#AskACurator Day September 12 2018 Sign Up & List



This list will be updated due to GDPR regulations. This is the list of all museums who signed up since 2015 when I started the new sign up.


Please note:  @AskACurator is also on Instagram AND Twitter so feel free to use the tag on there!

How to take Part: Participants  Want to know how to Take Part? There’s an article for that! (Please note the date has changed!)  Most importantly is just have fun on the day! Ask questions, or if you’re in the field and don’t work in a museum feel free to answer.

How to take Part: Museums  First, the word museum to me is broad.  Any culture venue who want to take part can! Museums, Archives, Libraries, estate homes, archaeological venues, private museums etc can take part! And Curator can be anyone with the knowledge – they don’t have to have a degree to answer! 

You might want to tell your followers the time your curator will be available.  Some museums write it on their events page, others leave it open to see what questions they receive.  However, to get your name out there – it helps to jump in to general questions and not just wait to be asked a specific question.  Some people will use the hashtag to ask questions such as how to know what to collect, what skills are needed, what are the unknowns of being a curator etc.  We also have a few #Askacurator people who have questions like ‘do you have a teddy bear in your collection’ or ‘what’s the funniest thing you heard in your museum’ etc.

Last updated August 12 2018

AustraliaArt Gallery of New South Wales@artgalleryofnswhttps://twitter.com/ArtGalleryofNSWArt museumFacebook, Instagram@artgalleryofnswhttps://www.instagram.com/artgalleryofnsw/
AustraliaAustralian National Maritime Museum@ANMMuseumtwitter.com/ANMMuseumHistory, Maritime museum, Migration museum, Museum shipFacebook, Blogginganmmuseumwww.instagram.com/anmmuseum
AustraliaCentre of Democracy@CentreDemocracyhttps://twitter.com/CentreDemocracyHistoryFacebook
AustraliaGeoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History@GKMuseumhttp://www.geoffreykayemuseum.org.au/Medical history museum
AustraliaHistory Trust of South Australia@historysahttp://twitter.com/HistorySAHistory, Maritime museum, Migration museum, Transport museumFacebook, Instagram@historysahttp://www.instagram.com/historysa/
AustraliaMuseum of Ancient Cultures@MACmuseumMQhttps://twitter.com/MACmuseumMQUniversity museumFacebook@MACmuseumMQhttps://www.instagram.com/MACmuseumMQ/
AustraliaNational Film and Sound Archive of Australia@NFSAOnlinehttps://twitter.com/nfsaonlineAudiovisual ArchiveFacebook, YouTube, Instagram@NFSAOnlinehttps://instagram.com/nfsaonline
AustraliaQantas Founders Museum@qfomhttps://twitter.com/qfomAviation museum, Heritage centre, HistoryFacebook, YouTube, Instagramqantas_founders_museumhttps://www.instagram.com/qantas_founders_museum/
CanadaArt Gallery of Peterborough@AGPtbo_https://twitter.com/agptbo_Collection (artwork), Contemporary art galleryFacebookagptbo_https://www.instagram.com/agptbo_/
CanadaBackus-Page House Museum@backuspagehousehttp://twitter.com/backuspagehouseHistoric House MuseumFacebook, Instagram, Blogging@AngelaBobierhttp://instagram.com/angelabobier
CanadaCanada Agriculture and Food Museum@AgMuseumhttp://twitter.com/AgMuseumFarm museum, Food museum, National museums, Agriculture MuseumFacebook@AgFoodMuseumhttp://instagram.com/AgFoodMuseum
CanadaCanada Aviation and Space Museum@AvSpaceMuseumhttp://twitter.com/AvSpaceMuseumAviation museum, National museums, Space MuseumFacebook@AvSpaceMuseumhttp://instagram.com/AvSpaceMuseum
CanadaCanada Science and Technology Museum@SciTechMuseumtwitter.com/scitechmuseumComputer museum, National museums, Science museum, Technology museum, Transport museumFacebookscitechMuseuminstagram.com/scitechmuseum
CanadaCanadian Centre for the Great War@greatwarcentrehttp://twitter.com/greatwarcentreHeritage centreFacebook, Instagram@greatwarcentrehttp://instragram.com/greatwarcentre
CanadaCanadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21@Pier21https://twitter.com/Pier21History, Maritime museum, Migration museum, National museumsFacebook, Instagram@pier21_quai21https://www.instagram.com/pier21_quai21/
CanadaDiefenbaker Canada CentreDiefenbaker Centreinstagram.com/diefcentreHistorydiefcentrewww.instagram.com/diefcentre
CanadaDiefenbaker Canada CentreDiefenbaker Centreinstagram.com/diefcentreHistorydiefcentrewww.instagram.com/diefcentre
CanadaÉcomusée du fier mondeEcomuseeEFMhttps://twitter.com/EcomuseeEFMHistoryFacebook
CanadaEsker Foundation@EskerFoundationhttp://twitter.com/EskerFoundationContemporary Art MuseumFacebook, YouTube, InstagramEskerFoundationhttps://www.instagram.com/eskerfoundation
CanadaGlanmoreNationalHistoricSite@GlanmoreNHShttp://twitter.com/GlanmoreNHSLocal museumFacebook, YouTube, InstagramGlanmoreNHShttps://www.instagram.com/glanmorenhs/
CanadaHaliburton Highlands Museum@HH_Museumhttp://twitter.com/HH_MuseumLocal museumFacebook
CanadaIngenium Canada@IngeniumCahttp://twitter.com/IngeniumCaAviation museum, Computer museum, Farm museum, Food museum, History, National museums, Science museum, Technology museum, Transport museum, Virtual museumFacebookhttp://instagram.com/IngeniumCanada
CanadaIngenium Canada@IngeniumFrhttp://twitter.com/IngeniumFrAviation museum, Computer museum, Farm museum, Food museum, National museums, Science museum, Technology museum, Transport museum, Virtual museumFacebookIngeniumCanadahttp://instagram.com/IngeniumCanada
CanadaMacLaren Art Centre@MacLarenArthttps://twitter.com/MacLarenArtCollection (artwork)Facebook@maclarenarthttps://www.instagram.com/maclarenart/
CanadaMahone Bay Museum@MahoneBayMuseumhttps://twitter.com/MahoneBayMuseumLocal museumFacebook, YouTube, Instagram@MahoneBayMuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/mahonebaymuseum/
CanadaMusée de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation du Canada@MuseeAgrihttp://twitter.com/MuseeAgriFarm museum, Food museum, National museums, Agriculture MuseumFacebookAgFoodMuseumhttp://instagram.com/AgFoodMuseum
CanadaMusée de l'aviation et de l'espace du Canada@MuseeAvEspacehttp://twitter.com/MuseeAvEspaceAviation museum, National museums, Space MuseumFacebookAvSpaceMuseumhttp://instagram.com/AvSpaceMuseum
CanadaMusée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada@SciTechCanadahttp://twitter.com/SciTechCanadaComputer museum, National museums, Science museum, Technology museum, Transport museumFacebookSciTechMuseumhttp://instagram.com/SciTechMuseum
CanadaMusée national des beaux-arts du Québec@mnbaqhttps://twitter.com/mnbaqFine arts museummnbaqhttps://www.instagram.com/mnbaq
CanadaMuseum of Nature@MuseumofNature @Museedelanaturehttps://twitter.com/MuseumofNature AND https://twitter.com/MuseedelanatureNatural HistoryFacebook, InstagramMuseumofNature MuseedelaNaturehttps://www.instagram.com/museumofnature/ AND https://www.instagram.com/museedelanature/
CanadaNova Scotia Art Bank@artsnovascotiahttps://twitter.com/artsnovascotiaCollection (artwork)Facebook@artsnovascotiahttps://www.instagram.com/artsnovascotia/
CanadaOkanagan College Research Museum@SharonMansiereNational History MuseumFacebook
CanadaOld Log Church Museum@oldlogchurchhttps://twitter.com/oldlogchurchHistoryFacebook
CanadaOshawa Museum@oshawamuseumhttps://twitter.com/OshawaMuseumHistory, Local museumFacebook, Instagram@oshawamuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/oshawamuseum/
CanadaOwens Art Gallery, Mount Allison University@owensartgalleryhttps://twitter.com/OwensArtGalleryCollection (artwork)Instagram@owensartgalleryhttps://www.instagram.com/owensartgallery/
CanadaParkwood NHS@parkwoodestatehttps://twitter.com/parkwoodestateHistoric house museumFacebookparkwoodestate@parkwoodestate
CanadaPeel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives@visitpamahttp://twitter.com/visitpamaChildren's museum, Collection (artwork), Heritage centre, History, Local museumFacebook, YouTube, Instagram@visitpamahttp://www.instagram.com/visitpama
CanadaPeterborough Museum & Archives@PtboMuseumhttps://twitter.com/PtboMuseumLocal museumFacebookptbomuseumarchiveshttps://www.instagram.com/ptbomuseumarchives/?hl=en
CanadaThe Royal Canadian Regiment Museum@RCRMuseumhttps://twitter.com/RCRMuseumMilitary Museums, Regimental museumFacebook
CanadaYork Region District School Board Museum & Archives@yrdsbhttps://twitter.com/YRDSBPublic Education History
ChileMuseo Chileno de Arte Precolombino@precolombinoclhttp://twitter.com/precolombinoclPre-Columbian Art museumInstagram@museoprecolombinohttps://instagram.com/museoprecolombino/
DenmarkRibe Art Museum (Ribe Kunstmuseum)@RibeKunstmuseumhttps://twitter.com/RibeKunstmuseumCollection (artwork)Ribe_Kunstmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/ribe_kunstmuseum/
EnglandAston Martin Museum@amht1http://twitter.com/AstonMartinMuseumMotor MuseumFacebook
EnglandBradford Museums & Galleries (Comprising Bolling Hall, Bradford Industrial Museum, Cartwright Hall & Cliffe Castle)@BradfordMuseumshttps://twitter.com/BradfordMuseumsCabinet of curiosities, Collection (artwork), Geology museum, History, Local museum, Natural HistoryFacebook, YouTube, Instagram, Bloggingbradfordmuseumshttps://www.instagram.com/bradfordmuseums/
EnglandBritish Library@britishlibraryhttps://twitter.com/britishlibraryHistory, National library
EnglandChiswick House and Gardens@Chiswick_Househttps://twitter.com/Chiswick_HouseBotanical, Collection (artwork), History@chiswick_househttps://www.instagram.com/chiswick_house/
EnglandDiscovery Collections@tammy_hortonhttps://twitter.com/discoverycollectionsNational History Museum, University museum
