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  • #MusMeme Survey Results

    September 2nd, 2018mardixonCulture, International

    On August 22, @CultureThemes ran #MusMeme for the monthly hashtag.  As I often talk about, finding a hashtag once a month isn’t always easy and there is a balance of finding a hashtag that works with the public and culture venues alike.  For August, I usually try to find a hashtag that will be quirky-ish but light as September is always busy with #AskACurator Day (September 12th 2018)…. did I get that one wrong!

    All I put was:

    Our next CultureThemes is going to be #MusMeme – a day to share memes all about museums, galleries, art, collections, etc. on August 22!

    The general idea is to let the public and museums have a bit of creative license and fun with collections.

    Simple, right? If people got involved, great! If not, that was ok to!

    They got involved.  A LOT.  By 11am it was trending in the UK and pretty much stayed there all day almost into the evening. This screenshot is from 2.30pm

    Now I never really care about trending but know people taking part feel part of something special (plus all those people who are confused about what #Mus_____ is usually brings a chuckle).

    There were the classic #MusMeme (text over an object):

    There were new wave #MusMeme with statements and a gif:

    and there were the passive aggressive #MusMeme type

    Overall, a hilarious day.

    I put out a survey (thanks to Adrian Murphy‘s suggestion) to try to capture some of the significance for the hashtag.



    Some Comments on engagement:

    My favorite is:

    We usually get 4-8 likes a tweet but one of #MusMeme received over 400 likes. Impressions went from about 500 a week to almost 100,000 for those memes.



    Before the end of this article (which is the press coverage) a friendly reminder:

    Just wanted to add that I do not get paid for these hashtags, I love bringing my social media expertise to these days to promote the sector and have fun! I am freelance and a consultant so if you are interested in hiring me please get in touch – I work internationally so there are no boundaries!

    There is more information on the About Me page


    And in case you missed it, the press got involved:

    Museums are ruling Twitter with the #MuseMeme hashtag



    27 museum memes that are supposed to be niche, but are totally relatable


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