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  • App review: Hailo Cab @HailoCab

    May 21st, 2012mardixonCulture

    I recently attended my second London Ambassador training day in London recently.  One of the areas we touched based on was apps that could help us while we were on duty.  This was when I was first introduced to Hailo Cab – an app to help you hail a cab in London.

    While I tend to only use the tube when I’m in London, I decided to give the app a go as I don’t like to recommend things without test driving them first.  I was in London for the Museum and Heritage Show as I was helping Sound Delivery Social Media Workshops and thought it was the perfect time to try it.

    After arriving at Euston, I went to the side entrance and launched HailoCab.  I setup an account using my credit/debit card information which was easy enough (cash payment aslo an option). The first screen showed a map similar to GoogleMap which showed my position in London.  The screen displayed the time it would take the cab to arrive and where they were coming from. 

     I then click ‘Hail Taxi’.

    Suddenly, I was provided a picture of my driver, his name and taxi registration.  I was also shown his destination and what way he was going.  While waiting the few minutes, I clicked on Help and noticed that I had options such as:

    • ETA is too long
    • Hailed another Taxi
    • Can’t find Taxt

    And other options.  In other words, I wasn’t committed to the taxi should circumstances change.  I really valued having this control as sometimes, it could be you hailed a cab but then one arrived via driving by, etc.

    While I knew what Peter (my driver) looked like, I was nervous that I wasn’t standing in front of the place where he thought I should be.  (When I first arrived in Euston, my phone thought I was in Wednesbury!).  However, when I saw the registration coming down the street, I put my hand out and Peter knew I was the right passenger. He also explained that should I not have been there, he would have called me via the app.

    The app suddenly changed to my status to ‘On Board’ with the ‘What Next’ option.  What was next was easy.  I could choose to have my fare paid for on my card which I used to set up the account, or pay cash. 

    On the way, I asked Peter his thoughts on the app.  He explained that although the drivers have to pay 10%, Black Cabbies love it as it saves them from having to ‘drive around wasting petrol’.  Another huge advantage is they know they will get paid.  For example, you come out of the pub on a Friday night after a good session there. You HailoCab and you don’t have to worry about money, tip etc.  as you set up the account with all your information already.

    Other advantages:  You can HailoCab for a friend.  In other words, when you launch the app and it finds your destination, you can move the figure to a destination.  This is great for businesses who order taxis for clients, or even for family and friends that want to make sure loved ones arrive to their destination without the worry of having enough monies.

    A huge 5 out of 5 stars from me.  The ease of use and knowing you are not paying the commission is a huge bonus.  Couple with the fact that you don’t have to carry money is also high on the list.

    Now, to get them to make the app for Birmingham, Blackpool and other cities.


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