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  • Day one at @MuseoMix #Museomix – Remixing Musee Gallo-Romain Lyon France

    October 20th, 2012mardixonCulture, International

    The conference started off with the usual sign-in procedure.  However, the badges were made via laser cut printers which are part of FabLab… what is Fablab?  They are part of the Resource team…. Yep, this is Museomix – and the ethos gets thrown at your straight away.

    The concept is simple:  Provide a venue that needs a good shake up in it’s collection/exhibition and way of thinking, invite museum people from around the country to apply to volunteer for 3 (long) days to create a better space, better way of thinking and better visitor experience. Chuck in some cutting edge technology (not that expensive), a few specific issues (via the Museum itself), a blank canvas and Playmobil.

    Ok, perhaps it’s not that simple – it is very much under the same umbrella as an Unconference but on a much grander scale.

    My role is to share my findings via social media.  Sounds simple enough until I realized how many ‘findings’ there are to be found.  Day One was about creating teams and doing some heavy but quick collaborative thinking.  While I wanted to jump in several times to ask what was going on, I thought it best to leave things the way they were. So instead I went and search out the the Resource People (Ressources Techniques).  This includes Production and a Tech Shop run by a company called Erasme who assist in implementing things like code, audio, 3D, electronics and upscaling.  They have a beta room with examples of items they have already created to provide inspiration for teams. Some of these include:

    • Table that is a tablet
    • RFID on objects for older people who can’t read.
    • Remote controlled car
    • QR code that provides audio tours.  These product also locates where you are in the room to provide other tours of items near you.
    • A programmable elaborate device that looks like it can control animatronics

    The other side of the Resource People were Nod-a who run the FabLab.  Their mission within Museomix is to help the teams envision their concept with clever items such as 3D printer, laser cut and engraver amongst other products and very skilled people.  Nod-a were the people who created our brilliant badges. During the day they have spoken to various team members (coaches) to guide them and provide advice on ideas that were floating around today (in other words, they were there to say if prototype was realistic). (Serious discussions kick in on Day Two).

    In the evening all teams demonstrated their ideas to the whole of Museomix.  Each presentation was different, but several starred Playmobil.  The presentations were a reflection on the whole Museomix concept – diverse, out-of-the-box thinking.  Everyone who wanted to spoke and the audience (us) had the chance to ask questions and dig a bit deeper.

    This is where Museopropulseurs first had their chance to questions things (that I saw).  Museo Propulseurs is a team headed by Diane Drubay of Buzzeum who force the teams to be realistic.  They provide a level head and grounded feet. In other words if someone has asked to create a space that is too expensive or too ambitious for Museomix (e.g. within the 3 day limit), they would say.

    After the presentations, Museomixers got back to work.  This was 9.30pm.   Told they were passionate.

    Although it was a very long day, it was amazing to see how MuseoMix works. Day 2 will bring more answers and I can only hope I am providing clear, adequate detailed information to help share what I am experiencing.


    Musee Gallo-Romain Lyon si set in the ‘High Town’ of Lyon.  The setting is incredibly difficult to describe as the Museum is essentially in a bunker which immediately makes it sound dark and cold but it is the complete opposite. The backdrop is onto an amphitheatre which provides gorgeous views onto Lyon.  When you enter the museum, you walk down ramps in a circular motion down several levels (elevators are an option).  The design of the ramp forces you to through their collection which is quite nice.  The museum itself has a wonderful spirit but is a bit tired in some areas (hence MuseoMix).  The use of lighting is creative and effective.  As we are essentially within a bunker, they have installed several large viewing platforms which really brings another depth to the museum.  Yes we are looking at the past but do not forget about now and the future.

    I’m struggling to upload many photos at the moment so album will have to wait until I get back to my own laptop.


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