#Askacurator Trends and Archives

These are trends captured along the way.  If anyone has any other data we can add, please let me know.

I’ve managed to capture over 12K tweets from 8am-11:30pm UK Time (closer to 13K as I missed some).


08:00 @erikajoy fabulous Pinterest created from asking  What makes object/artwork in your collection makes you laugh?  already popular.

09:22 @MuseumsHeld  BÄMM! #AskACurator ist Trending Topic in #Deutschland

10:05 There are 3497 Tweets  captured

11:00  @AskACurator: #askaCurator is now trending in the UK

11:46  @museupicasso: @AskACurator also trending topic in spain! #askacurator

12:40 Archived tweets, over 6K now and trending  in the UK and Spain

15:45 USA and Canada are now taking part and the tag is moving quickly.

15:50 @SumoJim: #AskaCurator is the UK’s top trending subject on Twitter.

19:52 #askacurator in 4 hours there have been approximately 4000 tweets.


Top questions (that I saw internationally):


Tweet Trends throughout day


Trends at 22:16 GMT


Again, thank you to Jim Richardson and Sumo Design for allowing this fabulous event to be run again.


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