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  • #MuseumMarathon Wrap Up – Raising Money for Autism in Museums

    April 18th, 2018mardixonCulture, Personal

    Back in December, I was looking at loads of things: my 2018 schedule, the museum sector, London, etc etc.  I noticed the museum sector was looking a bit – well there are a lot of changes happening (some for the good, some not so good) and wanted to inject some energy back into the sector.  So I took to social media:

    I decided to run a #MuseumMarathon – where anyone who signed up would walk to 26+ museums on the day to raise money for charity.  I didn’t know what museums or what charity but shared the idea anyway.  There was over 70 people who showed interest that week!

    Within a few weeks (ok maybe it was February?) things started to take a bit more shape.  Original charities such as raising money for Gay Pride and Arts Emergency (both great causes) were put aside for Autism in Museums – it’s not a charity but a very worth cause! (For the record, Gay Pride would be to raise money for museum people walking in the parade but found out that is sorted.)

    The How to:

    A Go Fund me page was set up with a goal of £300. Miki Webb helped set up a map and an Attending page for people to sign up was sorted.  It was all starting to come together.

    Fast forward to April 15th.

    We gathered at Science Museum for 10.30.  Shout out to Matt White was fortunate to be near me which meant he was assigned a map and became our official tour guide for the day (thanks Matt!)! Also shout out to Neil Ford for being our photographer for the first 26 museums! And another shout out to Rachel Kuhn from Visitor Experience Forum who managed to score us goodies along the way and her family kept the spirits alive most of the day!

    I gave a few encouraging words (lord knows what I said!)

    And then we were off!  #MuseumMarathon 1: Science Museum.

    We then headed to #MuseumMarathon 2: Natural History Museum, before going to #MuseumMarathon 3: V&A who kindly put out some bags with snacks for us.  This motivated us for our next walk

    #MuseumMarathon 4 Wellington Arch

    Before the Royal Route:

    #MuseumMarathon 5 Buckingham Palace, #MuseumMarathon 6 The Guards Museum, #MuseumMarathon 7 Churchill War Rooms, #MuseumMarathon 8 IWM Household Cavalry Museum #MuseumMarathon 9 Historic Royal Palaces Banqueting House 

    On the way to National Gallery, I admit to heading off to McDonalds (priorities) while the others went to #MuseumMarathon 10 Benjamin Franklin House and#MuseumMarathon 11 British Optical Association Museum

    #MuseumMarathon 12 is National Gallery who provided us was a lovely canvas bag with tea/coffee and then #MuseumMarathon 13 National Portrait Gallery

    #MuseumMarathon 14 was The Camera Museum and #MuseumMarathon 15 was The Cartoon Museum

    #MuseumMarathon 16 British Museum with lovely guard who was not going to let us in then wished us luck after), #MuseumMarathon 17 Pollock’s Toy Museum.  Must admit, at this point we are hurting a bit but we kept energy going!

    We then made our way to #MuseumMarathon 18 Petrie Museum UCL, #MuseumMarathon 19 UCL Art Museum UCL, #MuseumMarathon 20 Grant Museum of Zoology UCL

    We then heading to #MuseumMarathon 21 Wellcome Collection, #MuseumMarathon 22 British Library and #MuseumMarathon 23 Foundling Museum.

    At this point, we were slowly dying but saw the end in site!

    #MuseumMarathon 24 Charles Dickens Museum, #MuseumMarathon 25 The Postal Museum (who kindly let us stop at the cafe and gave us free postcards!)

    The rest at The Postal Museum was needed but sort of made us realize how tired we were…

    #MuseumMarathon 26 Museum of the Order of St John #MuseumMarathon 27 St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum #MuseumMarathon 28 Museum of London

    This is when Neil Ford left so all photos from now on our mine (and probably blurry!)

    #MuseumMarathon 29 Guildhall #MuseumMarathon 30 Bank of England Museum – or the time of the #MuseumMarathon when the heavens opened up!

    #MuseumMarathon 31 Golden Hinde which we were going to stop at for our last but someone managed to energy to go to #MuseumMarathon 32 Clink Prison Museum #MuseumMarathon 33 Shakespeare’s Globe …

    AND FINALLY #MuseumMarathon 34 TATE!

    After we managed to basically crawl to the pub but have to admit, we all were too tired to appreciate what we did.  But that evening, I checked our Go Fund Me page again and amazingly we BROKE £1000!  My original goal was only £300 which would help Autism in Museum create a young people panel and hopefully identify and maybe purchase a few items that could be share amongst museums but now so much more can be done!

    A personal thank you to everyone who took part either walking, donating or sharing!  I’ve asked Claire from Autism in Museum to write a blog for her to update where the money is going but lets give her a few days to recover 🙂


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  • Kayleigh, Gabriel and I had a great day and thank you so much for organising and highlighting the autism access need. I cannot adequately express the difference in experience for us as a family visiting a relaxed opening versus a standard visit x

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