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  • #MuseumSelfie @MuseumSelfieDay 2019 Recap

    January 27th, 2019mardixonCulture, International

    Who knew how powerful a hashtag could be? Ok ok, I always said it was one incredible way to spread the word but I never expected it would be so powerful and change laws.

    There was a feeling that #MuseumSelfie #MuseumSelfieDay was going to be big a few weeks prior as although I never care about stats I did notice I was getting a lot of hits from countries that were new to CultureThemes. Then the Sunday prior it was being promoted on a Sunday Breakfast show in the UK.

    All the hashtags on CultureThemes are created for small and medium museums (as large and nationals have more options to get involved). Countries that are new to social media (which we assume everyone has been on it since the beginning and that just is not true) loved that there was an excuse to be involved without red hands – you know the ones that get smacked for doing something wrong. They could simply blame a trending hashtag – Simple!

    CultureThemes and MuseumSelfieDay are on twitter and Instagram but it’s always encouraged to run the hashtag on whichever platform is best for your community and followers. And I don’t mind if you change the hashtag to make sense for your own language.

    If you are here looking for stats or metrics, sorry, I can’t help. Truth is I don’t have money to afford to buy the third party software to allow that. But also is I really could care less about the numbers. Actions can’t be captured in numbers.

    How do you measure a country changing policy?

    When talking about impact, I was amazed to hear Turkey lifted a ban on selfies in over 300 museums and sites specifically around #MuseumSelfieDay.

    Turkey on Wednesday marked “Museum Selfie Day” by allowing photo taking in more than 300 museums and ancient sites across the country for the first time.

    Responding to the calls by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turks flooded into museums to snap a selfie with their favorite exhibits and posted them with the hashtag “#MuseumSelfieDay,” as the ban on selfies was lifted for the entire day.

    And then a small town in Hungary contacted me to say they were going to be on the News and that it made such a difference to them – that is an impact I can’t measure!

    There are critics that are now Pro #MuseumSelfie adding to the Coverage
    Here’s me and the Mona Lisa. Who says that art and selfies can’t mix? | Kenan Malik 

    But who’s really being snobbish here? Sure, there are some who may think that the unwashed masses should not sully the sacred spaces of a museum. What can be more snobbish, though, than the idea that “ordinary people” can only be enticed towards culture through gimmicks or by turning art into entertainment? There’s a kind of condescension that suggests that only we – the learned middle class – can truly appreciate art for what it is. Everyone else needs entertainment.

    I had a debate recently about how Directors of Museums hate #MuseumSelfie / #MuseumSelfieDay and this was the response

    I also am proud to share press articles from the small towns

    Just adding this link as was told that it was important

    Every year I think it might be the last year for the day.  But it’s clear that now more than ever, people need/want an excuse for fun in Museums.  Follow CultureThemes.com for our monthly hashtags to how you can get involved! 


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