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  • #GoogleExplorer Discussions, debates and questions answered

    January 6th, 2014mardixonTech

    “It’s an emotional luxury product,” Stuart Miles of gadget site Pocket Lint  “One that you do not need but once you have it you will find ways to use it.”

    Surprisingly, this quote is not about Glass but was said at the launch of iPads back in 2010. Now (2014) there are hundreds of example of iPads changing lives for students and those with disabilities.

    Since posting that I’ve a pair of Glass, I’ve been asked a lot of questions and somehow been involved with several debates. Hopefully, I can address some of the replies here:

    • #GoggleExplorerWearable technology – why is Google just visual? My Answer: Because we live in a visual society so it makes better business sense to start with the majority.  Other wearable technology are currently being developed for other senses.
    • Where does wearable technology fit in with today’s society? My Answer:  I think it’s more us figuring out how to make it fit. Developers are clever little elfs that are creating amazing apps and items.  We need to guide them in what is relevant for our society/sectors.
    • Then there are those that are incredibly uncomfortable with anyone that has Google Glass and prefer Glass to be ban in public spaces.  (The argument being they want to know when they are having their picture taken). My Answer:  You can NOT be covert or sneaky with Glass on.  The light indicates when Glass is ‘doing’ something. Quite frankly, I’m worried about why there is such a need of protection/privacy (but that is *my* opinion).

    What amazes me the most is the lack of information people have before they make bold statements.  Most have never even touched a pair of Google Glass but yet have pre-judged their place in society strictly based on a few articles or even worse, presuming things.  I’m not being paid by anyone to defend Glass (as I’m sure a few people have assumed).

    Having said all that:  I’ve had my Glass for less than a week.  I’ve yet to use them in the ‘real world’ (hey, I’m still on holiday and don’t want the confused looks of having both Glass AND pjs on ;-)) but what I have tested and learned so far has led me to believe that Glass is a major game changer.  It’s not what it can do right now but where this technology can go that is so interesting.

    The most important aspect for me is that I share as much as possible. In order to do this, I am very transparent on my social media and allowing followers to ask questions. 

    Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 16.25.36

    Yes, you type with voice recognition.  I’ve found this to be a bit tricky to get the pace right (I’m a fast talker).  I’ve been told I could say ‘Hashtag GoogleExplorer’ to start my post (Tweets/Facebook/G+) with a hashtag but I’ve not managed yet.

    How do you mean secure?  As far as on your face, very secure, like other glasses.  There are Glass videos from people who used them on roller coasters.
    As for data secure – Glass is run from wifi so unless your wifi is secure, than your data won’t be.
    Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 16.36.29

    Incredibly light-weight with a durable frame that is flexible.   They are waterproof (some Explorers have even showed with them on!)  Design-wise, I’m sure there is scope for improvement (as with all things). However, for something that is beta, these have done quite well with the slick design.

    #GoogleExplorer question 3

    I’m still in play mode with non-social media apps.  I’ve managed to get directions from my house to British Museums and ask Google what the weather was in Philadelphia.  Field Trip is sill new to me – when I launch the app on my phone I seem to get more information but perhaps that is end user error.

    I’ll test this more this week and definitely when I head to Birmingham and London next week.

    #GoogleExplorer questtion 5

    I’m a contact wearer but do wear sunglasses.  However, my daughter (11) says they feel about the same sunglasses but ‘a bit more clunkier on the right side’.  I personality don’t notice having them on until I have something display or beep.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 16.37.01


    There is that slight learning curve which I’m still addressing.  However, 5 days on and it’s getting much easier.  Remembering it’s beta is important – but beta does not mean clumsy!  This product was well tested prior to the release to the first 8000 users 🙂

    As for difference from other interfaces, I feel the fact that Charlotte (11) figured out how to take a picture without any direction or tuition from me is testimonial to the ease of use.

    I have yet to wear them out in public – a) I’ve been on holiday (albeit working a bit) b) I live in a small town and c) I wanted to get a real feel for them in order to answer any questions I may receive when I do take them out.
    Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 16.37.09
    This is the big question.  There are many ways that Glass and wearable tech can make a huge impact and I truly feel Glass is the major game changer that the iPhone & iPad was years ago.  What it *can* be useful for is being discussed on some of the developer forums.  Looking pass the fitness tracking (I mean come on, Lord knows that will never be a priority with me!) I’ve read of apps useful in the medical field that when release could justify Glass existence alone.
    My personal questions relate to museums/galleries & kids/teens.  Could I go to a museum/gallery and ask Glass a question?  Will there be apps that can let kids/teens curate their own collection to be reviewed anywhere in the world?  How can we use Glass to inspire the next generation (and should we use Glass?).

    Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 16.37.17


    Some of this was answered in the first post but I’ll add that there is suppose to be 6ish hours to a full charge.  I haven’t managed that (actually, I managed 12 hours when it was sitting on my table idle overnight).  For general use, 4-5 hours.  For use with pictures, filming, social media, and notifications, I’m looking at 3-4 hours.

    Another example: I charged Glass at 1.30 and have used them to read emails, Tweet, review pictures and take a few.  Four hours later and I’m at 50%.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 17.52.16


    I don’t know – same question could be asked about smartphone and tablet apps.  I’ll see what I can find out.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 17.52.30

    These are quite durable!  I wouldn’t let the dogs around them but they are flexible and not as fragile as the picture leads you to believe.

    Some other items of interest (maybe)

    iPhone vs Android

    I’m struggling a bit with not having an Android phone (I know, I know, the shame!).  So far I’ve found I can’t SMS for example.


    • There is no flash
    • You can’t zoom.
    • However, the image is large enough so you can crop it down with good results.


    Cost.  I’m reading a lot of comments related to the cost of Glass is going to make it fail.  The current price ($1500) is for developer Glass.  This will not be the cost when it’s available to the public.  Reality is we don’t know how much they’ll be (some are swaying to $500).

    Glass is DOOMED!

    Lack of big name support.  Facebook is one example but there are others.  Does this mean Glass is destine to doom?  Of course not.  It just means they haven’t jumped on the bandwagon … YET.  If you recall, Facebook didn’t jump on the iPad technology at first either.  

    From May 2011: Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg has famously said that “The iPad is not Mobile” and so Facebook has no plans to develop an official iPad app.

    So can we all relax, play, learn and most importantly SHARE so we can allow new technology to grow and hopefully, find its feet before we expect it to run in the New York or London marathons?

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