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  • #MMUK14 MuseomixUK – It’s a Wrap … (sort of)!

    November 11th, 2014mardixonCulture, International
    Credit: Ludvig

    Credit: Ludvig

    This year, MuseomixUK was held at the forward thinking Derby Silk Mill.  (For background information see this post).  Our community was extremely strong, building on our first MuseomixUK at Ironbridge Gorge Museum last year.

    All teams used Tumblr this year with Google Glass to document their progress. Have a look at our main Tumblr to find pictures and info on all the teams.

    A message to our Community:

    Thank you.  We asked a lot of everyone and you did not disappoint!
    A MuseomixUK weekend is very demanding.  The beginning is unknown (and sometimes the end isn’t that much clearer!), you don’t always know the venue, your fellow team mates or what is to be achieved, but you trust us to guide you through this complex web of ‘demands’ to create something that we as a community then critique you and your team on. Not. Easy.

    tumblr_nes3elQzxC1tj32n4o1_1280BUT YOU DID IT!

    And you truly need to be proud of yourself for that.  You took a concept and idea on Friday morning at 11am and made a working prototype by Sunday at 4pm.  That is simply A-MAZ-ING.  And you did it all by collaborating, communicating, sharing, bonding, cooperating, adjusting, uniting (sometimes arguing), eating, drinking and overall working very very hard.   All this in one weekend.

    MuseomixUK 2014 Emotion Boxes Standardised Graph

    MuseomixUK 2014 Emotion Boxes Standardised Graph

    The hours were long and hard but we hope you felt it was worth it.  The intention was not to break you (despite the accusations by some, many ok, most) but to give you an experience that will inspire you after you left.  The prototypes you all created are innovative and truly superb, but they are in essence a bi-product of your journey.  And it’s that journey that makes the weekend so worthwhile.

    I hope that although you all arrived with immense talents (knowledge, creativity, skills and energy) that you left with something also; whether it be a gem of an idea you’ll look to develop later, or simply a new friend you will collaborate with in the future. It’s the people within this community that are exciting and eclectic, and bringing you all together proves just how much can be achieved by you all.

    Well done, and thank you again. Please take a few moments to fill out our surveyWe will be arranging a series of workshops and meetups throughout the year and am looking to take things in a different direction so please make sure you’re on our mail list or following our social media channels.

    Now is the time for work to begin on 2015 and EVERYONE is invited to help shape how it goes! 

    Credit: Ludvig

    Credit: Ludvig

    I need to thank everyone in Orga and Derby Museum for being so supportive.  Massive thank you also to our incredibly patient Fab Lab and Tech Shop crew without whom we’d all be lost!  And to Hannah and Rosie – your morale building videos and pep talks were the shot of laughter we needed!   Which leads me to our film crew, Francois and Carl who managed to do all the creation and editing of the films on a very tight schedule! A very personal thank you to our community for respecting our 2 minutes of silence on Sunday.  It was incredibly moving how everyone, even those from other countries, came together to show our respect.

    And to end with, I’m sharing a few of the things people said they learned:

    I Learned:

    • that people that are most different complement better on a team and make the whole project more fantastic.
    • the Future of the museums can be built over a weekend.
    • not to rush in making things in order to work quicker in the end!
    • diplomacy and observation.
    • to trust everyone with their individual bits of the projects. Also learned skills I didn’t think I was any good at!
    • to work and collaborate with an heterogeneous group; the importance of communication, transparency and flexibility in order to develop a successful project.
    • technology for technologies sake is pointless, it’s ideas that matter.
    • the importance of saying STOP! (sometimes)
    • teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!
    • that technical skills may not be as far out of reach as I thought.
    • it’s awesome to see all the technology and to know that (with the right team) literally everything is possible (even for museums with no resources or no budget!)
    • to be patient.
    • Mar is Off her head.
    • my pure motivation is coffee.
    • a lot can be done in a short time.
    • arty types can inspire me.
    • to trim videos into loops!
    • laser cutters are the coolest thing ever!
    • patience is PRIME – the simple solution is best.
    • not necessarily a team player.

    One last thank you to all of our sponsors and our Artist in Residence Sally Thompson!




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