conversation and discussion to take place. LinkedIn groups are also a favourable platform for more specific areas (museums, art, performing art, books).

    Easy access to network. Before social media, you needed to know names and have friends or knew people in order to make connections. Social media has torn the barriers down allowing easy access to network with those most appropriate.

    Knowledge – social media is a brilliant way to learn about new trends, different funding availability, potential opportunities of collaboration and more. It is also a place to learn of up and coming conferences to attend, or conversely speak at and promote your venue more.

    Size doesn’t matter – you can be a big national or a one man museum but social media works the same. They may have a bigger following but if they aren’t ‘engaging’ they aren’t getting it. Small business have the biggest to gain from social media.

    What to talk about? Anything! This is the beauty of social media, there are no limits. Keep your updates related to your venue, but that could be talking about cleaning, fun visitors, whacky questions, special events or cake! The idea is to get the brand name out there in a fun way.

    Last but not least – it’s SOCIAL media – be social!


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