EnglandGladstone Pottery Museum@GladstoneMuseumhttps://twitter.com/GladstoneMuseumCeramics museum, Preserved pottery factory and industrial heritageFacebook@GladstonePotteryhttps://www.instagram.com/gladstonepottery/
EnglandHertford Museum@HertfordMuseumhttps://twitter.com/HertfordMuseumCollection (artwork), History, Local museum, Military Museums, Natural HistoryFacebook, YouTube
EnglandHistoric Royal Palaces@HRP_Palaceshttp://twitter.com/hrp_palacesPalace museumFacebook, YouTube, Instagram@historicroyalpalacesinstagram.com/historicroyalpalaces
EnglandHorniman Museum and Gardens@hornimanmuseumhttps://twitter.com/HornimanMuseumBotanical, Cabinet of curiosities, National museums, Natural History, Anthropology, living collections,HornimanMuseumGardenshttps://www.instagram.com/hornimanmuseumgardens/?hl=en
EnglandMuseum of Domestic Design & Architecture@MoDAMuseumhttps://twitter.com/MoDAMuseumDesign museummodamuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/modamuseum/
EnglandNational Space Centre@spacecentrehttps://twitter.com/spacecentreScience center, Science museum, Technology museum, Space museumBlogging
EnglandRavenglass Railway Museum@rermuseumhttps://twitter.com/rermuseumTransport museumFacebook, Instagramravenglassrailwaymuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/ravenglassrailwaymuseum/
EnglandRHS herbarium@WSYherbariumhttps://twitter.com/WSYherbariumBotanical, History, National History Museum, Natural History, Science museum, Horticulture
EnglandRoyal Collection Trust@RCThttps://twitter.com/rctCollection (artwork), Palace museumRoyal_Collection_Trusthttp://instagram.com/royal_collection_trust
EnglandSerpentine Galleries@SerpentineUKhttps://twitter.com/SerpentineUKContemporary Art Galleryserpentineukhttps://www.instagram.com/serpentineuk
EnglandSouth West Teritage Trust@somersetmuseum @smersetrlmhttps://twitter.com/SomersetRLM https://twitter.com/SomersetMuseumFarm museum, Local museum, Military MuseumsFacebook, Instagram@somerset_museumshttps://www.instagram.com/somerset_museums/
EnglandSwindon Museum and Art Gallery@museumandarthttps://twitter.com/MuseumandArtCeramics museum, Collection (artwork), Local museumFacebook, Instagramswindonmaghttps://www.instagram.com/swindonmag/
EnglandTate@tatehttp://twitter.com/tateI may be silly, but I can't see 'Art museum'? Sorry if it's obvious! 🙂@tatehttp://instagram.com/tate
EnglandThe Hunterian, University of Glasgow@hunterianhttp://twitter.com/hunterianUniversity museumFacebook, SnapChathunterianglasgow
EnglandThe Postal Museum@thepostalmuseumhttps://twitter.com/thepostalmuseumPostal museumFacebookthepostalmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/thepostalmuseum/
EnglandThe Wedgwood Museum@Wedgwood_Museumhttps://twitter.com/Wedgwood_MuseumCeramics museum, Collection (artwork), Design museum, HistoryFacebook
EnglandThe Wiener Library@wienerlibraryhttps://twitter.com/wienerlibraryHistory, Migration museumFacebook, YouTube, Instagram@wienerlibraryhttps://www.instagram.com/wienerlibrary
EnglandUniversity of Reading Herbarium (RNG)@RNGHerbhttps://twitter.com/RNGherbBotanical, University museumFacebook, Instagramrngherbariumhttps://www.instagram.com/rngherbarium/
EnglandUre Museum of Greek Archaeology@UreMuseumhttp://twitter.com/UreMuseumCeramics museum, History, University museum, Classical antiquity / Egyptology collectionFacebook, YouTube, Instagram, Blogging#uremuseumhttp://www.instagram.com/ure.museum/
EnglandV&A@v_and_ahttps://twitter.com/V_and_ACeramics museum, Design museum, Fashion museumvamuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/vamuseum/
EnglandWinterbourne House and Garden@winterbournehghttps://twitter.com/winterbournehgStately Homewinterbournehghttps://www.instagram.com/winterbournehg/
EnglandWorld Rugby Museum@wrugbymseumhttp://twitter.com/wrugbymuseumSport museumFacebook@wrugbymuseumhttp:/Instagram/wrugbymuseum
FranceMusée d'Archéologie nationale@Archeonationalehttp://twitter.com/archeonationaleHistory, ArchaeologyFacebook, YouTube, InstagramArcheonationale
FranceMusée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon@mbalyonhttps://twitter.com/mbalyon?lang=frFine ArtsFacebook, Instagram@mba_lyonhttps://www.instagram.com/mba_lyon/
FranceMusée Saint-Raymond@MSR_Tlsehttps:/twitter.com/MSR_TlseHistoryFacebook, Instagram@msr_tlsehttps://www.instagram.com/msr_tlse
GermanyBomann-Museum Celle@BomannMuseumhttp://twitter.com/BomannMuseumHistory, Migration museumFacebook
GermanyJewish Museum Frankfurt@jmfrankfurthttps://twitter.com/jmfrankfurtHeritage centre, History, Local museumjuedischesmuseumffmhttps://www.instagram.com/juedischesmuseumffm/
GermanyLindenau-Museum Altenburg@LindenauMuseumhttps://twitter.com/LindenauMuseumCollection (artwork)
GreeceCapodistrias MuseumCapodistriasMhttps://twitter.com/CapodistriasMHistoryFacebook, Instagramcapodistriasmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/capodistriasmuseum
NetherlandsMuseon@museonhttps://twitter.com/MuseonChildren's museum, Geology museum, National History Museum, Science museum, Technology museummuseondenhaaghttps://www.instagram.com/museondenhaag/
NetherlandsMuseummedia@Museummediahttps://twitter.com/museummediamuseum infoFacebook, Twitter Museummedia voor Nederland en Vlaanderen: @museummedia_nl
NetherlandsNational and Olympic Sport Heritage@bjhilgershttps://twitter.com/bjhilgerssport collection
New ZealandMOTATMOTAT_NZhttps://twitter.com/MOTAT_NZTechnology museum, Transport museumInstagrammotatnz
New ZealandOtago Museum@otagomuseumhttps://twitter.com/OtagoMuseumLocal museum, Natural History, Science centerFacebook, InstagramOtagoMuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/otagomuseum/
New ZealandTairāwhiti Museum@Tairawhiti_musehttps://twitter.com/Tairawhiti_museLocal museumtairawhiti_museumhttps://instagram.com/tairawhiti_museum
PanamaMuseo de botones Destro@museobotoneshttps://twitter.com/museobotonesCollection (artwork), Fashion museum, History, Private museum, Science museum, buttonsFacebook, YouTube, Instagrammuseobotoneshttps://www.instagram.com/museobotones/
RussiaVernadsky State Geological Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences@SgmPrhttps://twitter.com/SgmPrGeology museumFacebook, Instagram, vkontakte@sgm_rashttps://www.instagram.com/sgm_ras/
ScotlandDiscovery Point@DiscoveryDundeehttps://twitter.com/DiscoveryDundeeMaritime museum, Museum ship, PolarFacebook
ScotlandHistoric Environment Scotland@histenvscothttps://twitter.com/histenvscotWe look after a variety of collections (object and archive), and have museums at some of our visitor attractions@histenvscothttps://www.instagram.com/histenvscot/
ScotlandHistoric Scotland@welovehistoryhttps://twitter.com/welovehistoryWe are a sub-brand of Historic Environment Scotland and look after 40,000 objects connected to over 300 historic visitor attractions in Scotland@historicscotlandhttps://www.instagram.com/historicscotland/
ScotlandMuseum of The Royal Regiment of Scotland@SCOTS_Museumhttps://twitter.com/SCOTS_MuseumMilitary MuseumsFacebook, YouTube
ScotlandNational Museums Scotland@ntlmuseumsscothttps://twitter.com/ntlmuseumsscotAviation museum, Fashion museum, Military Museums, Natural History, Open-air museum, Science museum, Technology museum@nationalmuseumsscotlandhttps://www.instagram.com/nationalmuseumsscotland/
SloveniaBožidar Jakac Art Museum@galerijabjhttps://twitter.com/GalerijaBJArt museumFacebook, Instagram@galerijabozidarjakachttps://www.instagram.com/galerijabozidarjakac/
South AfricaMaropeng Official Visitor Centre for the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site@MaropengSAhttp://twitter.com/MaropengSAHeritage centreWorld Heritage Site Visitor Centre@MaropengSAhttp://instagram.com/MaropengSA
SpainFundació Joan Miró, Barcelona@fundaciomirohttp://www.twitter.com/fundaciomiroModern and Contemporary Art MuseumFacebookfundaciomirohttp://www.instagram.com/fundaciomiro/
SpainMuseo de Arte Africano Arellano Alonso de la UVa@ArtAfricanUVahttps://twitter.com/ArtAfricanUVaMuseum of African ArtFacebook, YouTube
SpainPlanetario de Pamplona@pamplonetariohttp://twitter.com/pamplonetarioScience centerFacebook, YouTube, Instagram, Blogging@pamplonetariohttps://www.instagram.com/pamplonetario/
SpainVictor Balaguer Library Museum@mvictorbalaguerhttps://twitter.com/mvictorbalaguerCollection (artwork)Facebook@mvictorbalaguerhttps://www.instagram.com/mvictorbalaguer/
SwedenNationalmuseum@NatMus_SWEhttps://twitter.com/NatMus_SWECollection (artwork), Design museumInstagram@nationalmuseumswehttps://www.instagram.com/nationalmuseumswe/
TurkeyPera Museum@PeraMuzesihttps://twitter.com/PeraMuzesiCollection (artwork), Private museumFacebook, YouTube, Instagram, Bloggingperamuzesihttps://www.instagram.com/peramuzesi/
United StatesArkell Museum@arkellmuseumhttp://twitter.com/arkellmuseumCollection (artwork), History, Local museumFacebook, Instagram@arkellmuseumhttp://www.instagram.com/arkellmuseum
United StatesCape Fear Museum of History and Science@capefearmuseumhttps://twitter.com/capefearmuseumHistory, Local museum, Science museumFacebook, Instagram
United StatesCenter for Meteorite Studies@ASUMeteoriteshttps://twitter.com/ASUMeteoritesNatural History, Science museum
United StatesCincinnati Museum Center@cincymuseumhttps://twitter.com/CincyMuseumChildren's museum, Geology museum, History, Natural History, Science center, Science museumFacebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Blogging@cincymuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/cincymuseum/
United StatesColumbus Museum of Art@columbusmuseumhttp://twitter.com/columbusmuseumArt MuseumFacebook, Instagramcolumbusmuseumhttp://instagram.com/columbusmuseum
United StatesCreative Time@creativetimehttp://twitter.com/creativetimePublic art organization@creativetimenychttp://instagram.com/creativetimenyc/
