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  • My thoughts on the Cultural Education in England report #culturehenley

    March 1st, 2012mardixonCulture

    I was able to read and tweet my thoughts the day the Cultural Education in England (#culturehenley) report came out.  While there have been some lovely summaries, I have decided to ‘Storify’ my tweets as they were produced while I read the report (eg are raw and real thoughts).

    Cultural Education in England http://bit.ly/yEcC5h #culturehenley (Official report now online)

    Reading: Cultural Education in England bit.ly/yEcC5h #culturehenley

    #culturehenley Like the National Plan but worry how that can be implemented in suburban areas.

    #culturehenley Who will pay fees for Cultural Educational Passport?

    #culturehenley Can not agree more with local partnerships and the value they bring.

    #culturehenley Not sure Ofsted is best choice to oversee review of the standards across all Cultural Education subjects.

    #culturehenley Can not agree more w/ Rec15 & 16 re: Connecting teachers to industry. I try to do this & I lecture IT! It can be done.

    #culturehenley Love Culture Week and Ambassador as long as it’s not cheesy names…

    #culturehenley Overall, I’m pleased with most of the recommendations. Think a few need bit more detail as can’t see them working.

    #culturehenley Schools remain the single most important place where children learn about Cultural Education.

    Cultural activities should form central part of any strategy dev/delivery ed & rec activities for wellbeing of teenagers.#TeensinMuseums

    #culturehenley Cultural Education is the creation of an understanding of a sense of place for children and young people.

    Don’t forget passports can keep people out as well as let them in – they don’t give right to admission or involvement #culturehenley

    @kidsinmuseums I’m not thrilled with the passport scheme at all. Too rigid but do agree monitor progress important. #culturehenley

    #Culturehenley •Become a regular user of a library. #savelibraries !!

    #CultureHenley pg 27 is all about FE and is SO important (to me).

    #CultureHenley Still not convinced on Big Society and uncomfortable with amount of times its being mentioned.

    #culturehenley Good shout out to @culture24 website

    #culturehenley Whoo hoo! Great shout out for @kidsinmuseums on p 35 5.19 :-))

    #Culturehenley bit.ly/yEcC5h Page 38 6.4 #savelibraries#librarieslobby *** Please read

    #CultureHenley GOOD POINT: Cultural organisations should not be expected to replace formal Cultural Education in schools.

    #CultureHenley p 42 7.7 the panel has recommended that ‘the arts’ should be made compulsory at Key Stage 4.

    #Culturehenley NOT CONVINCED: p 46 Ofsted should be commissioned to create a guide to working with schools for cultural organisations.

    #culturehenley Rec 16: p 48 CPD Great in theory but hard in practice however agree it should be done.

    #CultureHenley: 8.14 graduate training institutions to maintain strong links with the Creative and Cultural Industries .. Great but How??

    #culturehenley p 55 Cultural Education Ambassadors – I like concept only if right person.

    RT @kidsinmuseums: Henley ‘Cultural activities for children habit forming for rest of life’ #culturehenley

    RT @kidsinmuseums: Gove ‘Data is not the plural of anecdote’#culturehenley So why is there so little data in kids in museums?

    RT @CultureLearning #CultureHenley M Gove:you cannot call anyone educated unless they have had culture & art running through their education

    @kidsinmuseums I thought it was mention (near section with EYFS discussion)? #culturehenley

    Don’t like RT @RoyalOperaHouse Gove:”Cultural passport from a 5 will help us keep of nourishment from cultural menu on offer”#CultureHenley

    RT @RoyalOperaHouse Gove “There will be a set fund for disadvantaged students. Schools will know best how to use this money.” #culturehenley

    :-/ RT @marktaylor_ma: Right that Gove is fronting the Cultural Education launch. DfE seems to be paying for it all. #culturehenley

    Is that bad?? RT @marktaylor_ma#culturehenley All about education not learning and very much about kids.

    RT @marktaylor_ma: @MarDixon Doesn’t have to be but the definition of education is quite formal and the arts have so much learning to offer the over 18s

    I’m reading review as creating basis to help plant the seed to encourage learning post-18s (for those that want it).

    Can we replace ‘learn’ w/ ‘be exposed to’ please RT@kidsinmuseums Gove says we should all learn as kids to ‘appreciate art’ #culturehenley

    RT @CultureLearning Gove invites cultural orgs to apply to Education Endowment Fund + encourages schools to use Pupil Premium funding for culture#CultureHenley

    Overall, I’m very pleased with the review.  As someone who works in HE/FE, I can see this working towards filling the gaps that are currently missing.  Will it solve all the issues?  Of course not, but it does at least address issues that many of us have been mentioning (Teens in Museums/ Kids in Museums).  Talking about it has to be a good thing.

     Watching where this goes in the next near future will be the true test.

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