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  • When Virtual Reality meets Art: Actually Reality at @RoyalAcademy #musetech

    January 12th, 2017mardixonCulture, Tech

    Really enjoyed Actually Reality at Royal Academy. It’s opening to the public January 12-14 (yes, a very short run) but if you want to experience art in a virtual world (instead of just walking around it as most platforms allow), this is the perfect exhibition.  I also like the fact that RA worked with graduates – how inspiring!

    From Royal Academy website:

    We’re starting 2017 with Virtually Real, a collaborative pop-up project between the virtual reality platform HTC Vive and our contemporary art school, the Royal Academy Schools.

    Graduates Adham Faramawy and Elliot Dodd, together with third-year student Jessy Jetpacks, have been selected to create works of art using HTC Vive. This virtual reality technology lets you experience hundreds of simulated worlds, where the normal rules of gravity don’t apply. The artists will be using software like Kodon and Tilt Brush by Google, a palette that lets you paint in virtual 3D space to produce installations that you, the visitor, will be able to move through and interact with. You’ll also be able to see their creative processes from start to finish with HTC Vive’s playback technology. As a world-first, we’ll be 3D printing these artworks and exhibiting them, so you will have the chance to interact with them both virtually and in real life. You’ll also be able to try your hand at creating a virtual reality masterpiece of your own.

    I’ll admit I wasn’t brave enough to try the tech in front of so many people, mainly because I was worried I’d be the one that tripped over the wires.  As much as I love this new technology and how immersive it is I find the VR headset a bit clunky still.  However, I spent the evening watching people of all ages having a go and really enjoying it.  Most where surprised with how much they felt really ONE with the art.

    For example, one friend, @LookUpLondon, who has never tried VR tried it and totally got so immersed she had to be asked to stop to let other people go.  I Periscoped what it was like for her and you can find the video here.

    The idea was you wore a VR headset (with earphones) and then had Tilt Brush from Google in your hands.  You’d see the art in front of you and with the Tilt Brush you could ‘add’ to the art.  The art the artist made was then printed using a 3D printer so there was a complete merger of virtual and reality!

    Check the RA website for information on how to book tickets and let me know how you feel about virtual and augmented reality with art!

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