United StatesDes Moines Art Center@DMArtCenterhttp://www.twitter.com/DMArtCenterCollection (artwork)Facebook, Instagram@DesMoinesArtCenterhttps://www.instagram.com/desmoinesartcenter/
United StatesDubois Museum & Wind River Historical CenterGeology museum, Heritage centre, History, Local museum, Natural HistoryFacebook, Instagramduboismuseum
United StatesESMoA@esmoaorghttp://twitter.com/ESMoAOrgArt LaboratoryInstagram@esmoaorghttp://instagram.com/esmoaorg
United StatesFranklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum@FDRLibraryhttps://twitter.com/FDRLibraryHistory, National History Museum, National museums
United StatesGrey Art Gallery, New York University@nyugreyhttps://twitter.com/nyugreyCollection (artwork), University museumFacebook@nyugreyhttps://www.instagram.com/nyugrey/
United StatesHaffenreffer Museum of Anthropology@HaffenrefferMushttps://twitter.com/HaffenrefferMusUniversity museum, Anthropology/Ethnography museumFacebook, Instagramhaffenreffer_museumhttps://www.instagram.com/haffenreffer_museum/
United StatesHammer Museum@hammer_museumtwitter.com/hammer_museumCollection (artwork)@hammer_museuminstagram.com/hammer_museum
United StatesHeinz History Center@historycenterhttp://www.twitter.com/historycenterHistory, Local museumFacebook, Instagram@historycenterhttp://www.twitter.com/historycenter
United StatesHigh Museum of Art@highmuseumofarthttp://twitter.com/highmuseumofartCollection (artwork), Local museumInstagram@highmuseumofarthttp://instagram.com/highmuseumofart
United StatesHigh Point Museum@HighPointMuseumhttps://twitter.com/HighPointMuseumHistoryFacebookhighpointmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/highpointmuseum/?hl=en
United StatesHistoric Jamestowne@JRarchaeologyhttps://twitter.com/JRarchaeologyHistory, Interpretation centre, Living museum, Open-air museum, Archaeological SiteFacebook, InstagramJRarchaeologyhttps://www.instagram.com/jrarchaeology/
United StatesHistoric Locust Grove@locustgrovehttp://twitter.com/locustgroveHistory, Historic HouseFacebookhistoric_locust_grovehttp://instagram.com/historic_locust_grove
United StatesHistoric London Town & GardensBotanical, History, Local museum, Open-air museum, Public GardensFacebook@historiclondontownwww.instagram.com/historiclondontown
United StatesHolocaust Museum Houston@HMHouhttps://twitter.com/hmhouHistory@hmhouhttps://instagram.com/hmhou
United StatesIndependence National Historical Park@IndependenceNHPhttp://twitter.com/IndependenceNHPCollection (artwork), History, National History Museum, National museums, National ParkInstagram@IndependenceNPShttps://www.instagram.com/independencenps/
United StatesInternational Quilt Study Center & Museumquiltstudyhttp://twitter.com/quiltstudyCollection (artwork), quiltFacebook, YouTube@quiltstudywww.instagram.com/quiltstudy
United StatesIsle of Wight County Museum@Worldsoldesthamhttps://twitter.com/WorldsoldesthamHistoryFacebookisleofwightcountymuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/isleofwightcountymuseum/
United StatesJapan Society@japansocietyhttps://twitter.com/japansocietyCollection (artwork)Facebook, YouTube, Instagram@japansociety_nychttps://www.instagram.com/japansociety_nyc
United StatesJay Heritage Center@jayheritagehttps://twitter.com/jayheritageHeritage centre, History, Interpretation centre, Living museum, National museums, National Historic LandmarkFacebook@jayheritagecenterhttps://www.instagram.com/jayheritagecenter/
United StatesJoliet Area Historical Museum@joliet_museumhttps://twitter.com/Joliet_MuseumHistoryFacebook, InstagramJolietmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/jolietmuseum/
United StatesLeslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art@leslielohman@leslielohmanCollection (artwork), GLBTQ MuseumFacebook, Instagram@leslielohmanmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/leslielohmanmuseum/
United StatesLexington Historical Society@lexhistsochttps://twitter.com/LexHistSocHistoryFacebook, Instagram, Blogginglexhistsochttps://www.instagram.com/lexhistsoc/
United StatesMassachusetts College of Art and Design/Bakalar & Paine Galleries@MassArttwitter.com/MassArtCollection (artwork), University museumFacebook, Instagram@massartboston, @bakalarandpainegalleriesinstagram.com/massartboston, instagram.com/bakalarandpainegalleries
United StatesMathers Museum of World Cultures@MathersMuseumhttps://twitter.com/MathersMuseumUniversity museum, Ethnographic museumFacebook
United StatesMilwaukee Public Museum@MKEPublicMuseumhttps://twitter.com/MKEPublicMuseumNational History Museum, National museums, Natural HistoryFacebookmilwaukeepublicmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/milwaukeepublicmuseum/
United StatesMSU Broad@msubroadhttps://twitter.com/msubroadCollection (artwork), University museum, ContemporaryFacebook@msubroadhttps://www.instagram.com/msubroad/
United StatesMuseum of Idaho@museumofidahohttp://twitter.com/museumofidahoHistory, Local museum, Science museumFacebook, Instagram@museumofidahohttp://www.instagram.com/museumofidaho
United StatesNational Archives of the United States@usnatarchiveshttp://twitter.com/usnatarchivesHistoryusnatarchiveshttps://www.instagram.com/usnatarchives/
United StatesNational Museum of American History@amhistorymuseumhttp://twitter.com/amhistorymuseumHistory@amhistorymuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/amhistorymuseum/
United StatesNew Orleans Museum of ArtCollection (artwork)Facebook, Instagram@noma1910instagram.com/noma1910
United StatesNewberry Library@NewberryLibraryhttps://twitter.com/NewberryLibraryHistoryFacebook@NewberryLibraryhttps://instagram.com/NewberryLibrary
United StatesNewcomb Art Museum@newcombmuseumhttps://twitter.com/NewcombMuseumArt MuseumFacebook, Instagram@newcombmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/newcombmuseum/
United StatesNorth Carolina Museum of Art@ncartmuseumtwitter.com/ncartmuseumCollection (artwork)Facebook, Instagram@ncartmuseuminstagram.com/ncartmuseum
United StatesNorth Carolina Museum of History@NCmuseumhistoryhttps://twitter.com/NCmuseumhistoryHistoryFacebook, Instagram@ncmuseumhistoryhttps://www.instagram.com/ncmuseumhistory/
United StatesPhilbrook Museum of Art@Philbrookhttps://twitter.com/PhilbrookCollection (artwork), History, Local museumFacebook, Instagram@philbrookmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/philbrookmuseum/
United StatesPuget Sound Navy Museum@PSNavyMuseumhttp://twitter.com/PSNavyMuseumHistory, Maritime museum, Military MuseumsFacebook
United StatesRubin Museum of Art@RubinMuseumhttps://twitter.com/RubinMuseumCollection (artwork), Art MuseumInstagram@RubinMuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/rubinmuseum/
United StatesSan Felipe de Austin State Historic Site@SanFelipedeAushttps://twitter.com/SanFelipedeAusHistory, Local museumFacebook
United StatesSan Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles@sjmqthttps://twitter.com/SJMQTArtsjmqthttps://www.instagram.com/sjmqt/
United StatesSchingoethe Center of Aurora UniversityCollection (artwork), University museumFacebook, Instagram@schingoethecenterau
United StatesSFO Museum@SFOMuseumhttp://twitter.com/SFOMUSEUMAviation museum, Cabinet of curiosities, Design museum, History, Local museum, Natural History, Science museumFacebook, YouTube, Instagram@SFOMuseumhttp://instagram.com/SFOMuseum
United StatesSid Richardson Museum@SidRichardsonhttps://twitter.com/SidRichardsonCollection (artwork)Facebook, Instagramsidrichardsonmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/sidrichardsonmuseum/
United StatesSkirball Cultural Center@skirball_lahttps://twitter.com/Skirball_LAHeritage centreFacebook@skirball_lahttps://www.instagram.com/skirball_la/
United StatesSmithsonian National Portrait Gallery@NPGhttps://twitter.com/npgCollection (artwork)Facebook, Instagram@smithsoniannpghttps://www.instagram.com/smithsoniannpg/
United StatesThe Heckscher Museum of Art@heckschermuseumhttp://twitter.com/heckschermuseumCollection (artwork)Instagramheckschermuseumhttp://www.instagram.com/heckschermuseum
United StatesThe Mark Twain House & Museum@TwainHousehttps://twitter.com/TwainHouseInterpretation centre, Home of Mark Twain 1874-1891Facebook@mark_twain_househttps://www.instagram.com/mark_twain_house/
United StatesThe Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum@arcticmuseumhttps://twitter.com/arcticmuseumHistory, University museum, EthnographicFacebook, Instagram, Tumblr@arcticmuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/arcticmuseum/
United StatesThe Wende Museum of the Cold War@wendemuseumhttps://twitter.com/wendemuseum?lang=enCollection (artwork)FacebookWendemuseumhttps://www.instagram.com/wendemuseum/
United StatesThree Lakes Historical Society & Museum@3lakeshistoryhttps://twitter.com/3lakeshistoryHistory, Local museumFacebook, YouTube, Instagram@3lakeshistoryhttps://www.instagram.com/3lakeshistory/
United StatesUniversity of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art@UIMuseumofArthttps://twitter.com/UIMuseumofArtArt museumFacebookuima.uiowahttps://www.instagram.com/uima.uiowa/?hl=en
United StatesWilbur May Center@RenoMayCenterhttp://twitter.com/RenoMayCenterHistory, Natural HistoryFacebookrenomaycenter
United StatesWisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts@WMQuiltFiberArthttps://twitter.com/WMQuiltFiberArtCollection (artwork), Fashion museum, Quilt and fiber art museumFacebook, InstagramWMQFAhttps://www.instagram.com/wmquiltfiberarts
WalesFiring Line Museum of The Queen's Dragoon Guards and The Royal Welsh@FiringLinehttp://twitter.com/FiringLineMilitary MuseumsFacebook, Instagramflmuseum2016https://www.instagram.com/flmuseum2016




