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  • Museums, social media and current needs/wants #musesocial

    August 4th, 2019mardixonCulture

    Recently, I ran a quick survey on Twitter related to museums and social media. I think it’s good that we look at these questions on a regular basis as social media, like all technologies is fast pace.

    There was a bit of an issue with the survey (I did it as a thread but for some reason, the first try only tweet 1/2 the questions) but I managed to find out the results.


    Some of the responses/ comments. First on the poll itself about the following museums:

    On what museums on social media could do differently. [Engaging in conversations was most of the comments. Stop with the broadcast and push information use of social media.]


    On what social media platforms museums should use:


    Not a lot of mention of Tik Tok but is that because people don’t want museums there (like Snapchat) or because museums haven’t invested in the platform yet? I’m still working on that answer.

    What are your thoughts? Are museums doing enough on social media?

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