#MuseumWeek Hashtags: Tuesday #souvenirsMW

March 23-29 2015
7 days of 7 daily Hashtags – But what do each of them mean?


Monday – #secretsMW
Tuesday – #souvenirsMW
Wednesday – #architectureMW
Thursday – #inspirationMW
Friday – #FamilyMW
Saturday – #FavMW
Sunday – #PoseMW

Tuesday – #souvenirsMW

‘Museums and visitors share your souvenirs! From past visits to current, share your treasures from those lovely museums shops.’

Examples :

Badges, pencils and stickers are always good but what else is collected by visitors?

Credit: State Historical Museum
Credit: State Historical Museum

Have you started a collection from visiting museums?

Credit: museum140.com

Museums: encourage discussion on shop products both old and new.

Credit: Horniman Museum and Gardens
Credit: Horniman Museum and Gardens

Be Creative!

Other Examples:
For #MuseumWeek – encourage your followers to get involved by asking what they would like to see or what souvenirs they have from your cultural venue.

Most importantly, like all hashtag events, just have fun with it! 

For more information:
–> #MuseumWeek Explained
—>  Sign up Form
—>  Who to ask
–> MuseumWeek2015.org


Authors: #MuseumWeek Coordinator Benjamin Benita & Mar Dixon

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