Last updated September 12 2017
Museums taking part: 1519

Countries: 58

Argentina – 6 
Bellas Artes Evita Palacio Ferreyra @PalacioFerreyra Collection (artwork)
Castagnino+macro Museum @castagninomacro art museum
La Ene/ Nuevo Museo Energía de Arte Contemporáneo @museoenergia Contemporary art
MALBA @museomalba Collection (artwork)
Museos de Arte: MBA-MAC @museosdearte Contemporary Art
Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires @modernoba  Collection (artwork)
Australia – 65
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art @4A_Aus National museums
Art Gallery of New South Wales @artgalleryofnsw Collection (artwork)
Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology @abbeymuseum  Private museum
Artisan – Queensland's Home of Craft & Design @ArtisanQLD Craft & Design
Australian Centre for the Moving Image @acmi History/ Science center/ Technology museum/ Moving Image museum
Australian Centre for Photography @acphub National Photographic Gallery and Workshop
Australian National Maritime Museum @ANMMuseum  History
Australian Parliament House Art Collection @Aust_Parliament Collection (artwork)
Australian War Memorial @AWMemorial  Military Museums /Private museum
AustraliaQUT Creative Industries Precinct @ci_precinct University museumAustralia
Black Diamond Heritage Centre @Sherbrookesistas Heritage centre/ Local museum/ Transport museum/ Railway Museum
Blacktown Arts Centre @blacktownarts Contemporary multi-arts centre
Carclew Foyer Gallery @carclew Collection (artwork)
Carnamah Historical Society &Museum @carnamah Local museum/ Virtual museum
Centre of Democracy @CentreDemocracy History
Creative Industries Precinct @ci_precinct Digital Art Museum
Geelong Gallery @geelonggallery Collection (artwork)
Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History @GKMuseum Medical History Museum
History SA @HistorySA History
Golden Dragon Museum @GoldenDragonMus Living museum/Local museum
Hurstville Museum & Gallery @hurstvillelmg History/ Local museum/ Gallery
Kenneth Tyler Collection: National Gallery of Australia @printboffin Collection (artwork)
Migration Museum @MigrationMuseum History
Mundaring District Museum @HistoryMissM Local museum
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory @NATSIAA Maritime museum/ Natural History
Museum of Ancient Cultures/ Macquarie University @MACMuseumMQ University museum
Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences @maasmuseum  Design museum/ Science museum
Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House @Moad_Canberra National History Museum
Museum of Brisbane @MuseumofBris Local museum
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia @MCA_Australia contemporary art museum
Museum Victoria @museumvictoria history and science museum
Museum Victoria's Discovery Centre @discoverycentre History and Science
Museum National Gallery of Victoria @NGVMelbourne Collection (artwork)
Australia National Archives of Australia @naagovau Archives
National Gallery of Australia @NatGalleryAus Collection (artwork)
National Film and Sound Archive @NFSAOnline Film archive
National Library of Australia @nlagovau National Library
National Museum of Australia @NMA History/ National History Museum/ National museums
National Motor Museum @NatMotorMuseum Transport museum
National Portrait Gallery @NPG_Canberra  National museums
Nicholson Museum @nicholsonmuseum History/ Archaeology & Antiquities
Orange Regional Museum @ORMuseum Local museum
QAGOMA @qagoma Art
Qantas Founders Museum @qfom Aviation museum/ Heritage centre/ History/ Local museum
Queensland Art Gallery/ Gallery of Modern Art @qagoma Art Museum
Queensland Maritime Museum @qldmaritime Maritime museum
Queensland Museum @qldmuseum  Local museum
QUT Art Museum @qutartmuseum Collection (artwork)/ University museum
QUT The Cube @QUTTheCube University museum
RMIT Gallery @RMITGallery University museum Representing almost 300 community museums within South Australia
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney @RBGSydney Botanical
SA Community History (History SA) @CommunityHistSA
South Australian Maritime Museum @SAMaritimeMuseu Maritime museum
South Australian Museum @SAMuseum  Science museum
Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery @stanthorpeartg Art Gallery
State Library of Queensland @slqld History
State Library of South Australia @slsa State Library
State Library of New South Wales @statelibrarynsw State Library – national and state historical collection
Sydney University Museums @sydneyunimuseum History/ University museum
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery @tasmuseum http://twitter.com/tasmuseum Natural History
Tweed Regional Museum @erikajoy History
Victorian Collections @VicCollections Combined State Collections
Victoria Police Museum @viccrimescene History/ Site of Tragedy
Yarra Ranges Regional Museum @yrrmuseum History/ Local museum/Prefectural museum/ Social History Museum
Austria – 15
21er Haus @21erhaus Collection (artwork)/ Contemporary Art
Albertina Museum @AlbertinaMuseum  Collection (artwork)
Austrian Film Museum @filmmuseumwien  Film / Cinemateque / Film Archive
Austrian Jewish Museum @JewishMuseumAT History
Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien @azw_museum Museum of Architecture
Belvedere Museum @belvederewien Collection (artwork)/ Palace museum
Joanneum @Joanneum Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ Local museum/ National History Museum/ Universal museum
Kinomuseum Klagenfurt @Kinomuseum Cinema Museum
Kunsthalle Wien @kunsthallewien Contemporary art/ Universal museum
Künstlerhaus KM–/ Halle für Kunst & Medien @KuenstlerhausKM Contemporary Art Museum
Leopold Museum @Leopold_Museum Collection (artwork)
LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz @LentosLinz Collection (artwork)/ art museum
MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art @MAKwien Collection (artwork)/ Design museum/ Fashion museum
mumok – Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien @MUMOKWien Modern Art Museum
Q21 @Q21_vienna exhibition hall
Belgium – 13
Cinquantenaire Museum @CinquantenaireM History
Kaarsenmuseum @kaarsenmuseum Collection (artwork)/ Local museum/ Wax museum
Koninklijk Museum Voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen @KMSKA Fine Arts
M HKA @m_hka  Contemporary Art Museum
Middelheim Museum @middelheim Collection (artwork)/ Contemporary Art
Modemuseum Hasselt @modemuseum Fashion museum
MAS | Museum aan de Stroom @MASAntwerpen Ethnographic village/ Heritage centre/ History/ Maritime museum
Musea Brugge @MuseaBrugge  Collection (artwork)
Red Star Line Museum @redstarline Migration museum
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences @RBINSmuseum Collection (artwork)/ History/ Science museum/ Toy museum/ Education Museum
Royal Museum for Central Africa @africamuseumbe Geology museum/ History/ National History Museum/ Natural History/ Central Africa Museum
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium @FineArtsBelgium Collection (artwork)/ National museums/ René Magritte/ Modern/ Fin de siècle/ Old Masters
Stedelijk Museum Hoogstraten @Museum_Hoogstr  History
Brazil – 3
Instituto Moreira Salles @imoreirasalles Collection (artwork)
MM Gerdau – Museu das Minas e do Metal @mmgerdau Geology museum/ Science museum/ Technology museum
Museu de Arte do Rio @museuarterio Collection (artwork)
Cambodia – 1
McDermott Gallery @mcdermottgallry Collection (artwork)/ Fine Art Photography Gallery
Canada – 160
Acadia University Art Gallery @AcadiaGallery  Collection (artwork)/ University museum
Agnes Etherington Art Centre @aeartcentre Collection (artwork)/ University museum
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Collection @afa1991  Collection (artwork)
Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum @ASHFM1 Children's museum/ Hall of fame/ Sports
Archaeological Research Associates Ltd. @ArchResearch  Private Cultural Heritage Management Firm
Archives@PAMA @archivespama  History/ Local museum/archives
Art Gallery of Alberta @youraga Art Gallery
Art Gallery of Hamilton @TheAGH  Collection (artwork)/ Local museum
Art Gallery of Mississauga @AGMengage Art
Art Gallery of Ontario @agotoronto Art
Art Gallery of Peterborough  @AGPtbo Art Gallery
Art Gallery of St. Albert @ArtGalleryStAlb Collection (artwork)/ Art Gallery
Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site @AtlasCoalMine Industrial museum
Audain Art Museum Audain Art Museum @AudainArtMuseum Collection (artwork)
Backus-Page House Museum @backuspagehouse  House Museum
Bank of Canada Museum @BoCMuseum economics
Bata Shoe Museum @batashoemuseum Private museum
Beaty Biodiversity Museum @beatymuseum Botanical/ Cabinet of curiosities/ Ecomuseum/ Science museum/ University museum/ Biodiversity
Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art  @billreidgallery  Aboriginal Art Museum
Bishop House Museum Archives & National Historic Site @BillyBishopHero  Aviation museum/ History/ Local museum/ Military Museums
Black Creek Pioneer Village @BlackCreekNews Living museum/ Pioneer Village
Bulkley Valley Museum @BV_Museum  History
Calgary Stampede Archives @calgarystampede Heritage centre/ History/ Interpretation centre/ Local museum/ Archives
Canada Agriculture and Food Museum @AgMuseum Farm museum/ Agriculture and Food Museum
Canada Aviation and Space Museum @AvSpaceMuseum Aviation museum/ Space Museum
Canada Science and Technology Museum @SciTechMuseum Science museum/ Technology museum
Canada Science and Technology Museum @EmilyMGann Technology museum
Canadian Canoe Museum @cndncanoemuseum History
Canadian Centre for the Great War @greatwarcentre  Military Museums
Canadian Museum for Human Rights  @CMHR_News  History/ National History Museum/ National museums/ Human Rights museum
Canadian Museum of History  @CanMusHistory  Children's museum/ History/ National History Museum/ National museums/ Virtual museum
Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 @Pier21 History/ Living museum/ National History Museum/ National museums/ Immigration Museum
Canadian Museum of Nature @museumofnature Natural History Museum
Canadian War Museum @CanWarMuseum History/ Military Museums
Casa Loma @JaclynFurlong heritage attraction
Casa Loma @CasaLomaCurator heritage attraction
Champlain Trail Museum and Pioneer Village @champlainmuseum Farm museum/ History/ Local museum
Chilliwack Museum and Archives @CHWKMuseum History/ Local museum
Cité historia @cite_historia  History/ Local museum
Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum @coleharbourfarm Botanical/ Farm museum/ History/ Living museum/ Local museum
Craigleith Heritage Depot @CraigleithDepot History
Creston Museum @CrestonMuseum Local museum
Dalnavert Museum and Visitors' Centre @DalnavertMuseum Heritage centre/ History/ Local museum
Diefenbaker Canada Centre @diefcentre  History
Diefenbunker: Canada's Cold War Museum @diefenbunker  Cold War Museum
Elgin County Museum @EcpmCounty History
Écomusée du fier monde @EcomuseeEFM  History/ Local museum
ESKER FOUNDATION @EskerFoundation Contemporary Art Museum
Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre: TREX Program @TREX_Southeast Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre
Esplanade Museum @EsplanadeMuseum History
Firefighters Museum of Calgary @FireMuseumYYC Local museum
Foundation STRUTT @StruttHeritage Heritage centre/ Modern Architecture
Fort Heritage Precinct @FortPrecinct History/ Local museum
Fort York National Historic Site @fortyork Heritage centre/ History/ Interpretation centre/ Living museum/ Military Museums/ National museums
Fondation STRUTT Foundation @StruttHeritage Heritage centre/ Modern Architecture
The Gibson House Museum @GibsonMuseumTO History/ Living museum/
Glanmore National Historic Site of Canada @GlanmoreNHS NHSCollection (artwork)/ Local museum/ historic house
GuelphMuseums @guelphmuseums History/ Local museum
Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site @gogcannery Heritage centre/ History/ National History Museum
Haida Gwaii Museum @haidamuseum History/ Living museum/ Local museum/ National museums/ Natural History/ visual art
Haliburton Highlands Museum @HH_Museum Local museum
Hope Museum @TourismHOPE Local museum
Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol @hcmuseum  Farm museum/ Fashion museum/ Heritage centre/ History/ Local museum/ Military Museums
Humber Galleries @HumberGalleries University museum
Ingersoll Cheese & Agricultural Museum @IngersollMuse1  Farm museum/ Hall of fame/ History/ Local museum/ Cheese Museum
The Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery @theJNAAG Art Museum
Kamloops Museum and Archives @kamloopsmuseum History/ Local museum
The Knaut-Rhuland House Museum @KnautRhuland Heritage centre/ Local museum/ Maritime museum
Koffler Gallery @KofflerArts Art Gallery
Lambton Heritage Museum @HeritageLambton Farm museum/ Heritage centre/ Local museum
Le Musée canadien de la nature @museedelanature le musée national de sciences et d'histoire naturelle
Le Musée de la Banque du Canada @BdCMusee economie
Living Prairie Museum  @livingprairie Interpretation centre/ Living museum/ Nature preserve
Mackenzie House Museum @MackenzieHouse History
MacLaren Art Centre @MacLarenArt  Collection (artwork)/ Local museum
Mahone Bay Museum @MahoneBayMuseum History/ Local museum
The Market Gallery @MarketGalleryTO Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History
Manitoba Museum @ManitobaMuseum  History/ Museum ship/ Natural History/ Science center
McMichael Canadian Art Collection @mcacgallery Collection (artwork)
Montgomery's Inn @MontINNTO History/ Living museum/ Local museum
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts @mbamtl  Fine arts museum
Museum at Campbell River @CRMuseum1 History/ Local museum
Museum London @museumlondon Art museum
Museum of Anthropology @MOA_UBC  University museum/ Anthropology
Museum of Vancouver @Museumofvan History/ city museum
Musée canadien de la guerre @MusCanGuerre History/ Military Museums
Musée canadien de la nature @museedelanature National museums/ Natural History
Musée canadien de l'histoire @MusCanHistoire  Children's museum/ History/ National museums
Musée canadien pour les droits de la personne @MCDP National History Museum/ National museums/ Human Rights museum
Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal @mlanctot  Contemporary Art
Musée de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation du Canada @museeAgri Farm museum/ Musée Agriculture et alimentation
Musée de l'aviation et de l'espace du Canada @MuseeAvEspace Aviation museum/ space Museum
Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada @SciTechCanada Science museum/ Technology museum
Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec @mnbaq Fine arts 
Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke @mbasherbrooke Collection (artwork)
Museum of the Highwood @museumofthehighwood  History/ Local museum
Museums Mississauga @saugamuseums Local museum/ Heritage
Museum Strathroy-Caradoc @strathroymuseum History/ Local museum/ Art Gallery
Nanaimo Museum @NanaimoMuseum  Hall of fame/ History/ Local museum
National Gallery of Canada @@NatGalleryCan National museums/ Art Gallery
Musée des beaux-arts du Canada (National Gallery of Canada in French) @MBACanada National museums/ French account of the National Gallery of Canada
New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame @NBSHF Hall of fame
Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre @nikkeimuse Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ National museums/ Japanese Canadian Nikkei
North Vancouver Museum and Archives @NorthVanMuseum Heritage centre/ History/ Local museum
Nova Scotia Art Bank @artsnovascotia Collection (artwork)/ Art Bank
Nova Scotia Museum @ns_museum Living museum/ Local museum/ Maritime museum/ Museum ship/ National History Museum/ The Nova Scotia Museum includes 27 museum sites
Orillia Museum of Art & History @OrilliaMuseum Local museum
Oshawa Community Museum @OshawaMuseum History/ Local museum/ Historic Houses
Ottawa Art Gallery @OttawaArtG Art Gallery
Ottawa Museum Network @OttawaMuseumNet Ecomuseum/ Farm museum/ History/ Local museum
Parkwood Estate National Historic Site @parkwoodestate Historic house museum
Peel Art Gallery/ Museum + Archives @visitpama Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ Local museum/ Jail museum
Peterborough Museum & Archives @OntheHill3 History/ Local museum
Pickering Museum Village @pickeringmuse Living museum
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre @nrthrnheritage  Aviation museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Ethnographic village/ Heritage centre/ National museums
Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford @TheReach Collection (artwork)/ Local museum
Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery  @RedDeerMuseum History/ Local museum
Redcliff Museum @redcliffmuseum Local museum
Remai Modern @remaimdodern Modern Art Museum
Revelstoke Museum & Archives @revmuseum  Local museum
Ridge House Museum @CulturalCentre1 Local museum
Rooms @therooms_nl Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ Interpretation centre/ Local museum/ Maritime museum/ Military Museums/ Natural History
Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre  @rosslandmuseum Geology museum/ Local museum
Royal Alberta Museum @RoyalAlberta History
Royal BC Museum @RoyalBCMuseum Collection (artwork)/ History/ Natural History
Royal Ontario Museum @ROMtoronto Natural History / World Cultures
Royal Saskatchewan Museum @royalsaskmuseum Natural History
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology @RoyalTyrrell  National History Museum/ Science museum/ Palaeontology
ROM Textiles @ROMTextiles Fashion museum/ Textiles
San Diego Chinese Historical Museum @SDCHM History/ Local museum/ Migration museum
Sault Ste. Marie Museum @SaultMuseum History/ Local museum
Scarborough Museum @scarbmuseum History/ Living museum/ Local museum
Secrets of Radar Museum @mambolica  Aviation museum/ History/ Military Museums/ Technology museum
Stewart Museum @museestewart History
Spadina Museum: Historic House and Gardens @SpadinaMuseum History/ Living museum/ Local museum/ Historic House
Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives @SCM_A Local museum
Surrey Museum  @ASurreyMuseum  Community history museum
Thames Art Gallery @TAG_CK Collection (artwork)
The RCA Museum @thercamuseum Military Museums
The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford @TheReach Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum
The Robert McLaughlin Gallery @theRMG public art gallery
The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum @RCRMuseum Living museum/ Military Museums/ Regimental museum/ Technology museum
Thunder Bay Art Gallery @THEAG33  Art Gallery with a focus on Canadian Aboriginal Art
Thunder Bay Museum @TBayMuseum History/ Local museum
Tipple Park Museum @TipplePark  Local museum
The Rooms @TheRooms_NL  Archives/Art Gallery/Museum
The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum @RCRMuseum Military Museums
Tom Thomson Art Gallery @TheTomThomson Art
Todmorden Mills Heritage Site @TodmordenMills Heritage centre
Toronto Historic Sites @TOhistoricsites History/ Living museum/ Local museum/ National History Museum
Transcona Museum @transconamuseum Local museum
Vancouver Art Gallery @vanartgallery Collection (artwork)/ Public art gallery
Vancouver Maritime Museum @vanmaritime History/ Local museum
Vancouver Police Museum @policemuseum  History
Workers Arts & Heritage Centre @WAHC Heritage & Arts Centre
Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum @Whammuseum Farm museum/ Local museum
Waterloo Region Museum @WRegionMuseum  Heritage centre/History/ Interpretation centre/ Living museum/ Local museum
Westbank First Nation Sncewips Heritage Museum @WFNMuseum Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum/ First Nation Museum
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies @whytemuseum Collection (artwork)/ History
Winnipeg Art Gallery @stephenborys  Collection (artwork)/ art gallery
Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador @WoodenBoatNL  Heritage centre/ History/ Living museum
Workers Arts & Heritage Centre @WAHC  Labout History
York Region District School Board Museum & Archives @YRDSB Education history museum for a public school board
Yukon Arts Centre @yukonartscentre Art gallery/museum
Catalonia – 7
Museo Colonial @museocolonial Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ National History Museum
Museo Santa Clara @MIStaClara Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ National History Museum/ Prefectural museum
Museu d'Art Jaume Morera @museumorera Contemporary art
Museus de Banyoles @museusbanyoles Cabinet of curiosities/ Geology museum/ History/ Interpretation centre/ Local museum/ Natural History
Museu d'Història de Catalunya @mhistoriacat History
Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona @museuciencies Botanical/ Geology museum/ National History Museum/ Natural History/ Science museum
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya @MuseuNac_Cat National museums/ ART Museum
Cayman Island – 1
National Gallery of the Cayman Islands  @NatGalCayman Art Gallery
Chile – 8
Artequin Viña del Mar @artequinvina Children's museum
Casa Museo Eduardo Frei @casamuseoEFM  History
Museo Histórico Nacional @mhnchile  History
Museo de Artes Visuales-MAVI @MaviChile  Collection (artwork)/ Private museum
Museo de Historia Natural de Valparaíso @mhnvalpo  Natural History
Museo de la Moda @museodelamoda  Fashion museum
Museo Interactivo Mirador (MIM) @MIM_museo  Science center/ Science museum/ Technology museum
Museo Nacional de Historia Natural @MNHN_cl Natural History
Colombia – 7
Artistas Zona Oriente  @ArtistasZona Journalist-Critical
Museo Bolivariano de Arte Contemporaneo- Quinta de San pedro Alejandrino @artebolivariano Collection (artwork)/ History
Museo Colonial @museocolonial History
Museo Santa Clara @MIStaClara History
Museos Universidad Nacional @Museos_UN University museum
Parque Explora @Parqueexplora Science museum/ Technology museum
Zoologico de Barranquilla @zoobaq Fine Arts Museum

