#MuseumWeek Hashtags: Monday #secretsMW

Author: #MuseumWeek Coordinator Benjamin Benita & Mar Dixon

March 23-29 2015
7 days of 7 daily Hashtags – But what do each of them mean?


Monday – #secretsMW
Tuesday – #souvenirsMW
Wednesday – #architectureMW
Thursday – #inspirationMW
Friday – #FamilyMW
Saturday – #FavMW
Sunday – #PoseMW

Monday – #secretsMW

‘Go behind the scenes and discover surprising and exclusive contents about the hidden face and stories of our institution.’

Examples :

How you acquired something in your collection?

Credit: Horniman Museum and Gardens
Credit: Adrian Murphy

Who are the people behind the museum? Maybe share stories on who started the museum and why? 

Credit: Horniman Museum and Gardens
Credit: Adrian Murphy

Look past the obvious stories and share the fun, quirky and odd stories!


What is in storage?

Credit: Canadian Museum of Nature
Credit: Anne Botman

Other Examples:
For #MuseumWeek – encourage your followers to get involved by asking what they would like to see or what secrets they have found in your cultural venue.


@JRart / Panthéon – Centre des monuments nationaux



Most importantly, like all hashtag events, just have fun with it! 

For more information:
–> #MuseumWeek Explained
—>  Sign up Form
—>  Who to ask
–> MuseumWeek2015.org


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