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    May 13th, 2016mardixonCulture, International

    Logo AssociazioneAPM – Associazione Nazionale dei Piccoli Musei
    Communication and Accessibility for Small Museums
    By Veronica Ramos Pino

    The National Small Museums Association (APM) is a non-profit association which intends to develop small museums and promote cultural management. Our association’s mission is to organize meetings, conventions and initiatives in order to highlight to visitors and institutions small museum’s reality.

    Small museums are in essence different from large museums. It is not only a question of size, space and economic resources. The problem is much bigger and relates to the relationship with the local community, the location, the management, the services offered to the visitors, the role of the museum.

    On the 29th and 30th of April was held the Seventh National Meeting of the APM in Monselice (Padua). This year, there were some innovations in the meeting: for the first time, an exhibition with brands which sell services for museums as gadgets, apps and other museum equipment. The other innovation was a ducati motorcycles exhibition from a partner of APM (Scuderia Ducati “bande rosse” from Rome).

    Although these encounters are nationals, we always have foreigners speakers; this year we had speakers from England (Mar Dixon), Spain (Juan Garcia Sandoval) and Croatia (Tanja Suflaj). As it is one of our goals trying to incorporate other countries as much as possible, to create an working international cooperation network among museums.

    On this occasion, the main topic of the meeting was Communication and Accessibility for Small Museums. The objective was to share ideas and case studies to improve the future of culture and, specifically, of small museums. (It’s possible to view the programme here)

    The speakers talked about gamification, app for the culture, social media, didactics in the museums, social museology and local development. The key points from the speechs were:
    • Small Museums need their own rules. It’s not possible to continue with the same legislation for big and small museums. (Here the president APM’s speech (Giancarlo Dall’Ara) with details about this situation)
    • Visitors are the center of the museum’s life. The museum have to take care of people and their interests, because the museum belongs to the citizens.
    • New Technologies are a basic element to communicate the cultural heritage. The apps, social media and games are an essential element to make our museums accessibile and modern. They are an instrument to communicate the culture and to talk to people in their languages.
    • Museums have to work for architectural accessibility and communication accessibility. The accessibility of a cultural institutions will be successful when every person could visit the building (or archaeological site) without architectural obstruction; and when everyone can understand the museum and its collection.

    The APM meeting is an excellent ooportunity for interaction between museums, professionals and stakeholders. This year, more than 250 people partecipated to the Seventh Meeting and everyone was very enthusiastic about the themes, speakers and the passionate and innovative climate.

    Website: www.piccolimusei.com

    Veronica RamosAbout me: Cultural Tourism Manager | Social Media Strategis. Italo-spanish by now.
    Regional Coordinator APM for Emilia Romagna (Italy) and Spanish speaking countries.
    Twitter: @ramosveronica86
    Linkedin: https://it.linkedin.com/in/veronicaramospino

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