Croatia – 1

Muzej grada Trogira – Trogir Town Museum

@muzejtrogir  Collection (artwork)/ Local museum/ Palace museum

Denmark – 6
ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum @ARoSKunst Art museum
Fængselsmuseet @PrisonHorsens Prison Museum
Medical Museion @medicalmuseion Medical museum
Post & Tele Museu @PostTeleMuseum  Computer museum/ History/ Postal museum/ Science museum/ Technology museum/ Communication Museum
Ribe Kunstmuseum @RibeKunstmuseum  Art museum
Skagens Museum @skagensmuseum Art museum
England – 230
Army Medical Services Museum @AMSMuseum History/ Military Museums/ Regimental museum
Arts Catalyst @theArtsCatalyst Contemporary Art/ Science and Technology centre
Arts Council Collection @A_C_Collection Collection (artwork)
ARTIST ROOMS @ARTISTROOMS Collection (artwork)/ Mobile museum/ National museums/ Touring visual art collection
Ashmolean Museum AshmoleanMuseum Cabinet of curiosities/ History/ University museum
Aston Martin Heritage Trust @amht1  Transport museum
ATLAS @skyeatlas Art/ Virtual Museum
Autograph ABP @autographabp Collection (artwork)
Aviva Group Archive @avivaplc History/ Business archive
Bank of England Museum @boemuseum  Central Bank Museum
Barber Institute of Fine Arts @BarberInstitute Collection (artwork)
Barts Pathology Museum @BartsPathology Medical Collection
Ben Uri Gallery @BenUriGallery Collection (artwork)/ Migration museum/ Jewish Art
Benjamin Franklin House @BFHouse History
Black Country Living Museum @bclmcurators History/ Living museum/ Open-air museum
Blaise Castle House Museum @BlaiseMuseum Cabinet of curiosities/ Fashion museum/ History/ Local museum
Birmingham Museums @BM_AG art/ applied art/ social history/ archaeology and ethnography
Black Country Living Museum @BCLivingMuseum History/ Living museum/ Local museum/ Open-air museum
Bolton Library and Museum Services @BoltonLMS Local museum
The Bowes Museum @FashionatBowes  Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum
Bradford Museums & Galleries @BradfordMuseums Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum/ Local Authority Museum Service – includes Art /Archaeology/ Social History/ Technology & Natural Sciences etc
Braintree District Museum @museumbraintree Collection (artwork)/ History/ Interpretation centre/ Local museum
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery Bristol Museum Cabinet of curiosities/ Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Ethnographic village/ Geology museum/ History/ Local museum
British Council Visual Arts @Brit_VisualArts National museums/ Visual Arts
British Film Institute @bfi Film Archive
British Library @britishlibrary  Cabinet of curiosities/ Collection (artwork)/ History/ University museum/ art
British Museum @britishmuseum History
British Postal Museum & Archive @postalheritage Postal museum
British Sporting Art Trust @BSATrust Sporting Art
Broadfield House Glass Museum @Glass_museum Glass museum
Brooklands Museum @brooklandsmuseu Aviation museum/ Transport museum
Brunel's ss Great Britain @ssGreatBritain Maritime museum
Cadbury World – Bournville Experience @cadburyworld  Food museum/ Heritage centre/ History
Canal Museum @Canalmuseum1 Waterways Museum
Chelmsford Museum @ChelmsMuseum Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Geology museum/ Heritage centre/ History/ Local museum/ Military Museums/ Natural History/ Science center
Chertsey Museum @chertseymuseum Fashion museum/ History/ Local museum
Chiswick House and Gardens @Chiswick_House Collection (artwork)/ History/ Historic House
Clifton Suspension Bridge @brunelsbridge  Heritage centre/ Historic building
Cole Museum of Zoology @ColeZoology National History Museum
Colchester Museums @ColMuseums Botanical/ Collection (artwork)/ Geology museum/ History/ Local museum/ Natural History
Compton Verney @ComptonVerney  Collection (artwork)/ History/ National History Museum/ Science center/ Science museum
Coventry Trasnport Museum @CovTM  Transport museum
Cotesbach Educational Trust @cotesbach  Zoo
Corinium Museum @CoriniumMuseum History
Corps of army music museum @armymusicmuseum Military Museums
Craven Museum & Gallery @cravenmuseum History/ Local museum
Croome (National Trust) @ntcroome Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre
Cutty Sark @cuttysark Museum ship
De La Warr Pavilion @dlwp Pioneering centre for arts and culture
Derby Museums @derbymuseums Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum
Discovery Collections @tammy_horton  Natural History
Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft @museumartcraft art and craft
Dorset County Museum @dorsetmuseum Geology museum/ History/ Local museum/ Natural History
Dr Jenner's House/ Museum and Garden @DrJennersHouse Science museum
Durham University Oriental Museum @dumuseums University museum/ World cultures/Oriental
Epping Forest District Museum @EFDMuseum Local museum
Essex Collection of Art from Latin America @EssexCollection University museum
Faggionato @faggionatoarts Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery
Fitzwilliam Museum @FitzMuseum_UK  Collection (artwork)/History
Fossils Galore @FossilsGalore Geology museum
The Foundling Museum @FoundlingMuseum History
Garstang Museum of Archaeology @GarstangMuseum University museum/ Archaeology Museum
Geffrye Museum of the Home @GEFFRYE Museum of the Home
Geology Collection University of Bristol @GeologyBristol Geology museum
George Marshall Medical Museum @GMMedicalMuseum medical museum
Gladstone Pottery Museum @GladstoneMuseum  Ceramics museum/History
Gloucester Waterways Museum @gloswaterways waterways museum
Grant Museum of Zoology UCL @GrantMuseum Cabinet of curiosities/ Geology museum/ National History Museum/ Science museum/ University museum
Great North Museum @GNM_Hancock Natural History
Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse GressenhallFW Farm museum/ History/ Local museum
Griffin Gallery @gallerygriffin Contemporary art gallery
Hadrian's Wall (English Heritage) @EHHadriansWall History
Harley Gallery @harleygallery  Collection (artwork)
Haslemere Educational Museum @haslemeremuseum Geology museum/ History/ Natural History
Hatton Gallery @HattonGallery  University museum/ Art Museum
Herbarium/ RHS Garden Wisley @WSYherbarium  Botanical
Herbert Art Gallery & Museum @the_herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Hertford Museum @HertfordMuseum History
Historic Royal Palaces @HRP_Palaces Palace museum
The National Holocaust Centre and Museum @HolocaustCentUK History
Horniman Museum and Gardens @hornimanmuseum Botanical/ Cabinet of curiosities/ Ethnographic village
Hull Museums @Hull_Museums Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum/ Maritime museum/ Museum ship/ National History Museum/ Natural History/ Transport museum
Imperial War Museums @I_W_M Aviation museum/ Collection (artwork)/ History/ Military Museums
The Infirmary @InfirmaryWorc Medical collection
International New Media Gallery @inmgallery Virtual museum/ Contemporary Art Gallery
International Slavery Museum @SlaveryMuseum History/ National History Museum/ National museums
Ironbridge Gorge Museums @blistshill Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ Living museum/ Local museum/ Open-air museum/ Private museum/ Science center/ Technology museum
Jewish Museum London @JewishMuseumLDN History/ Culture
Keep Military Museum @thekeepmuseum Military Museums
Kettle's Yard @kettlesyard  University museum
Knebworth House @KnebworthHouse History
Lancashire Museums @lmuseums Ceramics museum/ Children's museum/ Fashion museum/ History/ Living museum/ Local museum/ Maritime museum/ Military Museums/ textiles; industrial; historic house
Leeds Art Gallery @leedsmuseums and @curatorlucy Art Gallery
Leeds Museums and Galleries @LeedsMuseums History/ Local museum
Leicester Arts and Museums Service @leicestermuseum Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Geology museum/ Heritage centre/ History/ Local museum/ Natural History/ Regimental museum/ Science museum/ Toy museum
Lightbox @thelightbox Heritage centre/ History/ Local museum
Littlehampton Museum @LtonMuseum Local museum
London Transport Museum @ltmuseum Children's museum/ Design museum/ History/ Transport museum
Lowewood Museum @lowewood Local museum
M Shed @mshed Local museum
MAA Cambridge @MAACambridge  History
Manchester Museum @mcrmuseum University museum
Manchester Museum @HenryMcr University museum
Manchester Museum @EgyptMcr History
Manchester Museum Herbarium @Aristolochia Botanical/ University museum
Marks and Spencer Company Archive @mandsheritage Design museum/ Fashion museum/ Food museum
Marlborough Contemporary @marlbcontemp  Contemporary Art Gallery
Mary Rose Museum @MaryRoseMuseum History/ Local museum/ Maritime museum/ Tudor life/ shipwreck/ archaeology
Merseyside Maritime Museum @MerseyMaritime Maritime museum/ National museums
Mobile Museum @museumismobile Living museum/ Local museum/ Mobile museum/ Art Commission touring post-war housing
Museum of Army Flying @MAFarmyflying Aviation museum/ Military Museums
Museum of Brands/ Packaging & Advertising @museumofbrands History
Museum of Classical Archaeology @classarch  Collection (artwork)
Museum of Croydon @MuseumOfCroydon Children's museum/ Collection (artwork)/ History
Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture @MoDAMuseum Design museum/ University museum
Museum of Immigration and Diversity @19pst Migration museum/ museum of ideas
Museum of Liverpool @MuseumLiverpool History/ Local museum/ National History Museum/ National museums/ Regimental museum
Museum of London @museumoflondon History
Museum on the Move @MoMStaffs/Herefs Mobile museum
Museum of the Order of St John @StJohnsGAte History
Museum of Oxford @museumofoxford Local museum
Museum of Portable Sound @museumsound sound
Museum of Science and Industry @msimanchester History/ Local museum/ National History Museum/ Science museum/ Technology museum/ Transport museum
Museum of the History of Science @MHSOxford History/ Science museum/ Technology museum
Museum Resource Centre/ Oxfordshire @OxonMRC Archaeology and Social History
National Army Museum @NAM_London  Maritime museum
National Emergency Services Museum @NESMlearning Children's museum/ Heritage centre/ History/ National History Museum/ National museums/ Transport museum
The National Gallery  @NationalGallery Collection (artwork)/ National museums
National Glass Centre @ngc_gallery University museum
National Portrait Gallery @NPGLondon Collection (artwork)/ Hall of fame/ National museums
National Space Centre @spacecentre Science center/ Science museum/ Technology museum/ Space museum
National Trust Midlands @ntmidlands Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History
National Trust (North East) @NorthEastNT  Collection (artwork)
NN Contemporary Art @NNContemporary Contemporary art gallery
Natural History Museum @flygirlnhm National History Museum
Natural History Museum/ London @NHMPalaeobotany Natural History/ Plant fossils
Natural History Museum/ Digital Collections @NHM_digitise Natural History
Natural History Museum @NHM_London Natural History/ Science center
National Horseracing Museum @nhrm_newmarket Horseracing museum
National Maritime Museum @RMGreenwich Maritime museum
National Waterways Museum @NWmuseum waterways museum
National Trust Art @NTrust_Art Collection (artwork)
Norfolk Museums Service @NorfolkMuseums Collection (artwork)/ Farm museum/ Geology museum/ History/ Local museum/ Maritime museum/ Natural History/ Regimental museum/ A collection of ten diverse museums across Norfolk
Notta Museum @BoffinsBunker Cabinet of curiosities/ Natural History/ Witchcraft/ Steampunk
Nottingham Industrial Museum & Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery @ArchandInd Industry and Archaeology
The Old Station Gallery @OStationGallery Commercial Art Gallery
Oxford University Museum of Natural History @hopeulikemoths National History Museum
Paintings in Hospitals @artinhospitals Collection (artwork)
Pallant House Gallery @PallantGallery Collection (artwork)
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology @PetrieMuseEgypt Egyptian Archaeology
Pitt Rivers Museum/Dan Hicks/ @ProfDanHicks Cabinet of curiosities/ University museum/ archaeological museum/ ethnographic museum
Pitt Rivers Museum @Pitt_Rivers Cabinet of curiosities/ University museum/ archaeological museum/ ethnographic museum
Polar Museum @scottpolar University museum
Poole Museum @poolemuseum Ceramics museum/ History/ Interpretation centre/ Local museum/ Maritime museum/ Toy museum
Portsmouth Museum  @PortsCityMuseum Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum
Postal Museum @thepostalmuseum Collection (artwork)/ History/ National museums/ Postal museum/ Transport museum
Powell Cotton Museum @PowellCotton Ceramics museum/ Natural History/ Taxidermy
Preston Park Museum @pparkmuseum  History/ Living museum/ Local museum
QUAD @DerbyQUAD Collection (artwork)
Research Collections University of Worcester @UWRColls University museum
Richmondshire Museum @Richmondmuseum  Cabinet of curiosities/ Ceramics museum/ Children's museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Geology museum/ History/ Local museum/ Natural History/ Toy museum/ Transport museum
Ripon Museum Trust @riponmuseums History/ Local museum
River & Rowing Museum @river_rowing Children's museum/ Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum
Roman Baths @RomanBathsBath Archaeological site museum
Rossi & Rossi @rossiandrossi Asian Art Gallery
Royal Academy of Arts @royalacademy  National History Museum
Royal Armouries @Royal_Armouries History/ Military Museums/ National museums
Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson @Fort_Nelson History/ Military Museums/ National museums
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew @KewScience Botanical
Royal Collection Trust Collection">@RCT (artwork)/ Palace museum
Royal College of Physicians/ London @RCPmuseum Medical/health museum
Royal Engineers Museum @REMuseum Military Museums
Royal Observatory Greenwich @ROGAstronomers Science center/
Salisbury Museum Wiltshire_FLO Regional museum / History / Archaeology / Art
The Museum of Philatelic History at The Royal Philatelic Society London @The_RPSL History/ Postal museum/ Philatelic museum
Scarborough Museums Trust @smtrust Geology museum/ Natural History/ Science museum
Science Museum @sciencemuseum Aviation museum/ Collection (artwork)/ National museums/ Science museum/ Technology museum/ Transport museum
Serpentine Galleries @SerpentineUK  Art Gallery
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust @ShakespeareBT History
Shell Heritage Art Collection @SHAC_Curator Collection (artwork)
Sherborne Museum @sherbornemuseum Local museum
Shropshire Regimental Museum @ChrisBernath  History/ Military Museums
Society of Antiquaries of London @SocAntiquaries  Cabinet of curiosities/ Collection (artwork)/ Learned Society
Soho House Museum @SohoHouseMuseum History
Somerset House @SomersetHouse Design museum/ Fashion museum
South Asian Decorative Arts and Crafts Collection (SADACC) @sadacctrust Art
Stevenage Museum @stevenagemuseum  Local museum
Sudley House @sudleyhouse Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum/ National museums
Surrey Heath Museum @SurreyHeathMuse Collection (artwork)/ History/Local museum
Swindon Museum and Art Gallery @MuseumandArt Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Geology museum/ History/ Local museum
Time and Tide Museum @timetidemuseum  History/ Local museum/ Maritime museum
Tetbury Police Museum & Courtroom @MuseumTetbury Collection (artwork)
South Asian Decorative Arts & Crafts Collection Trust @SSADACCTrust Cabinet of curiosities/ Collection (artwork)/ History/ Private museum/ Decorative arts
Studio 3 Gallery @Studio3Gallery Collection (artwork)/ University museum/ Print Collection
Tate @Tate Collection (artwork)
The Museum of Somerset @SomersetMuseum Local museum/ Military Museums
The Queen's House @TQHGreenwich Collection (artwork)/ History/ House a great art collection but building itself is also an architectural landmark
Thinktank @thinktankmuseum Science museum
Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery @TWartyculture Fashion museum/ Geology museum/ History/ Local museum/ Natural History
Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery @TWBC_Museum History/ Local museum
University of Cambridge Museums @CamUnivMuseums University museum
University of Reading Herbarium @RNGherb  Botanical/ Natural History/ University museum
UCL Museums @UCLMUSEUMS Cabinet of curiosities/ Collection (artwork)/ Geology museum/ National History Museum/ Science museum/ University museum/ archaeology
The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology @UreMuseum History/ University museum
Victoria and Albert Museum @V_and_A National museums /Collection (artwork)/ Design museum/ Fashion museum/ National museums
Victoria Gallery & Museum @VictoriaGallery  University museum
Waddesdon Manor @WMCurators Collection (artwork)
Wakefield Museums @WFMuseums Local museum
Walker Art Gallery @walkergallery Collection (artwork)/ National museums
Wallace Collection @WallaceMuseum Collection (artwork)/ History/ National museums
Warwickshire Museum @OisinTheDeer Local museum
Watts Gallery – Artists' Village @WattsCurators Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Arts & Crafts
Weald & Downland Open Air Museum @wealddownmuseum Living museum
Wedgwood Museum @Wedgwood_Museum Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ History
Wellcome Collection @ExploreWellcome Cabinet of curiosities/ Medical
Whitworth @whitworthart University museum
Wiener Library @wienerlibrary Library and Archive
William Booth Birthplace Museum @WmBoothMuseum History/ Historic House
Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum @Wimbledon Tennis Museum
Winterbourne House and Garden @winterbournehg Botanical/ Heritage centre/ History
Wolverhampton Art Gallery @Wolvartgallery Art Gallery
World Museum @World_Museum Botanical/ Geology museum/ History/ National museums/ Natural History/ Science museum/ World cultures
World Rugby Museum @wrugbymuseum Sport Museum
York Art Gallery @YorkArtGallery Ceramics museum/ Art Gallery
York Castle Museum @YorkCastle Military Museums/ Toy museum/ Transport museum/ Social History
Yorkshire Museum @YorkshireMuseum  History/ Natural History/ Archaeology
Estonia – 1
Kumu Art Museum @kumuartmuseum  art museum
Finland – 9
Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum @avanmuseo Collection (artwork)
Amos Anderson Art Museum @amoskonst Art museum
Design Museum (Helsinki) @DesignmuseoFI Design museum
Didrichsen Art Museum @DidMuseum Collection (artwork)
Finnish Postal Museum @postimuseo Postal museum
Helsinki City Museum @kaupunginmuseo History/ Local museum/ City museum
Museum Centre Vapriikki @Vapriikki Children's museum/ History/ Technology museum/ Toy museum/ Natural History
Museum of Finnish Architecture @Arkkitehtuurimuseo  Architecture Museum
RIISA- Orthodox Church Museum of Finland @riisamuseum History/ Natural History/ Religious museum
Rupriikki Media Museum @Rupriikki Media Museum


