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  • #MandHShow Wrap up: From the Speakers

    May 19th, 2019mardixonCulture, Tech

    On May 15th, I curated the New Trends Stream at Museums and Heritage Show.  The title used to be New Technology but we changed it to reflect the shift in less technology and more behaviour of what was important for the sector to recognize as worthy to know.

    A huge thank you to all the Museums and Heritage Show New Trends speakers – each session was filled to the brim and there was nothing but positive feedback all day.  I am also grateful that each of the speaker took the spirit of the lineup and engaged before the talks, during the talks and even after at DrinksThing.  I threw a couple of the speakers together (mainly Joy Drury/Matthew Cock and Sacha Coward/John Sear) and they worked together beautifully together in making their talk seamless.

    I asked each of the speakers to share their presentation (link with each title) and a statement on ‘what you enjoyed/hated/got out of it’:

    Josh Blair, Science Museum, @josh__blair / Ben Templeton, Thought Den, @thoughtben

    Presentation: Total Darkness – New Trends in Games in Museum


     Josh Blair, Science Museum

    For me, it was really great to hear people interested in the process of user testing that we went through and also the finding the balance of managing multiple stakeholders. There were a few people who I talked with after the presentation who wanted to know more about the process we went through for content creation and sounded like there might be some similar projects in the works from a few places, which is great to hear.

    People seemed so engaged in all of the talks across the day and it was great to see Alec’s being so popular that it became a fire risk (not sure if that is a good thing but a testament to his presentation!)

    Alec Ward, London Museum Development, Museum of London @thatmuseumguy

    Presentation: Digital on a Shoestring

    The day was fantastic and packed full of brilliant speakers – I was only disappointed that I couldn’t go to every session! It’s always great to see so many people enthusiastic about doing their own digital work. Hopefully the session has left them inspired to try something different and learn some new skills.”

    Giacomo Giannella and Giuliana Geronimo, Streamcolors, @Streamcolors

    Presentation: Employing Game Technologies for Immersive Experience for All

    Giuliana Geronimo, StreamColors

    It was really super cool to be part of the panel. We really appreciate the feedback audience gave us at the end. 

    A lot of people said us that our presentation was very inspiring for them and that they appreciate a lot our ideas because we design out of the box and stimulate new attitudes to promote art and heritage stimulating people creativity to remix cultural contents. 

    James Morley, A Street Near You, @AStreetNearYou

    Presentation: A Street Near You: Why you should let others build things with your (open) data


    Best bits were catching up with old contacts and making new ones, including supporters of the project and people who want to get involved. Whilst I find the event very focused on the physical rather than online side of museums, it’s still great to see all the innovation going on, and listen to the great things that other speakers have been doing and the generous way they share their experiences.

    John Sear, @MrJohnSear / Sacha Coward, @sacha_coward

    Presentation: Escape Rooms But on a Shoestring Budget

    John Sear:

    Great to play a small part in an incredible line-up.

    It was a brilliant opportunity for Sacha and I to finally work together to do something crazy – which we fully embraced starting our session with our 80+ player Escape Game!

    It’s always fun to build something under tight time constraints and then immediately test it out on players and see if they go with it. And the MandH attendees totally did – amazing teamwork in a room of strangers – even from those sitting on the floor and shouting support from those who couldn’t squeeze into the room 🙂

    And roman numerals with crowds & bright blue stretchy fabric is an absolute winner – we’ll definitely use that again!

    Joy Drury, Historic Royal Palaces / Matthew Cock, Vocal Eyes @MatthewCock

    AudioGuides – Making Them Work for Your Visitors (Vocal Eye Presentation)

    Joy Drury, Historic Royal Palaces

    Yet another successful line up of speakers and great to takeaway some practical ideas I could use straight away. I have so made so many new contacts and hope to collaborate with some of the speakers and Museums and Heritage attendees. A conference that’s always worth a visit.

    Matthew Cock, Vocal Eyes

    Like James – I agree that M&H show is about meeting old and new friends! It was also great to have a play with ATS’ new R&D virtual reality sound location-aware headphones (not sure exactly what they are meant to be called!) that could have amazing potential for audio-descriptive guides and wayfinding for blind and partially sighted museum visitors.

    And because Matthew mentioned ATS, I asked Spencer Clark to write a bit about their new technology as it is a new trend that has multiple uses/solutions. Matthew and I had a go as he was the last speaker and it did not disappoint.  I personally was blown away with the clarity of the soundscape and how it was so immersive – at one point I was told ‘Get back here’ in a cheeky voice and I *might * have yelled back at it…

    From Spencer Clark, ATS Heritage:

    ATS has been going from strength to strength producing creative audio and multimedia tours for the likes of Buckingham Palace, Bletchley Park and Westminster Abbey. Typical of our approach to practical applications of technology to enrich visitor experiences, we showcased the latest virtual reality audio experience.  Now, it’s broadly agreed that the word ‘immersive’ is overly misused in describing new technology, but not in this case. Visitors wear a pair of headphones connecting to a smart device. The system is accurate to within 10cm and 1 degree of rotation, using the custom software we can design and place virtual speakers throughout the space and set custom interactive behaviors. It’s more than just triggering audio, the visitor moves through, into and around sounds and soundscapes which can be ever changing. Visit a spot more than once and that sound can be different every time. Industry peers who tried it were full of praise – ‘Amazing!’, ‘insanely accurate’, ‘Wow!’, ‘impressive!’. The solution’s accuracy and the freedom it gives visitors to move around a space is unprecedented.  The accuracy and speed of the system also provides exciting opportunities for wayfinding, particularly for Blind and Partially sighted visitors.  It’s an exciting time for location-based audio design.

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