#MuseumWeek Hashtags: Wednesday #architectureMW

March 23-29 2015
7 days of 7 daily Hashtags – But what do each of them mean?


Monday – #secretsMW
Tuesday – #souvenirsMW
Wednesday – #architectureMW
Thursday – #inspirationMW
Friday – #FamilyMW
Saturday – #FavMW
Sunday – #PoseMW

Wednesday – #architectureMW

‘Discover our institution through the history, the beauty and the originality of its construction and building!’

When you visit a museum, take a look at the building that holds the collection.You can share anything related to architecture: paintings of buildings, sculpture of buildings, models of original designs for the museum building, etc.

Examples :

How and when the museum was built?

Credit: Natural History Museum
Credit: Natural History Museum

Do you have architecture plans in your collections?


What does your museum look like in different light?

Credit: Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Credit: Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Is there a painting or sculpture related to architecture?

Credit: commons.wikimedia.org
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Be Creative!

Other Examples:
For #MuseumWeek – encourage your followers to get involved by asking them to share close-ups of architecture of your building.

Most importantly, like all hashtag events, just have fun with it! 

For more information:
–> #MuseumWeek Explained
—>  Sign up Form
—>  Who to ask
–> MuseumWeek2015.org

Authors: #MuseumWeek Coordinator Benjamin Benita & Mar Dixon

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