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  • My Takeaways: We are Museums Conference – We live, We share, We make Museums #wearemuseums

    June 16th, 2013mardixonCulture, International

    wearemuseumA few months ago, I heard about We Are Museums, a 2-day event for professionals of culture and innovation being organized in Vilinus Lithuania by Diane Drubay, founder of Buzzeum based in Paris. I signed up to go immediately and then checked on the map to see where I was going.

    All I really knew about We are Museums was Diane was bringing together diverse speakers to share ‘the same passion about art, innovation and culture, like all the dots which form a nebula, the image we chose to embody the conference’.

    We are Museums did that and more.

    The conference was more than just speakers – We are Museums arranged for lots of fringe and activities to give everyone the opportunity to network – not just sit and listen.  

    While every speaker added value to the conference, the following were my takeaways:

    Julien Dorra, Museomix

    julienJulien talked about Museomix – why it started and where it is going (and boy is it going far!)

    Reach out to the communities that (could, should) use your museum. Turn your museum into a sandbox, a creative playground for your community.

    • “There’s no visitors, only users!” Allow people to create their own experiences.
    • “We come from the web and we love museums” presentation!
    • People have to *use* your museums, not only passively receive your content! 
    • By listening to other communities we can be more collaborative and learn what ppl really want (not boring labels)

    Don Undeen, Metropolitan Museum of Art

    donDon’s presentation definitely wins Best Performance of 2013 (and best laugh!).  Using masks, one the ‘Art Expert’, the other a ‘hacker’ talking about embracing hacking in museums.   Don’s job is to ‘foster a creative ecosystem that encourages a dynamic engagement between museum staff and creative technologists, allowing the museum’s content and expertise to inspire, while providing fresh ideas with the resources, venue, and freedom necessary to grow.’

    • “The future is here now! har har har” @donundeen

    You can contribute to the care and restoration of all the butts you can find in the Met! metropolitanmuseumofbutts.tumblr.com

    See a video from Marta Malina Moraczewska of Don’s talk:  Let’s hack the Met

    Samuel Bausson, Museum de Toulouse/Museomix

    Credit: We Are Museums

    Credit: We Are Museums

    Samuel shared his vision: “a museum of experiences where you can touch, relax, remix contents, make you own science and art projects, share ideas, co-create new types of museum experiences and exhibitions.”

    • “Museums should be about multiple voices from the visitors” 
    • Remember that “taking pictures is not about stealing it’s a proof of love.”
    • Reach out to your (future) visitors, be present outside of your museum, turn your museum in a place where people want to stay!
    • When people who have different dreams meet, they create wonderful museums!
    • Want to reach out to kids? Make your museums a playful place where they can build memories. 
    • Challenge: What is your idea of a dream museum?  

    Carolyn Royston, Imperial War Museums

    Carolyn started at IWM in 2009 and “shared her experience of developing a digital strategy at IWM and how to move from theory to practice to really embed digital at the heart of the organisation.”

    • How to start a digital strategy? Establish a digital department, try new ways to work, deliver key priorities, raise the digital agenda.
    • New approach for 2013 – involve staff throughout & be transparent. Open thinking to possibilities. Audience focussed
    • Involve org. Raise digital agenda, makes you visible, open up thinking.
    • Consult w staff. Involve as many people as you can at all levels. Ask open questions.
    • Create a road map: goals, priorities, resources, budget, timescale, directors sign off. It’s all important.

    Martijn Pronk, Rijsmuseum

    tattooMartijn talked about Rijksstudio, the Rijksmuseum move to share 125,000 high res masterpieces to everyone and letting them create their own masterpieces with the art.

    I’ve seen this talk before but can never tire of open data and participatory projects.  I can only share in hopes other take note.

    To see a great video of the Studio: Christian Borstlap for Rijksstudio



    samuelworkshopI know what you’re think, oh no, a workshop at a conference, how mundane.  But not when it was lead by the dynamic duo Samuel Bausson and Julien Dorra.

    The participants were challenged to Explore, Define, Dream and Make.

    Explore: Someone wants to take pictures at the museum because she likes to share what she likes on Facebook

    Define the Audience: [user_name] needs / wants [the need] because [reason]

    team5Dream you Project: A photo Safari App to Hunt for Paintings in Museums

    Use Post it notes – everyone in the group writes individual post it notes. Everyone within the team ‘scores’ the notes to determine majority rules.

    Describe Your Project in a Tweet – 140 characters.  Some examples:

    • Team 1: Be young again! Spend two weeks in a retro flat and help artists create a new exhibition.
    • Team 5: Destroy it and make it your way. Create together new art pieces inspired by exhibits and share it.       
    • Team 7: Mobile kids puzzle app to play in sculpture garden

    Make a Poster – make their ideas visual

    Well done to Diane and her fabulous team who organized a brilliant conference in an emerging location. 

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