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Just back from an amazing week in Barcelona where not only did I get to do a bunch of museum visits and culture things, I managed to attend the 2-day MuseumNext conference.

MuseumNext was held at CCCB and MACBA and had 2-3 session going at any given time.  The advantage was you could tailor your conference to suit your needs.  The disadvantage was you knew you were missing some pretty brilliant talks.

However, luckily, most attendees tweeted (this *is* a digital conference after all!).  With help from Gary Green and Jonathan Tyzack below is an archive of the tweets.

*Please note: These are really raw and not formatted as I wanted to get them up ASAP.  I will work on them again tonight.

Huge huge thanks to Jim and Claire Richardson, the whole Sumo Team, and all the kind sponsors*  for again putting on a fantastic conference.  Once again, I walked away with valuable knowledge and great friends.

Bring on MuseumNext 2013 – Amsterdam!

*Thanks to sponsor MailChimp for the free drinks! 🙂 Check them out!



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  1. Thank-you for sharing these Mar! I missed the event, but would have loved to have been there.

    My plan is to automatically pull out the tweets containing URLs. Then I’m going to put all links onto my delicious account with the tag #museumnext.

    I can add a link here to the delicious stack if that’s useful to others?

    Thanks, Nicole

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