France – 58
Archives municipales de Lyon @ArchivesdeLyon Archives
Art District Gallery by Le Royal Monceau @leroyalmonceau Collection (artwork)/ Contemporary art gallery
CAPC musée d'art contemporain @CAPCmusee contemporary art museum
Château d'Oiron/ Centre des monuments nationaux @chateauoiron Cabinet of curiosities/ Collection (artwork)/ History/ A Renaissance castle with an contemporary art collection based on the Cabinet of curiosities
Centre national du costume de scène @CNCSmoulins Fashion museum/ stage costumes museum
Château de Vaux le Vicomte @ChateauVLV Heritage centre/ History/ Chateau
Château des ducs de Bretagne – musée d'histoire de Nantes @ChateauNantes History
Cité internationale de la tapisserie @CiteTapisserie Tapestry museum
Domaine de Chantilly @chantillydomain  Collection (artwork)
Fondation Louis Vuitton @FondationLV Collection (artwork)
FRAC-Artothèque du Limousin @fracartotheque Collection (artwork)/ contemporary art
FRAC DES PAYS DE LA LOIRE @Fracpdl Collection (artwork)
Grand Patrimoine de Loire-Atlantique @grandpatrimoine Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ We are 3 heritage sites (2 Castles and 1 estate/park)/ and 1 history/archeology museum.
MuCEM @MuCEM_officiel  History/ National museums
Musée Cognacq-Jay @museecj Collection (artwork)/ History
Musée d'Aquitaine Bordeaux @MuseeAquitaine History/ archaeology and ethnology museum
Musée d'Archéologie nationale @Archeonationale  Ceramics museum/ History/ National museums/ Archaeology
Musées d'Angers @Museesdangers Collection (artwork)
Musée d'arts de Nantes @MuseeArtsNantes Collection (artwork)
Musée de la Chalosse @MusChalosse Ecomuseum/ Ethnographic village/ Farm museum/ Local museum/ Open-air museum
Museon Arlaten @MuseonArlaten Ethnographic Museum
Musée Carnavalet @museecarnavalet Collection (artwork)/ History
Muséum de Toulouse @museumtoulouse Science museum
Musée des Augustins @Museeaugustins Local museum
Musée des Civilisation de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée @MuCEM_Officiel Collection (artwork)/ Living museum/ Civilisations museum
Musée Condé @chantillydomain  Collection (artwork)
Musée d'Aquitaine @MuseeAquitaine  History/ Military Museums
Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon @macLyon Collection (artwork)/ Contemporary art
Musée d'Arts de Nantes @museedArtnantes Collection (artwork)
Musée d'art moderne Richard Anacréon @mamragranville  Collection (artwork)
Médiathèque de la Canopée la fontaine @bibCanopee  Science fiction libraries and museums
MUSEE DU LOUVRE @MuseeLouvre Museum of Fine Arts
Musée les Arts du Sucre et du Chocolat @ArtsduSucre Food museum
Musée les Secrets du Chocolat @MuseeDuChocolat Food museum/ Private museum
Musée Saint-Raymond musée des Antiques de Toulouse @Msr_Tlse Archeology museum
MUSEE DE BRETAGNE @CelineChanas  History
Musée de Cluny  @museecluny Collection (artwork)/ History/ National museums 
Musée de l'horlogerie @museehorlogerie History/ Local museum/ Technology
Maison de Victor Hugo @MVHugo History/ Living museum
Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris @MAM Collection (artwork)/ Local museum
Musée des arts et métiers @ArtsMétiers Science museum/ Technology museum
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux @mbabx Collection (artwork)/ Fine Arts
Musée des Confluences @mdc_confluences  Cabinet of curiosities/ Geology museum/ Natural History/ Science museum/ Technology museum
Musée des Gueules Rouges @museeGR Geology museum/ History/ Local museum/ Migration museum/ Science museum
Musée du quai Branly @quaibranly Non-Eastern Art and Cultures Museum 
musées Gadagne @museesgadagne History/ puppet museum
Museum of Fine Arts – Lyon @mbalyon Collection (artwork)
Musée Jeanne d'Albret @MusJeanneAlbret  History
Musée national de la Marine @museemarine  Maritime museum
Musée national de l'Education @MuseeEducation  History/ Local museum
Musée national Jean-Jacques Henner @museehenner National museums
Musée-Promenade @museepromenade  Collection (artwork)/ History
Palace of Versailles @CVersailles Collection (artwork)/ History/ Palace museum
Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille @PBALille Fine Arts museum
Palais des ducs de Lorraine – Musée lorrain @Museelorrain Collection (artwork)/ Ethnographic village/ History
Palais Galliera @PalaisGalliera Fashion museum
Paul-Dupuy @museedupuy Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Design museum


Germany – 71
Adidas Archive @gebhardtmar Sports exhibition
Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg Konstanz @ALMkonstanz History/ Local museum/ National History Museum/ Archaeological Museum
Archaeologisches Museum Hamburg @HelmsArch  Children's museum/ History/ Local museum/ Archäologisches Museum
Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck @arpmuseum Art Museum
Badisches Landesmuseum im Schloss Karlsruhe @BLM_Karlsruhe History
Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg Bibelmuseum Münster @Bibelmuseum History/ Bible museum
Bomann-Museum Celle @BomannMuseum History
Bucerius Kunst Forum @BuceriusKunst Modern Art Exhibition Space
C/O Berlin @coberlin Photography Museum
DASA Arbeitswelt Ausstellung @dasa_dortmund Technology museum
Deichtorhallen Hamburg @deichtorhallen Art museum
Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin @QWoo Food museum
Deutsches Filmmuseum @filmmuseum_ffm Filmmuseum
Deutsches Historisches Museum @DHMBerlin History/ National History Museum
Deutsches Museum @DeutschesMuseum Science museum/ Technology museum
Dokumentationszentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit @DZNSZA History
DOMiD – Dokumentationszentrum und Museum über die Migration in Deutschland e. V @Domid_Migration Migration museum/ Virtual museum
Flensburger Schifffahrtsmuseum @SchMusFL History/ Local museum/ Maritime museum
Fridericianum @Fridericianum  Collection (artwork)
Historisches Museum Bamberg @MuseumBamberg  Local museum
HMKV (Hartware MedienKunstVerein) @hmkv_de  platform for the production/ presentation and communication of contemporary & experimental (media) art
Institut Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt @mathildenhoehe Collection (artwork)/ Design museum/ History
Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg @maritimesmuseum Maritime museum
Jewish Museum Berlin @jmberlin History
Jewish Museum Frankfurt @jmfrankfurt Cabinet of curiosities / Ceramics museum/ heritage centre / History /University museum
Kestnergesellschaft   @kestnerHannover Contemporary art venue
Kaufmannshaus Ad. Bauer's Wwe. @ringcafe History/ Local museum/Private museum
Kunsthalle Bielefeld @KunsthalleBi  Museum of Modern Art
Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle (Saale) @MoritzburgHalle Collection (artwork)/ Design museum
Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster @PicassomuseumMünster Collection (artwork)/ Private museum/ Art museum
Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen @K_SammlungNRW Collection (artwork)
Kunstpalais @kunstpalais Art Museum
historisches museum Frankfurt @histmus History/Local museum/ City museum
Landesmuseum Koblenz @landesmuseumko History
Lenbachhaus @Lenbachhaus Art Museum
Linden-Museum @LindenMuseum Völkerkunde Museum
Lindenau Museum @LindenauMuseum Art Museum
LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur @Museum247 Collection (artwork)/ History
Marta Herford @martamuseum  Collection (artwork)/ Design museum
Munich Re Art Collection @MunichRe Collection (artwork)
Museum Burg Posterstein @BurgPosterstein Local museum
Museum Folkwang @museum_folkwang Collection (artwork)
Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte @histmuseenhh History
Museum für Kommunikation Berlin @mfk-berlin History/ Postal museum/ Technology museum
Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt @mfk_frankfurt  Technology museum
Museum Ostwall im Dortmunder U @MuseumOstwall Collection (artwork)
Museum Schloss Moyland @moylandmuseum Collection (artwork)
Museum Villa Stuck @villastuck   Collection (artwork)
Museum Weißenfels Schloss Neu-Augustusburg @NeuAugustusburg Shoe museum
Museen in Dresden @MSN_Dresden Aviation museum/ Virtual museum
Hans Körnig Museum @koernigreich Collection (artwork)
muca -MUCA – Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art @mucaMunich Collection (artwork)/ Gallery
Museum für Naturkunde @MfNBerlin National History Museum 
Pinakotheken @Pinakotheken Collection (artwork)/ art
Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth @wagnermuseum Collection (artwork)/ History
Sammlung Ludwig Bamberg @MuseumBamberg  Ceramics museum
Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt @SCHIRN Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibitions
Senckenberg Naturmuseum @Senckenberg Natural History
Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden @SkulpturenWaldf History/ Local museum
Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG) @SPSGmuseum Collection (artwork)/ History/ Palace museum
Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe @Kunsthalle_Ka Art Museum
Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst  @smaek_muc  Collection (artwork)/ History
Städel Museum @staedelmuseum  Collection (artwork)
Stadtgalerie Bamberg "Villa Dessauer" @MuseumBamberg Collection (artwork)
Stadtmuseum Berlin @StadtmuseumBLN City Museum
State Museum of Archaeology Chemnitz @smac_sachsen History/ Archaeology museum
Stiftung Haus der Geschichte @hdg_museen  History
The Wall Net @TheWallNetOrg  Virtual museum
Varusschlacht im Osnabrücker Land – Museum und Park Kalkriese @VarusKalkriese Archaeological museum
Verkehrsmuseum Dresden @verkehrsmuseum Transport museum
Greece – 1
Museum of Cycladic Art @cycladic_museum  archaeological museum
Guernsey -1 
Guernsey Folk & Costume Museum @NatTrustGsy Farm museum/ Fashion museum/ History/ Local museum

