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  • What happened on Takeover/TakingOver Day 2012 with @Kidsinmuseums

    December 16th, 2012mardixonCulture

    takeover_logoTakeover Day is an initiative created by the Children’s Commissioner in England in which every sector (public and private sector) is invited/encouraged to allow kids to take over for the day.  Kids in Museums runs the museums sector.

    This year, the Children’s Commissioner of Wales took part with a Taking Over Day for museums for the first time.

    Over 1500 children and young people – from toddlers to young adults – took over 85 museums on Takeover Day 2012 on Friday 23rd November. Museum directors, front of house staff, curators, conservators, website designers and catering staff were replaced by children.

    Once again, I had the privilege of travelling with Paul Hutchinson from Virtual Shropshire to several venues to capture Takeover Day / Taking Over Day 2012 on film (or digital…).

    Our first museum was National Museum of Slate in Wales.  I documented the day here but we now have the video online.  Even though I was there on the day, I didn’t comprehend or appreciate how much taking part meant to the kids.



    A few days later, it was time for Takeover Day in England.  We once again went to Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Ironbridge Gorge Museum (Museum of Iron specifically).

    Wolverhampton Art Gallery saw two members of their Art Forum joining Corinne Miller is the Head of the Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Museum Service for the day.  On this particular day, the Teens were invited to attend the Mary Portas Pilot meeting in the city’s council offices.  While what happened within the meeting can’t really be shared, I can say they were actively involved and clearly it made an impact on recognizing the power of the Art Gallery in the community/City.

    To see the interview from Takeover Day at Wolverhampton Art Gallery:



    We then headed to Ironbridge to catch up on what was happening at the Museum of Iron.  There were two schools, one secondary/one primary, taking part.  The project provided to them was to be critically honest in the Museum of Iron on changes they would like to see. Curator Matt who led the project was although prepared, was amazed at the complete and brutally honest replies he receive on the day.

    Speaking with Aaron Davies several weeks after the event, I asked him what his liked about the day:

    “…my fave part was going round the museum picking out the bits that need changing and sharing the ideas with everyone.”

    “.. I would do it again and that was the first time I went to that museum”

    You can see Aaron along with Curator Matt and other kids involved in TakeOver Day:



    Another very successful event that made a difference to both the kids taking part and the museums involved.

    If you would like to take part in 2013, please contact Kids in Museums. Everyone who has ever taken part will provide positive testimony to how valuable an event Takeover Day is – for the kids AND the museums. 

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