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  • My Top Tips for using @periscopeco for #travel, #Museums & Art Galleries #Musesocial #musetech

    June 24th, 2015mardixonCulture, International, Tech

    periscopeI’ve been using Periscope before it came out (I was a beta tester back in March).  I have to be honest, I was a bit confused with the concept.  Having not used Meerkat or really care about filming before, I didn’t see the need for live streaming. Why would anyone use it that wasn’t at a conference?

    Then I started to play with it. First around my town, then on my travels and you know what? It’s a game changer. Why? Because although I live-tweet, blog and over-share, this allowed a two-conversation to happen between the viewers and myself in real-time. I am able to Periscope and have a dialogue in a way that is quicker and more efficient than Twitter or blogging. The conversations from Periscope have lead to a few blogs.

    I can’t remember my first live stream from a museum or art gallery but do know the first time I saw a great response was at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and (thanks to free wifi) was able to have a bit of fun with live streaming. I didn’t save the first one but did upload the live stream I did with a conservator fixing art in the middle of the gallery.

    With each periscope I’m learning more. For example, on my first attempt I was really confused how I was suppose to type a response to the questions popping up on the screen. (Answer: You don’t type, you talk – they can hear everything you’re saying! NB This led to one of my tips: don’t swear).

    Please note: Periscope is available for ios and Android now. 

    I’ve used Periscope in:

    At CERN in Geneva Switzerland (they said I was the first one to do so).
    UK Parliament Westminster Hall
    Wearable Tech Sentiment Art experience
    Street Art in Berlin
    Wolverhampton Art Gallery Sensory Room(Accessibility)
    Sharing St Nicholas Church Organ playing in Berlin
    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London UK (very long but incredible exhibition….)
    Behind the Scenes at Southbank Centre in London UK

    Top Tips Before 

    • Always ask permission first. I ask via twitter and show front of house the tweets to confirm.  I’ve also taken this opportunity to show many front of house the wonders of Periscope.
    • Have good Wifi if possible.
    • Announce to your followers to warn them (if it’s a tour encourage questions to be sent in).
    • Name your Periscope with a good title and use a hashtag if possible. I usually mention location too.
    • Periscope now allows filming in landscape (I’ve not tested this yet)
    • Ensure you have Tweet button and ‘Save to Camera’ options on.

    Top Tips Filming 

    • Leave time for conversation – whether asking questions from the viewers or asking them to use ‘hearts’ to say which object/art they like better.
    • People who are typing their questions to you can see all conversations just as you can.
    • Don’t swear. Sounds easy but while I control language with the written word, my vocabulary can sometimes be lively.
    • People will type to you.  Sometimes it’s ‘Hi from Turkey!’ or just ‘What country are you in?’ but I try to acknowledge them but either saying Hi back or ‘Great to see so many people in different countries’.
    • Viewers can have dialogue between themselves – it’s like an open message forum from the 90s minus the moderator.  You sadly can’t control what they type.
    • Respond to those who say ‘Oh Boring’ – ask them why? (Don’t say ‘Well why the heck are you watching then?’ as you may or may not want to truly say…. like me.)
    • I try to avoid filming faces/kids but it’s not always easy.
    • For my ‘tours’ I encourage people around me or online to tell me what they want to know. It’s not always what is expected!
    • Don’t worry about facts as much as stories.
    • Keep it short. Retention time is usually 5-7 minutes

    Top Tips After Filming 

    • Periscope saves to your camera (if you clicked the button)
    • Periscope saves on-replay for 24 hours only
    • Upload the video to your YouTube but name it #Periscope so people watching back can understand you’re not talking to yourself when answering the questions (TOP TIP)
    • Periscope provides statistics for your viewing.  This includes Replays, retention, how many people gave ‘hearts’ (eg Likes), how many watched live, how many watched on the web (non-app).

    raperiscope two raperiscope

    These are screen shots for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  I titled it @Royalacademy #RASummer (their own hashtag).  On the left I’m showing the people who replayed the video within 35 minutes of it ended.

    On the right, I’m showing there were 151 live viewers and 544 ‘Hearts’ which is a pretty good return.


    These are just a few tips and suggestions I’ve found along the way.  If you have anything I should add or any questions I didn’t address, please let me know.

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