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  • What a difference Museum Signage can make #musesocial

    October 25th, 2019mardixonCulture

    I was privileged to be Keynote Speaker at the Visitor Experience Group conference near my home town in Philadelphia recently and one of the things I mentioned was museum signage. My statement was around why they were always negative – DO NOT TOUCH or DO NOT SIT when the same statement could be said in a fun positive way.

    New visitors are always nervous about doing the wrong thing or feel judged for not staring at the art for the right time etc and if we changed our signage to a more positive approach that could really help ease the tension and break some barriers. The only example I could think of was one that said ‘You can touch, but it’ll break’ but I know there are so many clever ones out there so I ask the museum community to share.

    Credit Twitter: Froschauer_AF

    And share they did!

    I’ve compiled everything in a google drive which you can view here and the Tweets are in a Moment which can be viewed here.

    We can’t always change many things about a museum or gallery but if we can change a negative to a positive, shouldn’t we try? And why not be like Tate and ask people for their opinion:

    There were two links sent:

    Some examples:

    Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
    Shared by Mikaela @mikimoo9

    Would love to hear if this inspired you to update or think about signage in your museum!

    Big thank you to #Musesocial community for sharing.

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