Walking in Italy, Fun in London & a Conference

I’ve always said this site was for when I had more to say in a tweet. I’ve never pressured myself to write as I know my limits. However, this past month so much has been going on that are worthy of articles on their own:

iwwItalian Wonder Ways: I was invited at last minute to take a friend of a friend’s spot on a Cammino (which means pilgrimage). I wasn’t fully prepared but had the most amazing time! I’ve been to Italy many times but never ever explored the landscape or the people the way we did with Cammino di San Benedetto created by the inspiring Simone Frignani.  As this was a press trip we were met by mayors and lovely locals in each village we walked to – eating their lovely local products.  We even slept in a monastery!  Most who know me know exercise isn’t my thing but I truly loved walking and talking and meeting new friends.  I did things I would never imagine I’d do – including riding on top of a Landrover Defender down a steep dirt road with Simone and Paul (we survived….). And we ended in Rome listening to the Pope.  Truly magical and inspiring.


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wonderlabScience Museum WonderLab opening: Went to the opening of WonderLab sort of expecting a lot as I’ve been hearing bits and pieces about it over the months/year. I absolutely wasn’t disappointed! The press night had a wonderful mixture of suits, kids and everything in between. The exhibition is totally hands on – lots of things to see, play, learn, do, and slide down – YES there is a slide! It’s all very related to teaching science through fun and it totally works!

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19princelet19 Princelet Street: A hidden gem in London as it is/was many things over the years but is now dedicated to becoming an immigration museum. I was privileged to have a private view to speak to Susie, one of a few volunteers that are working hard to get the building the monies it needs to be able to the public (the open to the public on very special occasions and ALWAYS has queues around the block when they are open!).

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Credit: Tijana Tasich
Credit: Tijana Tasich

Victoria and Albert Museum Revolution Exhibition: Went to Revolution with friend Tijana. In similar vein to the David Bowie exhibition, we were provided headphones / guide to take into the exhibition. And like Bowie exhibition, RFID technology was used to guide us in the very large exhibition. Revolution is essentially about the swinging 60s to early 2000s and how transformational they were to our lives now. What did hit home was seeing how some protest from the 60s are VERY (sadly) similar to issues we still have today. It’s like we never learn.

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MuseumID Conference: Attended MuseumID conference at the Science Museum. There was an impressive lineup of speakers from USA, Denmark, UK and Germany. Voting and immigration, fab labs and the need to be open to public ideas, social media and why less is more, and other topics were discussed. Tony Butler made for an exemplary chair for the day too!

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Tomorrow I leave for Spain to speak at #MarketingArtes16 in Madrid and Barcelona before flying to New York in November for MuseumNext.  Meanwhile, we’re running #LoveTheatreDay again on November 16th so mark your calendars!


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