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  • Museomix UK: An Open Email | Makers, creators, designers, doers, dreamers @museomixUK

    July 15th, 2013mardixonCulture, International
    Closing date for Applicants is JULY 15th
    imagesI’m Project Coordinator for Museomix UK, the only global Museomix happening in the UK and the only one that’s in English (4 locations in France, 1 in Quebec and us).   The concept is not easy to explain as it’s an experience, not an event (although I tend to use both words).
    MuseomixUK will take place in Ironbridge (Shropshire, West Midlands) – the idea is it’s home of the Industrial Revolution and we’re trying to take things into the next revolution.  I also wanted a location outside London, Birmingham, Manchester to prove that any museum could use maker communities to push things to a different level.  
    The concept is this:  
    3 days for different communities to come together to create:
    – An open museum with a place for everyone
    – A living lab museum that evolves with its users
    – a networked museum in touch with its communities 
    Basically, we use the museum as a sandbox for people to create/remix a museum the way THEY want to do it. 
    I’m working with Manchester FabLab who is helping Ironbridge get a fablab sorted for the event. But I need creators, makers, designers, dreamers – I need communities outside the museum community to want to take part. I also need specialist that aren’t on teams but help every team.  Specialist such as coders/ hackers, construction workers, people who can solder and everything in between. 
    I’m planning on 10 teams. Each team will have a website where ALL aspect of their journey from idea to prototype is shared online – the good, the bad and the ugly.  (All teams at all locations will be doing the same).  Everything is participatory and all coding etc is shared online – not just with the global sites but everyone who wants it.  
    At the end – the prototype is up to the team – if the museum chooses to bring the prototype to product, they work with the team, not Museomix.  In 2011 one team became a startup company.  In 2012, 3 teans were chosen to have their prototype taken to product. 
    f1879269-580c-4370-8b71-1c8c185d2fd8There is no financial gain to anyone – this is about providing a platform for communities to work on an actual project and hopefully build bridges to gaps in these communities .  Participants will be asked to pay £50 towards their food (3 meals a day for 3 days) and they  have to pay for their own transport and accommodation.
    Below are links and more explanation that may or may not help.
    The dates:  November 8-10 with an open day on the 11
    Location:  Ironbridge Museum (Museum of Iron, Enginuinty, Old Furnace)
    Area Coordinator are needed now.  Don’t want to wait until November to get involved? We’re looking for people to take up roles in specific areas.  See here for more information.
    I’ve also tried to capture Museomix in this article on my website:
    We have a call for applicants open now.  While it’s free to participant, we do ask people to contribute £50 towards the cost of the catering (3 meals a deal, 3 days with a hog roast with veggie option on the open day). This also goes towards assuring people commit to coming.


    A little FAQ I composed to help with some of the questions.
    Skills we are looking for:
    We need about 100 people  (roughly) for the teams.  In Ironbridge, we’re going to try to build 10 teams but if we can’t get applications we are willing to go ahead for 5 teams.
    The issue is I need help getting people involved.  We live in a society that isn’t used to being provide a ‘sandbox to play’ with no strings attached so there is this element of mistrust.  Additionally, I’m struggling to get the sectors to mix.  Yes there are museums who allow hackers in and at another time allows designers in but the concept of having a team made up of diverse skills isn’t natural.
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