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Hong Kong -1 

M+,@mplusmuseum ,Collection (artwork)/ Museum of visual culture



Hungary – 1
Museum of Applied Arts (Iparművészeti Múzeum) @Arsdecorativa Ceramics museum/ Design museum/ National museums/ Schatzkammer/ art museum
Iceland – 1
Hönnunarsafn Íslands / Museum of Design and Applied Art @Honnunarsafn Design museum
Ireland -7
Hunt Museum @drbouchard Decorative art and archaeology
IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art) @immaireland Collection (artwork)/ National museums/ Contemporary Art
LAB Gallery @labdcc Contemporary art
National Gallery of Ireland @NGIreland Collection (artwork)/ National museums
National Museum of Ireland @NMIreland National museums
Science Gallery @SciGalleryDub Science museum/ Art and Science
The Dead Zoo (NMINH) @DublinDeadZoo  Natural History
Italy – 58
Catello di Rivoli di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea @rivolicast Collection (artwork)/ Palace museum/ Contemporary Art Museum
centro studi Dante Bighi @MuseoVillaBighi Collection (artwork)
Ex Stabilimento Florio delle Tonnare di Favignana e Formica @exTonnaraFlorio Heritage centre/ History/ Interpretation centre/ Local museum/ Maritime museum/ Museum ship
Fondazione Querini Stampalia @QueriniVenezia Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Palace museum/ Private museum
Fondazione Restoring Ancient Stabiae @sustabiae Archaeological Park near Pompeii
Gallerie degli Uffizi @UffiziGalleries with @anbisceglia & @Ciucia60 National museums
Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea @GNrome National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria @GalleriaNazUmbr National museums
Madre – Museo d'arte contemporanea Donnaregina Napoli @Museo_MADRE Collection (artwork)
Mart/ Museo di arte moderna e contemporamea di Trento e Rovereto @mart_museum Collection (artwork)
Massaciuccoli Romana – Area archeologica @MassaciuccoliRo  Open-air museum/ Archaeological
Museo Archeologico di Salerno @MuseoArcheoSa Archaeological Museum
Museo Bagatti Valsecchi @MuseoBaVa House Museum
Museo Civico di Paleontologia e Paletnologia @AlcaMaglie  Local museum/ Prehistoric Museum
Musei Con Vista Fiesole Firenze @MuseiconVista  Ceramics museum/ History/ Open-air museum/ art/ archaeology
Musei in Comune Roma @museiincomune Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ Civic Museum
Museion – museum of modern and contemporary art Bolzano @MuseionBZ  contemporary art museum
Museo Archeologico di Atina e della Valle di Comino @museo_atina Local museum
Museo del Mare Palermo @MuseodelMare_PA Local museum/ Maritime museum
Museo della Navigazione nelle Acque Interne @MuseoPiroga History/ Local museum/ Museum ship
Museo del Tesoro del Duomo di Vercelli @MTDvercelli Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ Medieval Museum
Museo della Tonnara di Stintino @mut_stintino Heritage centre/ History/ Local museum/ Maritime museum/ tuna fish museum
Museo di Arti Decorative Accorsi – Ometto @museoaccorsi Cabinet of curiosities/ Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ Palace museum/ Private museum
Museo Diocesano di Milano @MUDIMilano  Maritime museum
Museo e Real Bosco Capodimonte @Capodimonte_mus Cabinet of curiosities/ Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ National museums/ Palace museum/ royal park
Museo Leone @MuseoLeone Collection (artwork)/ History
Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci @Museoscienza National museums/ Science museum/ Technology museum/ Transport museum
Museo Nazionale dell'Ebraismo Italiano e della Shoah – MEIS @meisweb  Jewish History Museum
Museo Nazionale del Cinema Torino @museocinema  National museums/ Cinema/FIlm Museum
Museo Novecento @MuseoNovecento Art Museum
Museo Sigismondo Castromediano @MuseoCastromed Archaeological Museum – Art Museum
Museo Carlo Zauli @museocarlozauli  Ceramics museum/ Private museum
Museo Civico Gaetano Filangieri @museofilangieri Collection (artwork)
Museo Civico di Paleontologia e Paletnologia di Maglie (Lecce) @AlcaMaglie Geology/ Palaeontology/ Palaeo-ethonology and Etnografy Museum
Museo d'arte contemporanea "Giuseppe e Titina dal Verme" @CastelloZava Collection (artwork)/ Contemporary Art Museum
MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts @Museo_MAXXI National museums
Museo degli Strumenti per il Calcolo di Pisa @PecoriniArianna Computer museum/ Science center/ Technology museum/ University museum
Museo del Novecento @museodel900 Collection (artwork)
Museo Diocesano di Milano @MUDIMilano Collection (artwork)
museo di arti decorative Accorsi – Ometto @museoaccorsi  Collection (artwork)/ Palace museum
Museo Tolomeo @MuseoTolomeo_BO History of Bologna
Museo poldi pezzoli @poldipezzoli House-museum
Museo Tattile Statale Omero @MuseoOmero National museums/ Tactile Museum
Museon @museon Children's museum/ Geology museum/ History/ Natural History/ Science museum
museo tattile varese @museotattile_VA tactile museum
Must – Museo Storico della Città di Lecce @MustLecce History
Napoli @Museo_MADRE Collection (artwork)
National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari @MuseoArcheoCa National Archaeological Museum
Palladio Museum @PalladioMuseum Palace museum/ Architecture museum
Palazzo Barberini Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica @MuseoBarberini Collection (artwork)/ National museums/ Palace museum
Palazzo Madama Torino @palazzomadamato Collection (artwork)
Palazzo Strozzi @palazzostrozzi Temporary Exhibition Space
Parco Archeologico di Poggio La Croce @ArcheoRadda Open-air museum
Pinacoteca di Brera @museobrera Collection (artwork)
Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli @PinAgnelli Private museum
Pompeii Sites – Superintendence of Pompeii @pompeii_sites History/ National museums/ Archeological site
Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation @fond_ras Heritage centre
Santo Stefano al Ponte @sstefanoAlPonte  History/ Prefectural museum/ Virtual museum
Sistema Museale Ugento @SMusealeUgento Heritage centre/ History
Spazio La Stampa @SpazioLaStampa Private museum/ Newspaper Museum
Uffizi gallery/ Department of Classical Antiquities @GoldUnveiled  Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ National museums/ Palace museum
Jamaica – 1
University of the West Indies (UWI) Museum @uwimuseum  History/ University museum
Jordan – 1
The Children's Museum Jordan @ChildrenMuseum Childrens museum
Latvia – 6
The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia @brivdabasmuzejs Open-air museum
Janis Akuraters Museum @akurateramuzejs Writers' Museum
Latvian National Museum of Art @LNMM_muzejs Collection (artwork)
Mākslas muzejs RĪGAS BIRŽA/ Art Museum RIGA BOURSE @MuzejsRigasBirza Collection (artwork)/ National museums
Rakstniecības un mūzikas muzejs/Literature and Music Museum @RunMmuzejs Literature and Music Museum
Romana Sutas un Aleksandras Belcovas muzejs @RSunABmuzejs Collection (artwork)/ National museums
Luxembourg – 1
National Museum of Natural History @naturmusee Natural history
Mexico – 11
Galería de Arte MDC @MuseográficaDC Galería de Arte
GE Galería @gegaleria Collection (artwork)/ Contemporary art
Museo Arocena @museoarocena Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum/ National History Museum/ Private museum
Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes @mbellasartes  Palace museum/ Fine Arts museum
Museo del Templo Mayor @MusTemploMayor Local museum
Museo Maya de Cancún @museomayacun Local museum/ Archaeological museum
Museo Regional de Antropología Palacio Cantón- Regional Museum of Anthropology @palaciocanton History/ Palace museum/ Anthropology
Museo Soumaya @A_mirandam Collection (artwork)
Museo Tecnológico de Monterrey @MuseoTecdeMty University museum
Vorticidad @bernardvienat  Virtual museum
Netherlands – 32
AAMU Museum of contemporary Aboriginal art @AAMUmuseum  Contemporary art museum
Allard Pierson Museum @AllardPiersonMu History/ University museum
Amsterdam Museum @AmsterdamMuseum  Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ Local museum/ City Museum
Anne Frank House @annefrankhouse History
Bijzondere Collecties UvA @CollectiesUVA University museum/ Special Collections Library
Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) Sportscollection  @bjhilgers  Art museum
Escher in Het Paleis @escherinpaleis Collection (artwork)
Europeana @europeanaeu Cabinet of curiosities/ Collection (artwork)/ Hall of fame/ History/ Virtual museum
Foam Amsterdam @foam_amsterdam Photography
Hannemahuis Museum Harlingen @hannemahuis  History
Haags Historisch Museum @haagshistorisch Collection (artwork)/ History/ Local museum
Het Scheepvaartmuseum (The National Maritime Museum)  @schpvrtmsm Maritime museum
Historisch Museum Ede @HistMuseumEde Collection (artwork)/ History
Kröller-Müller Museum @krollermuller Collection (artwork)
Maritime Museum Rotterdam @maritiemmuseum Maritime museum/ Museum ship/ Transport museum
Mauritshuis @Mauritshuis Collection (artwork)
Museon Den Haag @Gemeentemuseum Art
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen @boijmans.nl Art museum
Museum Bronbeek History/ Military Museums/ National History Museum
Museum De Lakenhal @DeLakenhal Art & History
Museummedia @Museummedia museum info
Museum of Veterinary Science (part of the Utrecht University Museum) @museumdier Science museum/ University museum
Museum Prinsenhof Delft @HetPrinsenhof  Ceramics museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History
Paleis Het Loo @paleishetloo  National History Museum/ National museums/ Palace museum
Rijksmuseum @rijksmuseum National History Museum
Showroom MAMA @ShowroomMAMA Contemporary art
Stadsarchief Rotterdam @Stadsarchief010  City Archives Rotterdam
Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar @MuseumAlkmaar sculpture park
Teylers Museum @teylers Cabinet of curiosities/ Collection (artwork)/ Heritage centre/ History/ Science museum
Van Abbemuseum @vanabbemuseum  Contemporary art museum
Van Gogh Museum @vangoghmuseum Collection (artwork)
Wereldmuseum @Wereldmuseum History/ Ethnograpic
New Zealand – 12
Auckland Museum @aucklandmuseum Botanical/ Children's museum/ Collection (artwork)/ Geology museum/ Heritage centre/ History/ Interpretation centre/ Local museum/ Military Museums/ Science museum
Christchurch Art Gallery @ChchArtGallery