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  • #MuseumWeek in less than 3 weeks – Webinar Announced!

    March 4th, 2015mardixonCulture, International

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    #MuseumWeek is in THREE Weeks!

    With 3 weeks to go until #MuseumWeek, we have organized two webinars on March 10th for anyone who would like more information or explanations of what is expected during the week,

    We will explain the concept of #MuseumWeek (and why you should get involved), talk about the daily hashtags, and most importantly, take questions!

    Before we share details of the webinar we’d like to remind everyone to sign up if you haven’t already.

    Additional Links:
    #MuseumWeek Official Site
    #MuseumWeek Explained
    #MuseumWeek Who To Ask


    Monday – #secretsMW
    Tuesday – #souvenirsMW
    Wednesday – #architectureMW
    Thursday – #inspirationMW
    Friday – #FamilyMW
    Saturday – #FavMW
    Sunday – #PoseMW


    There will be two webinars, held back to back from 2-3pm GMT & 3-4pm GMT (March 10), both identical in terms of content and format. They will be hosted using BlueJeans, a video conferencing system that allows attendees to live-stream the webinar via a simple web link without registration.

    To enter the webinar, please visit the relevant links below and enter your organisation name and an active email address, and click ‘Access Meeting’. You do not need to sign-up or log-in to attend the webinar, so please ignore these options. Just a name and an email address is needed.

    From there, simply click ‘Join Meeting’ and you will be placed in the webinar. You will automatically be muted so don’t worry about being heard on the webinar, just listen and learn. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to Tweet these using #QuestionsMW or use the live chat window within the webinar. Additionally, feel free to tweet @MarDixon questions using the hashtag before event so she can answer them on the day. We will pick these up as we go and try to answer as many as possible throughout the course of the hour.

    Webinar 1: 2-3pm GMT – https://bluejeans.com/964368628

    Webinar 2: 3-4pm GMT – https://bluejeans.com/298886704

    The maximum number of participants for each webinar in 100 attendees, which is why we are putting on two webinars back to back. If you attempt to attend and we are maxed out at 100 you will not be permitted, so please join us at 3pm instead. Given the above, we would kindly ask that if multiple people from one organisation will be attending that you only join the webinar from one computer to allow more participants to join!

    We will also be recording the webinar and circulating a link where the session can be watched back in full, so if you are unable to attend either of these sessions, do not worry!

    Meanwhile, keep tweeting using @MuseumWeek and hashtag #MuseumWeek.  Encourage your visitors to get involved!

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