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  • CultureGeek Conference Recap @culturegeek

    September 15th, 2012mardixonCulture, International

    CultureGeeek is the sister conference of MuseumNext hosted by the fabulous team at Sumo Design.  This one day conference had an incredibly impressive line up.

    First up was Keynote speaker Andy Levey from Cirque du Soleil.  His incredibly informative talk really emphasised the need for good personality, good relationship with the audience and good knowledge with what tools work best for your needs.

    We then heard from the very humorous Chris Mellor from Broadway Theatre Barking and Camden Theatres.  Chris explained how using live stream for theatre events have a potential future in festival provided you don’t make silly mistakes (such as positioning the live stream camera in an awkward position).

    Ellen West and Jamie Tetlow from Royal Opera House stunned us all with their talk on semantic web.  Some of this went over my head but the importance of open data was not lost.  Most surprising for me was seeing their website lined out in a straight line to show how many cross-over pages were created (but not necessarily being used).

    After THE best conference lunch ever, Jill Colvin from Sydney Festival talked digital strategies putting customers first at this huge annual arts events in Australia.  Most interesting was hearing all jobs were posted on Twitter and Facebook only, and ensuring ticket schedule and events listing updated with the app.

    The fabulous Tijana Tasich and Elena Villaespesa continued their incredible thought-provoking discussion from MuseumNext on the analytics at Tate. Being honest with the stats and making bold decisions was key to the changes that have reflected on a better, more streamlined analytics.

    Shamir Allibhai from Doha Film Institute provided us with insightful look at using digital and social media while also ensuring delicate topics are addressed.  ‘How can you be platform agnostic and platform sensitive both at the same time?’  Shamir discussed the challenges he faces as New Media Producer.

    CultureGeek ended on the brilliant talk by Julia Kenyon, Marketing Director, Global Brands, BBC Worldwide.  The power of social media has made BBC to look at things in the eyes of the audience.  Gone are the days when England could see Dr Who and BBC keep it hushed from the other countries (Dr Who is a worldwide brand even if it isn’t shown in every country). Statistics and strategies were shown but the key element I took away was this- even the BBC recongized the power of the people on social media.

    The entire conference was MC’d by the lovely Emma McLean who encouraged our questions and input.  She also somehow managed to keep the conference on track and on time.

    I’ve archived all the tweets from the conference here.  Please note that while there was available wifi many chose to take traditional notes (ok, not so much pen and paper but on laptops).

    I also curated some of the best tweets for ThoughtDen  to put on this lovely infographic.

     The next CultureGeek is scheduled for March – see you there? 

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