Recap of @CultureThemes #Museum101 event – museums sharing creepy items

February 15th – the day after Valentine’s Day.  The perfect day to ask the public,  museums and culture venues internationally to share items they would like to see go into #Museum101 (like George Orwell’s 1984 book and Room 101).

The idea came when I mentioned to Linda Spurdle I was trying to think of a hashtag that would acknowledge the current issues *cough politics cough* but didn’t create a platform that could be turned into something personal. #Museum101 was a perfect solution.

With every CultureThemes, I try to keep the ‘this is what it is/mean’ statement to a minimum to allow people to make it what they want.

Who knew that for over 8+ hours #museum101 would be trending?

#Museum101 even made it to Twitter Moments

I mean who wouldn’t want these in their house?

Stats (what I was able to grab at the end of the night)


#Museum 101: 13 scary items you want to put in Room 101 ASAP

Museums are sharing their creepiest items – our top 10 will either make you laugh or cry 

Inside the macabre witchcraft museum with ‘corpse trousers’ made of human skin 

Get Ready To Have Straight Up Nightmares With This #Museum101 Hashtag

Thank you to everyone who took part – it brought many smiles (ok and probably a few nightmares) but it was a nice light relief from the every day fake news situation. 🙂


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