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  • Berlin #MuseumMarathon: 26 museums, one day and all for a good cause

    April 28th, 2014mardixonCulture, International

    businesscard_side_1-640x429This past week, C & I have been to four cities (London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin). Our journey started with the goal of ending in Berlin for Museum Marathon.

    Museum Marathon was started in London by David Mentiply with the main purpose of fund raising for the Guide Dog charity.  Everyone who took part I’m sure would agree that although it was painful and a very long day, it was very rewarding.  When I heard Jenni Fuchs from Museum 140 was was planning to do the same in Berlin, I signed C & I up straight away.

    I knew it was going to be tough (some times it’s best to withhold all information as a parent).  I knew it was going to be tiring.  I knew it was going to be a bit more complex as I don’t speak German but none of that matter.

    Berlin’s #MuseumMarathon was raising funds for ramps for wheelchair access.  That was all that mattered.

    credit Jennif Fuchs

    credit Jenni Fuchs

    The day called for thunderstorms and rain, it provided bright sunshine.  There was a little issue of a neo-nazi protest but even that didn’t stop us – actually, it bonded us a bit more.  We walked right pass the peaceful anti-protestors and heard the protestors from other side of bridge.  There is something incredible about experiencing the movement, even as a spectator that made understanding the protest that much more powerful – it is something that we will never, ever forget.

    Walking pass Protestors

    Walking past Protestors

    Outside the protest, C & I learned more about Berlin and its history in an extremely engaging way.  We learned about the currywurst from the brilliant Currywurst Museum (favourite of C’s), where to send letters (the Museum of Letters – Buchstaben Museum), how to use robots in a museum (Museum of Communication – Museum für Kommunikation) and the important significance of The Wall was learnt by the Asisi Panorama ‘Die Mauer’ (so so powerful).


    Having fun at CurryWurst

    Having fun at CurryWurst

    Trying a CurryWurst Menu Selection

    Trying a CurryWurst Menu

    The list of museums

    1. IMG_5613Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum for Contemporary
    2. Medical Historical Museum of the Charité
    3. Museum of Natural History @MfNBerlin
    4. Bode Museum @bodemuseum
    5. German Historical Museum @DHMBerlin
    6. DDR Museum @ddrmuseum
    7. Altes Museum
    8. Neues Museum
    9. Alte Nationalgalerie
    10. Nikolaikirche
    11. Knoblauchhaus
    12. Ephraim Palais
    13. Hanf Museum (Hemp)

      asisi Panorama, The Wall

      asisi Panorama, The Wall

    14. Buchstabenmuseum (Museum of Letters) @BM_Berlin
    15. Museum für Kommunikation (Communication Museum) @mfk_berlin
    16. Deutsches Currywurst Museum @QWOO
    17. asisi Panorama, The Wall @asisi
    18. Trabi Museum
    19. Martin-Gropius-Bau
    20. Museum for Film and Television
    21. Musical Instrument Museum
    22. Gemäldegalerie/ Kulturforum
    23. Neue Nationalgalerie / New National Gallery
    24. Deutsches Technikmuseum / German Technological Museum
    25. Berlinische Galerie / Berlin Gallery
    26. Jüdisches Museum Berlin /Jewish Museum Berlin

    At each museum, we were provided with a bit of information either on the collection, the significance of the museum or it’s history through the war until now.  At some locations, we even had a ‘curators talk’ (not always via a curator) which were brilliant also. On top of this, Organizer Jenni worked with each of the museums and most of them provided us with something for our goodie bag. I think you’ll agree, this was quite a swag bag!


    Thanks to the museums and Jenni Fuchs for the memory bag!


    C:  It was interesting learning about all different museums.  My favourite was the Curry Wurst because it was so social and you can do so much in there (and buy one in the café!).  I also really loved the Letter Museum, you would have never have thought a museum filled with letters could be so fascinating.  I’m looking forward to the next Museum Marathon!

    The donation page is being left open – please donate!  While the pictures have us smiling, our feet were crying.  We did this for “Tausendundeine Rampe für Deutschland” (1001 Ramps for Germany) – a worthy charity that ‘provides ramps to shops and venues that are unaccessible to wheelchair users, walking frames and prams.’  For those that donated, our tired and very sore feet and legs thank you!  

    For loads of photos, see my Google+ album

    See you at the next #MuseumMarathon?

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