#MuseumWeek One Week to Go! FAQ, Fun Stats & More!

image1One week from today, Twitter will be exploding with cultural goodness when #MuseumWeek kicks off.  With 1400+ museums in 55 countries signed up (and that number continues to grow) there is truly something for everyone.

Mini FAQ

During the webinar last week, there were a few more questions asked and I thought I’d share them here:

We signed up – now what?
Shout about it.  Let your followers and your local community know you’ll be taking part in this international Twitter campaign.  You might like to update your website with the dates and/or write a blog (include the daily times you’ll be taking part). Some museums/galleries have contacted their local press!

What if we can’t take part everyday?
No worries – there is something for everyone but we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed.  Take part in the days you can.  If possible, try to let your followers/community know the days you can/will take part (again, on the website or a quick blog will do).

How can we engage young people?
There have been a few museums who said they are handing over their social media to their young people group. If that isn’t possible, why not reach out now to see if you can engage with young people in your community and use #MuseumWeek as an excuse to engage with them.  If not, use #MuseumWeek #FamilyMW to explore new ideas.

What about the time zone difference?
With any international event, they’ll be crossover with the hashtag – don’t worry! Run the hashtag that work best with YOUR timezone.  Do try to engage with other museums/galleries in different time zones but only if it doesn’t stress you or your staff out.

Does it have to be in English/French?
No, the key is to use #MuseumWeek in all your tweets but please feel free to tweet in what ever language you’re most comfortable with.  I would suggest you tweet in English at least once to encourage new followers/audiences and suggest they use the ‘Translate Tweet’ option.

How often will the list of names be updated?
Benjamin and his team will update the master list on MuseumWeek2015.org on Monday March 23  – make sure you’re on it!  [I’ll be updating my list at the same time.]

I’ve signed up but didn’t receive a confirmation email – is that right?
You won’t receive a confirmation email.  As long as you got to the end of the form, don’t worry, your name will show up on the sight at the next update.  If you have any issues, DM @MuseumWeek.

Fun Stats since last week:

  • Canada 69 -> 92
  • France 170 -> 246
  • Italy 86 -> 144
  • Japan 18 -> 84
  • Mexico 18 -> 31
  • Spain 68 -> 128
  • United Kingdom 216 -> 253
  • United States 123 -> 169

Hashtag Reminders:

Monday – #secretsMW
Tuesday – #souvenirsMW
Wednesday – #architectureMW
Thursday – #inspirationMW
Friday – #FamilyMW
Saturday – #FavMW
Sunday – #PoseMW

See you on Monday March 23rd! 

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