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  • #LoveTheatreDay 2018 Wrap Up (& Trends)

    November 19th, 2018mardixonCulture, International, theatre

    As many know, #LoveTheatreDay this year was run without a media partner. I knew the workload was going to be heavy but that people who love theatre would really be running the show…

    And I was right.

    Once again, the hashtag #LoveTheatreDay was world trending by 11 am and remained on the list for 5-6 hours. It stayed top trending in the UK pretty much all day.

    World Trending

    But trending does not matter to me. What does matter is people participating. And they did. From students to professionals, people were very open about sharing why they love theatre. Or Theater. (I noticed that both were being used as was #LoveTheatre #LoveTheatreDay2018 etc).

    This year, the first year with GDPR, I was really relaxed about asking people to sign up. Some theatres contacted me asking for a list but everyone was very understanding when I said I wasn’t bothering this year.

    Working across three platforms I spent a lot of time using the translation option as people worldwide were sharing.  Some countries use their own platforms (for example, there was a lot of sharing in Russia on the VK platform).  It’s wonderful that people know to use what is best and most comfortable to them.  


    Tone:  There was A LOT less marketing and more social sharing.  Of course there were some theatres that tried to flock tickets but they soon realized the hashtag wasn’t about that and shifted their tone.  Hopefully, theatres recongized that you can sell tickets without full-on marketing but by sharing why people should see the production or performance.

    Collaborations:  Of course when a hashtag goes world trending everyone tries to figure out how to share without obviously trying too hard (because that is just creepy).  There were some examples of museums, hotels, shopping centers etc bragging about their ‘local’ theaters which was absolutely lovely. This was a good example of selling without selling also.


    Conflict: Why Theatre Matters is not always what you expect.  There were several tweets and instagram post about how much theater makes a difference. A not so subtle reminder that in some countries, theaters and museums really do make a difference in ways most can’t relate to.

    Accessibility: More theatres and drama groups were sharing how accessibility matters – to the show, performers, etc.  This was one of my favorites (not that I should have one but watch it and you’ll see why!)

    Theatres are More Than You Think:  It’s always a battle to get people to understand that all the hashtag I run are for everyone who likes culture (even though they think its not for them).  But sometimes it is also hard for museums to get involved in LoveTheatreDay (or parks to get involved with hashtags that have MUS in the title).  However this year, I noticed a wonderful spike in museums sharing with #LoveTheatreDay – where it was historical facts, costumes, art, etc, it was lovely seeing the sharing AND conversations that followed!


    And while every single Tweet, Facebook, Instagram post means so much to me, I will admit that this one made me so excited I couldn’t breathe for a bit …

    Although I’m using Tweets as examples, #LoveTheatreDay was incredibly busy with Instagram and Facebook also.



    #LoveTheatreDay 2018 wouldn’t have been the same without these amazing people:

    Zsofia Szendrey and Veronica Di Claudio who are students at Goldsmith University and have been volunteering with me on several events this year.  Both were supportive of #LoveTheatreDay Unconference and #LoveTheatreDay (especially on Instagram!)

    Kazi Begum from A Season of Bangla Drama for hosting #LoveTheatreDay Unconference and always being so supportive of the arts for many people!  She’s a powerhouse!

    And most importantly, thank you to each and everyone one of you that shared why you love theater!  This day is about you!

    See you next year November 20 2019! 


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