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  • #LoveTheatreDay Unconference, through the eyes of a volunteer.

    October 21st, 2018mardixonCulture, Personal

    A guestblog post from Zsofia Szendre

    To sign up for #LoveTheatreDay Unconference 
    To sign up for #LoveTheatreDay

    Perhaps an event from the perspective of a volunteer is not something you have thought you’de be interested in, but let me tell you, it’s worth it. So hang around while I leave you with the promise of taking you “backstage”, readying the scene for more to come.

    Let me introduce myself first, I’m Zsofi, I worked on the LoveTheatreDay Unconference last year. I helped out as a student from Goldsmiths, so you know I loved it enough to be back again. Having now finished my studies I am still just as dedicated to #LoveTheatreDay and working with the amazing Mar Dixon as ever before.

    Why would a volunteer actually want to get involved in an unconference? After all, doesn’t its vague title scare us?

    On the contrary, it gives us the opportunity to help shape the event to fit every individual in attendance. Also, because of its delightfully unconventional nature, we get to take part as well. As an avid volunteer, I highly appreciate any voluntary work where I get to briefly dip my toes into the event I am assisting on. You see, this gives us an idea on how to make it even better for all involved.

    As volunteers, we also get to hear so many different stories from all those at the event. Learning from theatre insights that by themselves are a great ground for education. Yet, one of the most beneficial things, that I didn’t even realise I was getting myself into, was learning about Social Media. When I first volunteered for events maven Mar Dixon, I dived head straight into the deep ocean of this online universe. Through this I realised how easy it is to dabble in its art, learning about the world of blogs, 360 cameras, Instagram, Facebook Lives, the Twitterverse and so on.

    I’m not saying you have to jump in and volunteer if you feel shy about Social Media, but it certainly is a fantastic way for you to start learning about it. So don’t let me stop you! But we will be there for you if you do need any help.

    Most importantly though, I look forward to seeing you at the #LoveTheatreDay Unconference on the 7th of November, a free event held to brew up some exciting ideas about the future of Theatre, a space to discuss solutions for the challenges we face. And keep checking back as we prepare for #LoveTheatreDay on the 14th of November and release more “backstage” tidbits.

    See you there!

    The MA Events and Experience Management students from the Goldsmiths University of London will be joining again this year to help us facilitate this event. So you can look forward to more behind the scenes peeks into the Unconference.

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