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  • Day two at @MuseoMix #Museomix – Remixing Musee Gallo-Romain Lyon France

    October 21st, 2012mardixonCulture, International
    Day two started at 8.30 with many have been here since doors opened at 8.  A slow start was not an option – creative juices were already flowing and needing the outlet that the good night’s rest clearly instigated.The morning (and majority of the day) saw all the times transforming their presentations with Playmobil into realistic objects. In other words, this is when things got serious.Throughout the day teams went from conceptual and theory to tangible and workable.  Not every project pushed boundaries, and that was ok!  What I liked is some teams knew when less was more – a value we often forget in today’s fast pace, hyper-technological world.  Could some teams reached higher?  Possibly but they are dealing with time constraints – another factor that is known but not appreciated until day 2.There are 10 teams, each working with a mixture of diverse personality and knowledge.  Day One was all about collaboration and agreeing on a project.  This included coming to a decision on which of the 10 issues identified by the museum and museomixers to choose from. Cross-over is allowed, in other words, 2 teams can work on the same project.

    Team 1 is working on the Model of Lugdunum which is a model of Lyons in the 2nd century AD. Like any model from 30-40 years ago, it’s function is ok but tired.  Team 1 decided to keep the model as is but there will be an overlay projected on top to show new Lugdunum.  Items can be highlighted via an iPad attached to display.  They will also integrate  Tweets and instagram pictures to appear on the model.

    Team 2 Wifi-us is creating a game within a game.  You’ll play with a team and you need to collaborate with the team in order to win. The iPads will be used again but as this game is used throughout the museum it is not repetitious of Team 1 and the iPad used there.

    Team 3 Konnectikus is working on augmented reality to help bring a view of the Amphitheater into the museum.  When you move near the window it activates the AR.  This also works with additional technology outside the museum.  When someone is standing within the theatre (outside) and does/stands where told (via software) it will unlock additional AR inside the museum.

    Team 4 Taktituls Epitaph when you get near the stone, the story of the stone (which is written in Latin) comes to life.  This particular stone was chosen as it has a funny tale related to it.  This was to help visitors understand that although all the stones look similar they each have their own tale to tell (and sometimes the tale is funny).

    Team 5 UesBeix are working on a Robot Race idea where you race robots on mosaics.  Sounds simple enough right? But the technology behind it is being design to make people feel the thrill of races at night time (due to the lighting). Think Ben Hur.

    Team 6 Mare Nostrum – they are creating a boat and wine lesson.  Created a path with RFID objects that need to be activated at certain areas within the museum to play the game. Brings the atmosphere of the boat to the person.  Curator @n1colasbousquet from Team 6 explains their project.

    Team 7 Takiblus – Nickname: Six pieds sous terre (Six Feet Under) When you enter the museum, you are asked to enter some information on a computer ( name, dob, etc).  The visitor is not sure why really but does it anyway.  However, when they are walking around the museum your own epitaph will appear on a stone.  You’ll be able to add information and activate via Twitter. And you’ll be able to retrieve your epitaph online.

    Team 8 Trodaeus Claudienne (Lyon Tablet)  relating to Claudienne talk on les gaulois (The Gauls) Famous speeches that inspire o a stone with animation or overlay. Audio of the last paragraph of the Lyon Claudienne Tablet has been uploaded to SoundCloud.

    Team 9 Disk durus This team have been working on a model of the streets of Lyon to be used with an iPad as a magnifier so you can hear what is going on IN the houses in the model.  You can download an app and go outside and have ancient Romans talking via an audio guide with a twist as there is a mystery about a girl who is missing in the baths. Team 9 is working hard at 9pm.

    Team 10 Mekanik’Antik This team when for use of RFID which embraces Makers and traders.  You go into a black room and inside you have a table with objects that are RFID.  The sounds will bring the objects to life with video.

    The webteam has been very busy as explained by @squintar who describes the benefits of Museomix

    Once again, all teams presented their progress to everyone.  Videos were used to capture not just where they were in their production but how they envision the uses.  To further prove the dedication and passion, team members became actors and ‘used’ their product in the video.  Some asked kids to take part in their VT to prove the ease of use and understanding. Like last night, the audience was allowed to ask questions however, it seemed the videos did a lot of the answering.

    Once again, teams worked until they were kicked out of the museums at 11pm.

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