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  • Review: Dark Matter at Science Gallery London #DarkMatter @SciGalleryLon

    June 21st, 2019mardixonCulture

    London always has so much to offer and most people stick with the bigger culture venues but the reality is you get so much more out of the small and medium museums. Take Science Gallery London for example, which is located right next to the Shard, has an incredibly interesting exhibition (their motto is ‘Where Science and Art Collide’) and is FREE (plus they have a wonderful cafe).

    I popped in to see Dark Matter, their latest exhibition that holds the tagline ‘95% of the Universe is Missing: Imagining the unseen and questioning the invisible through art, physics and philosophy.’ But don’t let that fool you, when I was there the demographics were young to old, and lots of diversity. Even had a laugh with some young people who were doing the best selfie so told them to use #museumselfie 🙂

    There were a lot of interactives including this short video that had sound and 3D glasses to see a computer generated galleries and figures.


    I did laugh out loud with this signage which was on the entrance to a film of the Road Runner and talked about the physics that were wrong in the cartoon (see last line)

    This animation installation is by Andy Holden which ‘reflects on the physics of cartoon landscape developed with Professor John Ellis from Department of Physics at King’s College London’. Honestly it was a fabulous translation in why cartoons couldn’t work in real life!

    I mean how can you not appreciate a wall of googling eyes that represents the universe?


    A Children’s History if Invisibility ‘questions the nature of the truth and reminds us how history discriminates and knowledge production is subjective.’ It’s a question often asked with curators as it’s who the curator is at the time is what will be reflected in the narrative to objects but it can change over time.


    Dark Matter is on June 6 – August 26th 2019. For more information see their website.

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