Day 3 at @MuseoMix #Museomix – Remixing Musee Gallo-Romain Lyon France

Day 3 – the day when all teams shared their projects with *insert dreaded music here*  The Public. In other words, it was a day of total concentration on projects.

For my part, it was a hard day to try and capture in tweets or for this post so instead I went and made audio boos to capture the spirit of the teams, visitors and and support team involved in MuseoMix.

Around 2-3 o’clock – there was a noticeable change in the air.  It wasn’t exactly the calm before the storm – it was the shifting into hire gear before the storm.  The public were due in at 4 but at 2 the ‘coaches’ reviewed the projects.

This was the first time the teams had to showcase their work in their element.  In other words, it was make or break time. Did everything work?  Of course not – but majority of the issues were resolved with minor tweaks.

Once again, the dedication and passion of the MuseoMixers shone through loud and clear when lunch tables were virtually empty as everyone worked non-stopped, except for small breaks for coffee (if that).

Around 4 o’clock the public were invited to come to see the projects in action.  Due to the MuseoMixers taking over the museum, admission was free all day.  However, the amount of people that came at 4 proved that MuseoMix was making a difference in the community.

This was my first MuseoMix, I didn’t know what to expect, but the amount of people who arrived surprised even the museum staff (who heard nothing but positive for visitors throughout the day).

Even though I had been part of the process for the past couple of days, I still was completely overwhelmed with what I saw.

The projects that I had seen in team talks came to life! The public were engaged!

And that is when I realized that Museomix wasn’t an event, it was an experience.   I said throughout the process it was like trying to catch rain with your hands – or to describe colors to a blind person.  Seeing the public interact with the projects suddenly made sense and I still don’t know why.  But it is not for me, or anyone, to ask why but to just appreciate that IT DOES.

And that is what makes MuseoMix so beautiful & priceless.

Audio Boos



These are Tweets I sent as I was viewing the exhibition with the public.  Hoping they capture the spirit I felt at the time.

And if you’re still wanting more, I have a lot of photos of Lyon and MuseoMix here and here

A huge thank you to all the sponsors, but especially MailChimp who were so supportive from the very beginning of MuseoMix 2.




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