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  • What is #MuseumSelfie Day?

    January 17th, 2014mardixonCulture, International

    A little break from Google Explorer updates :-)

    On January 22, CultureThemes is running #Museumselfie.  I’ve been asked what it is all about so thought I’d explain the background a bit.

    discI’m a Cultural Snatcher – I can’t help it!  I take after my mom who is never without a camera (remember Kodak Disc?  I do.).  When I visit and explore a museum, I love sharing what I’m seeing.  While I’m not a huge fan of taking pictures of myself, I can see why people like a good old selfie.

    CultureThemes is a monthly hashtag I help organize on Twitter (we’ll be 3 in March). The idea behind CultureThemes is to have a positive event once a month on Twitter to highlight the fun and ‘unstuffiness’ of museums/culture.  Previous tags included: #WhyILoveMuseums, #MusSocks, #MusMovember, and support #AskACurator day.
    When I was coming up with new ideas for January, I happened to catch a conversation on Twitter with Adrian from Horniman talking about creating a Pinterest for Selfies with the Walrus.  Horniman has a lovely, but not-the-best-taxidermy Walrus which people love to see on a visit.  The idea of the Pinterest board reminded me how many people I see in my own travels taking selfies at museums and art galleries.

    Suddenly, #MuseumSelfie was created. 

    The idea is simple, people around the world have been asked to take selfies at museums for the past month and they will share on Twitter using #MuseumSelfie on January 22nd.  The pictures could be current or from previous trips.

    We’ve museums in Catalan, Russia, South Africa, America, UK, France and more who pledged to take part.

    So if you’re visiting a museum this weekend, make sure you take a #MuseumSelfie and share with @CultureThemes this Wednesday!


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