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  • When a city gets behind social media sharing: One tweet, @Edinburgh Shines

    July 28th, 2017mardixonCulture, International, Personal

    Recently, I went to Edinburgh with a few friends (Mark and Linda) as our friend Silvia was in the city with her mom. Silvia lives in the states so we don’t get to see her often (I’m giving the reason why we gate-crashed her time with her mom…).

    We had a few ideas of things we wanted to see and do while in Edinburgh but I decided to tweet to get a few more ideas:

    What happened after was truly inspiring and spoke volumes for Edinburgh as a city but also the way more can be done on social media. Every business was recommending another business – some that were the same! It was about raising the city, not themselves and it was so beautiful to read. And yes, we did take a few suggestions on our limited time but we will definitely be going back to Edinburgh!

    And it went on and on with recommendations! Even @Edinbrgh account got involved:

    I have always suggested museums and galleries talk about local businesses to promote the area and not themselves and this is a great example on why it works. There were many that said they were heading to Edinburgh soon and saving the link for the suggestions and others that said they would recommend the places just because of the spirit of the thread.

    In the end we went to National Museum of Scotland for Jacobites exhibition (see it before it ends!), Mary Kings Close, Surgeon’s Hall (a must see), Scottish Parliament, walked Royal Mile and more!

    If you’re going to Edinburgh I highly recommend any of the above!  While we couldn’t get to everyone their social media alone makes me have to recommend them!

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