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  • Review: David Bowie Is at @V_and_A #davidbowieis

    March 24th, 2013mardixonCulture

    FashionI recently attended the preview of V&A’s extremely popular David Bowie Is exhibition.  I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of David Bowie. The one minor link is his work with Jim Henson on Labyrinth and I like the song Under Pressure.  Other than that, he was just a character with a cult following I never really grasp.

    Until now.

    Top tip:  Take the Headphones! 

    After your ticket is checked, you are offered a headset.  Take it!  This is not your normal audio guide with punching in numbers.  The V&A digital team has used RFID technology throughout the exhibition to automatically launch the appropriate information, song, interviews, etc depending on where you are in the gallery.  This was brilliant as it meant I didn’t have to go up to the display and locate the audio guide symbol and number, nor did I have to punch the number in.  This raised the exhibition to a different level for me as I found myself staying longer in areas to finish listening to what was being shared.

    When you first enter the exhibition, you’re met with Fashion Bowie and teasers of the non-musical aspect of this complex man.  With over 600 items in the collections to choose from, I’ll concentrate on the items that challenged my stereotype of this artist.

    Bowie the Artist

    Again, having not been a huge fan of Bowie, I never realized he is an artist.  The items selected show his progression through the years.



    Painting by Bowie

    Painting by Bowie

    Bowie the Fashion Guru

    Ok, well even I knew he was into fashion but what I didn’t realze was he was the mastermind and designer behind much of his works.  Bowie took influence from several popular fashion designers (Masayoshi Sukita, Alexander Queen) to create fabulous creations that had his stamp and flair added to them.


    Bowie the Technology Wizard

    Ever hear of a Verbasizer program?  Back in 1995 Bowie and Ty Roberts used this bespoke computer program to ‘input sentences and randomly mix them into new phrases, create ‘a real kaleidoscope of meanings and topics and nouns and verbs, all sort of slamming into each other.’



    Bowie the Character

    In ’67 Bowie found theater/stage.  In the 70’s, he got into acting, make-up, costume.  This is when MajorTom, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Halloween Jack, Thin White Duke and others are created.

    But the biggest character is Bowie.  Like surrealist Marcel Duchamp in 1923 ‘finds that you can perform by not performing and that, in a celebrity-soaked world, a character off-stage can remain on stage.’

    Very similar to Andy Warhol who made art of himself.


     Bowie the Lyricist & Writer

    There are many examples of Bowie’s incredibly genius writing skills throughout the exhibition.  And like all good writers, there are many edits, re-writes and complete paragraphs crossed out.

    Bowie writing


    bowie writing


    Other Items:

    A Telefax from Elvis to Bowie.

    A Telefax from Elvis to Bowie.

    Periodic Table of Bowie.  This was created by artist Paul Robertson who happened to be there at the launch.  The original table was much larger but was scaled down for the exhibition.

    Periodic Table of Bowie

    Periodic Table of Bowie


    The curators who had the task of limiting the choices within the archives was Victoria Broackers, curator of Theatre & Performance and Geoffrey March, Director of V&A Theatre Collections.


    IMG_0021There has been much hype with this exhibition.  Since the original announcement, V&A knew they had a hit on their hands but even they didn’t realize how big of a hit it was going to be.

    However, despite the sold out indication on the website (£14 a ticket), there are still tickets available!  Bowie has a huge cult following that are avid collectors who have ordered tickets to add to their scrape books but will not attend.  Unfortunately there is no way to indicate this on the website but I would suggest taking a risk and showing up (maybe starting after Easter).

    Final Thoughts

    Five out of Five stars from me.  The exhibition did as it should – converted a person who knew little to nothing about the subject and made me learn in a non-intrusive way.  The technology used was exciting but not complicated for the visitor.

    There is enough items on each of the many facets of Bowie to satisfy the hard core fans and casual observers.

    The design and layout of the exhibition is one of the best I’ve ever seen (probably due to the theatre element from Victoria Broackers and Geoffrey March).

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  • Hey terrible picture of me but it was a great fun event and the opening was mad too. I got lucky the next day when I was there alone with only 20 or so people doing filming for the BBC so I could take my time and look at everything without any crush. if you can go and see this show then try to turn up at less busy times as it is worth perusing the texts and looking hard at the various exhibits.
    And if you want to see the PERIODIC TABLE OF BOWIE in more detail then it’s on my website http://www.paulrobertsonart.com
    Cheers and keep up this interesting and varied blog!

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