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  • A #LoveTheatreDay UN-conference you say… Guest Blog from Zsofia Szendrei

    November 8th, 2017mardixonCulture, International

    We are working with students from Goldsmith University on the #LoveTheatreDay Un-Conference.  To get your FREE ticket click here and remember this is for everyone that loves theatre – you don’t have to work in the sector!

    It is less than a week until the big day and you may be at home gathering all your supplies to come very well prepared for the day… but, hang on, what exactly are your supplies?

    So, how does one equip oneself for the day, you may ask.

    -Do you… bring your umbrella? To hide behind if you get stage fright and to prepare yourself for that big brainstorm.

    -Do you… bring a pair of wellies? To trudge through all the important issues you would like to discuss, all those pertinent questions you have about theatre.

    -Do you… bring your business cards (including the outdated ones)? Just in case.

    -Do you… bring a huge stack of (academic) books? In case you need to refer back to something. Subject of the book is irrelevant as everything is theatre and, after all, theatre is life, isn’t it?

    -Do you… finish everything off by slapping on a fake moustache? In case the others turns up in costume, and somehow, as usual, you’re the only one that didn’t know about the theme.

    Well, you certainly are welcome to bring all of these along with you, especially the business cards, the outdated ones, but there are other ways to prepare yourself for the un-conference: everything you could need is already in your head. So just have a think about what theatre truly means to you.

    Your unique thoughts and interests around theatre are what will drive the discussions, if you so choose. You are also welcome to just be an observant for the day and take in what everyone else has to offer. It is an un-conference for a reason, you are given the authority to shape your own experience of the day, and there is no pressure to speak up, but also no pressure to just sit and listen.

    We hope to hear everyone’s opinions on the day, creating a vibrant space for all of us to discuss theatre, its craft, its relevance, its significance…

    All we ask of you is to come with an open heart and an open mind, because if you have a love of theatre, you really won’t need anything else.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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