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  • Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius @sciencemuseum

    March 3rd, 2016mardixonCulture, Tech


    I managed to see Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius at the Science Museum and absolutely loved it. While everyone knows da Vinci is quite the artist, many don’t know the genius the man truly was. This exhibition is a delightful showing of his engineering talents which I have to be honest, I didn’t appreciate before.

    The exhibition starts with a small insight into the comparison from their last da Vinci exhibition in 1952 including a model of a ‘Boring Machine’ (my personal favourite as love the title!)


    The exhibition has 39 models of da Vinci’s inventions – some you need to see to believe (flying machine or webbed gloves for divers anyone?). The one main takeaway I learned was he looked to nature for his inspiration.


    I personally loved the interactives – there was something for all ages but also it linked very well into the theme of Mechanics of Genius. Some you were timed on while others made you think of how you would create something in a small way. Additionally there were many additional layers added with the use of ipads linking to videos that showed you how some of the objects work.


    Between seeing daVinci’s drawing showing the first automatic weaving loom ever designed, theatrical stage sets to his flying machine you can easily see the man behind the genius. He had a thirst for learning and was incredibly innovative and the Science Museum does a brilliant job at showing the engineering mind.

    This is a must see for fans of da Vinci, engineering, innovation and creatives.  And again, it truly it for almost all ages from 5 to 105!

    To see a video of The making of the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition is also a real treat!


    From 10/02/2016 – 04/09/2016
    Price: £10 (Concessions: £8

    See Science Museum website for more information (and a great video).

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