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  • Impact of Long Night at Museums/Museums at Night

    May 8th, 2017mardixonCulture, International

    Recently I was able to attend #SharingisCaring in Hamburg to run a workshop on using social media and being social about it.  I had a great time and challenge people to create social media content from random items I placed on their table.

    The brilliant thing about the timing of the conference is it fell in line with their Long Night in Museums program. I’ve been to a few Late Museums nights (in Europe and Russia) and what I really love about them is they are open ALL.  NIGHT.  Not just until 10 or 11pm – but 3-4-5 am.  In Hamburg the added bonus was the ticket price of €15 includes public transport – how amazing and inclusive is that? 

    Long Night Museums Hamburg: Showing how they catalog items to the public.

    We often talk about trying to get new audiences or hard to reach audiences but why don’t we look at what happens when you change your opening hours to assist people/families working 9-6?  Where are the benefits for people if they are constantly hearing culture venues say without words ‘it’s their issue for working and going to school and they have the option of attending on the weekend only’?

    We often talk about empathy and understanding in museums but are really doing enough by programming events at times not everyone can attend?  

    A tour at a Hamburg Museum done in English.

    It seems like a pretty easy barrier for us to remove.  Theatres and symphonies manage it and ok they might not get loads of diverse people coming in they probably hit a few more by having events in the evening (and yes, offering concession tickets).

    It also got me thinking – who else is doing late nights?  Which actually is two questions:

    1. What culture venues are doing late hours consistently (weekly or monthly)?
    2. What culture venues are doing late/Long Nights once a year?

    To give a view examples:

    • Long Night:
      • Russian
      • Argentina
      • Berlin (which I believe were the first ones to do it)
      • Hamburg
      • Argentina
      • UK
      • Poland
    • Staying up late either weekly or monthly:
      • Mexico City (once a month stay open late)
      • Maidstone England
      • Hausder Kunst Museum Villa Stuck Munich
      • Statens Museum for Kunst / The National Gallery of Denmark.
      • d’arte moderna e contemporanea / für moderne und zeitgenössische Kunst Italy
      • Loads of London museums

    I’m really interesting in hearing what other people think about late nights (either weekly, monthly or yearly) and if there are examples I missed off. 


    Edit to add:

    Arts charity Culture24, Museums at Night festival producers, is conducting research funded by Arts Council England into after-hours events (Lates) and extended opening hours in UK culture and heritage venues. Click here to complete the 2 minute survey:


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