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  • Ready for #LoveTheatreDay 2017? Information pack & more! @LoveTheatreDay @TheStage

    August 21st, 2017mardixonCulture, International

    This year, @LoveTheatreDay‘s media partner is the wonderful @TheStage

    We are also really excited as we’re on Instagram this year also!  Oh and if you haven’t heard, we’re also mirroring 52Museums and created 52Stages – it’s all going on with theatres this year (and every year to be fair).

    As The Stage managed to script this so well, I’m borrow their complete script – but for those here to sign up and know the drill, here’s the link

    #LoveTheatreDay is back for 2017. The social media phenomenon will return on Wednesday November 15, 2017. For the first time, the day will be run in association with The Stage to ensure the participation of as many individuals and cultural organisations as possible.

    The day will celebrate theatre around the world using #LoveTheatreDay on Twitter and other social media platforms. There will be three themes throughout the day:

    • #Backstage (10am to 12pm): go behind the scenes and see parts of the theatre you would never normally get to see.
    • #AskATheatre (3pm to 5pm): talk directly to the creative teams about their shows, and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to.
    • #Showtime (7pm to 10pm): show us what you’re seeing at the theatre, and find out what happens off stage during a show.

    The general public and theatres are welcome to join in the day, but we also want #LoveTheatreDay to include any organisation related to the performing arts. We’re actively encouraging any individual or organisation to join us in celebrating theatre.

    By reaching new demographics on social media with #LoveTheatreDay, we hope to inspire them to find out more about their local theatre, consider a career in the arts, and to build a lifelong habit of going to the theatre.

    How to get involved – Theatres, shows and arts organisations

    Regardless of location or size, we want as many organisations to join in as possible. Simply sign up here to receive our free pack to help you prepare for the day. We also encourage performance groups, drama schools and any other organisation linked to the performing arts to take part where possible.

    Remember to also share your excitement leading up to the day using #LoveTheatreDay and encourage other organisations to sign up as well.

    How to get involved – Theatre lover

    Make sure to encourage your local theatre and performing arts group to sign up by sharing this page. Tweet or contact them now to make sure they take part.

    If you don’t work for a theatre, but are passionate about the arts then we encourage you to take part by tweeting along during the day using #LoveTheatreDay to share why you’re passionate about theatre. You can also take part in #AskATheatre Q&A sessions with some of the world’s leading theatres.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact:
    Aaron McGregor
    Marketing executive at The Stage
    020 7939 8497
    E: aaron[@]thestage.co.uk
    Twitter: @TheStage

    Mar Dixon 
    #LoveTheatreDay creator
    +44 07800539065
    E: mar[@]mardixon.com
    Twitter: @MarDixon
    Instagram: @MarDixonPic

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